How To Get the Bozjan Earring in FFXIV

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The Bozjan Earring is obtained through the achievement “Lost and Found IV”. You can get this achievement by appraising 1000 forgotten fragments from the Bozjan Southern Front.

This accessory has an Item Level of 430 and requires you to be level 71 to be able to equip it. Here’s a quick look at the rest of the Bozjan Earring’s stats:

Bozjan Earring
Stat Value
Defense 1
Magic Defense 1
Main Attribute 78
Vitality 80
Secondary Attribute 79
Determination 79

The Bozjan Earring also has a couple of bonus effects that are pretty niche, but really helpful when you can take advantage of them.

When you have the earring equipped on a job that is under level 80, you’ll get a 10% bonus to any EXP earned. You’ll also get a 3-point increase in Haste if you wear the Bozjan Earring inside a zone that is part of the Save the Queen storyline.


What Are Forgotten Fragments For?

Samurai Using Lost Cure II / FFXIV
Samurai Using Lost Cure II

Forgotten Fragments are items that are appraised in order to obtain Lost Actions in the Bozjan Southern Front. Lost Actions are additional abilities and items you can equip in Bozja-related zones to give you an edge in battle.

Note: Lost Actions are consumable, so remember to keep track of how many you have left while fighting for the resistance.

Once you get a hold on some Forgotten Fragments, you can have them appraised into Lost Actions by speaking to a Resistance Appraiser NPC.

There are three Resistance Appraisers you can find at the following locations:

  • Gangos (X:5.4, Y:5.4)
  • Bozjan Southern Front (X:15.2, Y:30.1)
  • Zadnor (X:34.8, Y:35.2)

Where To Farm Forgotten Fragments

Camp Vrdelnis in Zadnor at night / FFXIV
Camp Vrdelnis in Zadnor at night

There are plenty of different types of Forgotten Fragments you can obtain.

Fragments can be appraised into certain Lost Actions depending on what type they are.

Note: Forgotten Fragments of Hope can only be obtained by purchasing them from the Resistance Quartermasters for 5 Bozjan Clusters each or through the quest “Where Eagles Roost”.

You can obtain fragments from defeating enemies or completing FATEs within Bozja zones.

Here’s a list of Forgotten Fragments and where you can find them, in case you’re looking for a specific Lost Action:

