How To Get the Bee’s Knees Dance Emote (FFXIV)

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The Bee’s Knees Dance emote is unlocked when you use the item “Ballroom Etiquette – The Bee’s Knees”. This item can be purchased for 80,000 MGP from the Gold Saucer Attendant in the Gold Saucer (X:5.1, Y:6.6).

The Gold Saucer can be unlocked early in the game through the level 15 side quest “It Could Happen to You”. This quest is accepted from the Well-heeled Youth in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:9.6, Y:9.0).

Once you can enter the Gold Saucer, you will also gain access to various ways of earning MGP.

After using the “Ballroom Etiquette – The Bee’s Knees” item, you can perform the emote by entering /beesknees into your chat bar.


Earning MGP (Best Methods)

Inside the Manderville Gold Saucer / FFXIV
Inside the Manderville Gold Saucer

Manderville Gold Saucer Points, or “MGP”, is a currency used within the theme park.

With MGP, you can purchase many different prizes that include mounts, hairstyles, or emotes.

There are a lot of different ways to earn MGP, so let’s take a look at some of the more popular methods.


Mini Cactpot

Mini Cactpot Ticket / FFXIV
Mini Cactpot Ticket

This mini-game is like a scratch-off lottery ticket. You will reveal numbers on your ticket and select a row, column, or diagonal line.

The sum of the numbers on the line selected will determine your prize. You can play up to 3 tickets per day, with the daily reset happening every 8AM PDT.


Jumbo Cactpot

Jumbo Cactpot Ticket / FFXIV
Jumbo Cactpot Ticket

Another lottery-type game within the Gold Saucer is the Jumbo Cactpot. In this game, you will select 4 digits for each ticket purchased.

The goal is to try and match the winning numbers in order, starting from the last digit you selected (going from right to left).

The more numbers you have matched, the higher your MGP prize will be. If you didn’t get any digits correct, you will still get a consolation prize.

You can purchase up to 3 tickets per week. The time in which the winning numbers are drawn will depend on which Data Center you are on.


Triple Triad

Triple Triad Match / FFXIV
Triple Triad Match

The popular card game from Final Fantasy VIII makes a return in FFXIV. To start playing Triple Triad, complete the quest “Triple Triad Trial” from the Triple Triad Master in the Gold Saucer (X:4.0, Y:7.0).

You can play Triple Triad with other players or challenge certain NPCs in the game.

When playing against NPCs, you will receive a small amount of MGP if you win the match. You’ll receive MGP regardless of the outcome when playing against other players.

Any duplicate cards you receive can also be turned in for MGP at the Triple Triad NPC in the Gold Saucer (X:4.0, Y:7.0).


Wondrous Tails

Wondrous Tails Journal / FFXIV
Wondrous Tails Journal

This game will provide you with a set of objectives that can be renewed every week. Completing an objective will reward you with a random seal for your Wondrous Tails Journal.

The rewards you receive from your Wondrous Tails Journal will depend on what seals you obtain.

Among the possible rewards are MGP Gold Cards and MGP Platinum Cards.

Using 1 MGP Gold Card will give you an instant 30,000 MGP while an MGP Platinum Card will give you 50,000 MGP.

Wondrous Tails is unlocked by completing the level 60 side quest “Keeping Up with the Aliapohs”. It is given to you by the Unctuous Adventurer in Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:6.0).

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