How To Get Harvest Dance in FFXIV

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The Harvest Dance in FFXIV is an emote that you can unlock by doing the quest “Saw That One Coming”. This quest is available at level 14, and is given by Eral in New Gridania (X:12.0, Y:13.0).

If you started the game in Gridania, you’ll need to complete the level 14 Main Scenario Quest “Renewing the Covenant” before “Saw That One Coming” becomes available.

If you started in any of the other cities, you need to progress your MSQ to their respective level 15 “Envoy” quest in order to travel to Gridania.


“Saw That One Coming” Walkthrough

Saw That One Coming Cutscene / FFXIV
Saw That One Coming Cutscene

When you accept the quest from Eral, he will ask you to learn more about a maiden he saw dancing in the Acorn Orchard. Make your way over to New Gridania (X:9.5, Y:12.0) and speak with an NPC named Ydythe.

After speaking with Ydythe, you’ll be tasked with speaking to a man named Beatin. Beatin can be found inside the Carpenters’ Guild at New Gridania (X:10.3, Y:12.4).

Next, you’ll be tasked with handing out toys to 3 of Ydythe’s students. Here’s where you can find the children:

NPC Location
Bashful Boy Old Gridania (X:11.8, Y:9.2)
Gleeful Girl Old Gridania (X:8.7, Y:8.7)
Bubbly Boy Old Gridania (X:8.3, Y:10.6)

Once you are done convincing the children to return to their dance class, make your way back to the Acorn Orchard. Speak to Ydythe one more time to wrap up the quest and unlock the Harvest Dance emote.


Using the Harvest Dance Emote

Hyur Performing the Harvest Dance / FFXIV
Hyur Performing the Harvest Dance

Some emotes in FFXIV require the use of a “Ballroom Etiquette” item before you can perform them. The Harvest Dance is not one of those emotes, and you can use it immediately after completing “Saw That One Coming”.

To perform the Harvest Dance, type /harvestdance or /hdance into your chat bar.

The words “You perform a spirited harvest dance” will also show up in the general chat when doing this.

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