Fragment Location Enemies FATEs Lost Actions
Skill Bozjan Southern Front
  • Bozjan Nepenthes
  • Bozjan Orobon
  • Bozjan Mudpuppy
  • Bozjan Korrigan
  • Bozjan Matamata
  • Sneak and Spell
  • The Beasts Must Die
  • Conflicting with the First Law
  • More Machine Now Than Man
  • Essence of the Aetherweaver
  • Essence of the Martialist
  • Essence of the Platebearer
  • Essence of the Savior
  • Essence of the Veteran
Awakening Bozjan Southern Front
  • Bozjan Doblyn
  • Bozjan Sabotender
  • Red Chocobo
  • Bozjan Tormentor
  • Bozjan Wrom
  • Bozjan Antlion
  • Bozjan Taipan
  • Bozjan Bandersnatch
  • Bozjan Biast
  • The Element of Supplies
  • Unicorn Flakes
  • Help Wanted
  • No Camping Allowed
  • Essence of the Breathtaker
  • Essence of the Guardian
  • Essence of the Irregular
  • Essence of the Ordained
  • Essence of the Profane
  • Essence of the Skirmisher
  • Essence of the Watcher
Compassion Bozjan Southern Front
  • Bozjan Elbst
  • Bozjan Screamer
  • Bozjan Phobosuchus
  • Bozjan Ranunculus
  • Bozjan Monitor
  • Bozjan Ochu
  • Bozjan Goobbue
  • Bozjan Wadjet
  • Bozjan Snake
  • Bozjan Anzu
  • Bozjan Doll
  • Bozjan Elasmoth
  • Desperately Seeking Something
  • For Absent Friends
  • I’m a Mechanical Man
  • Let Slip the Dogs of War
  • Of Steel and Flame
  • The War Against the Machines
  • Lost Arise
  • Lost Cure II
  • Lost Cure IV
  • Resistance Medikit
Care Bozjan Southern Front
  • Lightning Sprite
  • Bozjan Dullahan
  • Bozjan Wight
  • Pyromancer Supreme
  • Red (Chocobo) Alert
  • Heavy Boots of Lead
  • Parts and Recreation
  • Resistance Ether Kit
  • Resistance Potion Kit
  • Resistance Reraiser
Caution Bozjan Southern Front
  • Ink Claw
  • Tideborn Angel
  • Fern Flower
  • N/A
  • Lost Cure
  • Lost Cure III
  • Lost Incense
  • Lost Manawall
  • Lost Protect
  • Lost Shell
  • Lost Stealth
Support Bozjan Southern Front
  • Lightning Sprite
  • Wind Sprite
  • N/A
  • Lost Bravery
  • Lost Reflect
  • Lost Stoneskin
Violence Bozjan Southern Front
  • Bird of Barathrum
  • Clingy Clare
  • Patty
  • Bozjan Gravekeeper
  • Bozjan Rider
  • N/A
  • Lost Death
  • Lost Focus
  • Lost Slash
Preparation Bozjan Southern Front
  • Wind Sprite
  • Bozjan Wraith
  • Bozjan Geshunpest
  • None of Them Knew They Were Robots
  • Unrest for the Wicked
  • All Pets Are Off
  • Brought to Heal
  • Resistance Phoenix
  • Resistance Potion
Ingenuity Bozjan Southern Front
  • Psoglav
  • Smok
  • Viy
  • N/A
  • Lost Banish III
  • Lost Dispel
  • Lost Paralyze III
  • Lost Spellforge
  • Lost Steelsting
  • Lost Swift
Resolve Bozjan Southern Front
  • N/A
  • Metal Fox Chaos
  • Trampled Under Hoof
  • Where Strode the Behemoth
  • Banner of Firm Resolve
  • Banner of Honed Acuity
  • Banner of Honored Sacrifice
  • Banner of Noble Ends
  • Banner of Solemn Clarity
  • Banner of Tireless Conviction
Mastery Castrum Lacus Litore
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Deep Essence of the Aetherweaver
  • Deep Essence of the Martialist
  • Deep Essence of the Platebearer
  • Deep Essence of the Savior
  • Deep Essence of the Veteran
Sagacity Castrum Lacus Litore
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Lost Font of Magic
  • Lost Font of Power
  • Lost Font of Skill
Superstition Castrum Lacus Litore
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Essence of the Beast
  • Essence of the Bloodsucker
  • Essence of the Templar
Transcendence Castrum Lacus Litore
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Deep Essence of the Beast
  • Deep Essence of the Bloodsucker
  • Deep Essence of the Templar
Becoming Castrum Lacus Litore
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Deep Essence of the Breathtaker
  • Deep Essence of the Guardian
  • Deep Essence of the Irregular
  • Deep Essence of the Ordained
  • Deep Essence of the Profane
  • Deep Essence of the Skirmisher
  • Deep Essence of the Watcher
Caprice Castrum Lacus Litore
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Dynamis Dice
  • Lost Fair Trade
  • Mimic
Clarity Delubrum Reginae
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Pure Essence of the Elder
  • Lost Flare Star
Contention Delubrum Reginae
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Pure Essence of the Duelist
  • Lost Rend Armor
Deception Delubrum Reginae
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Pure Essence of the Gambler
Divinity Delubrum Reginae
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Pure Essence of the Divine
  • Lost Seraph Strike
Finesse Delubrum Reginae
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Pure Essence of the Fiendhunter
  • Lost Dervish
Fortitude Delubrum Reginae
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Pure Essence of the Indomitable
  • Lost Aethershield
Loss Delubrum Reginae
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Lost Sacrifice
Observation Delubrum Reginae
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Lost Perception
Hope Zadnor
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Lost Reraise
Moonlight Zadnor
  • Zadnor Crawler
  • N/A
  • Light Curtain
Rage Zadnor
  • Zadnor Beetle
  • Zadnor Gaur
  • Zadnor Dhalmel
  • N/A
  • Lost Stoneskin II
  • Lost Burst
Ferocity Zadnor
  • Zadnor Ziz
  • N/A
  • Lost Stoneskin II
  • Lost Rampage
Desperation Zadnor
  • Zdnor Cliffmole
  • Zadnor Wamouracampa
  • Zadnor Yamaa
  • N/A
  • Lost Protect II
  • Lost Shell II
Tenacity Zadnor
  • N/A
  • Attack of the Machines
  • Feeling the Burn
  • Lean, Mean, Magitek Machines
  • Looks to Die For
  • Still Only Counts as One
  • Worn to a Shadow
  • Lost Bubble
History Zadnor
  • Anancus
  • Stratogryph
  • Vinegaroon Executioner
  • Another Pilot Episode
  • Breaking the Ice
  • Lodestone
Inspiration Zadnor
  • Glyptodon
  • Molten Scorpion
  • Vapula
  • N/A
  • Lost Impetus
Artistry Zadnor, The Dalriada
  • Aglaophotis
  • Earth Eater
  • Lord Ochu
  • N/A
  • Lost Chainspell
  • Lost Assassination
Heroism The Dalriada
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Resistance Elixir
  • Lost Excellence
Cunning The Dalriada
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Resistance Elixir
  • Lost Blood Rage
Revelation The Dalriada
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Resistance Elixir
  • Lost Full Cure
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