How To Get The Eggplant Knight Minion (FFXIV)

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The Eggplant Knight Minion is obtained primarily through Gardening. It was first added in Patch 2.3 of A Realm Reborn – and you’ll need to plant Eggplant Knight Seeds in order to grow the Minion.

The seeds themselves are only available through crossbreeding other types of seeds – specifically either of these two mixes will get you some Eggplant Knight seeds:

  • Krakka Root & Star Anise
  • Wizard Eggplant & Mandrake

Getting Started

You’ll need a few things to get yourself started: a gardening plot, the right soil, and your seeds to crossbreed.

First, you’ll need access to a gardening plot. These are available to any Player or Free Company with Housing.

Housing Merchants will sell you the Gardening Plots necessary to plant seeds. They’re available at the following locations:

  • The Lavender Beds, X:11 Y:8
  • The Goblet, X:11 Y:8
  • The Mist, X:11 Y:11
  • Shirogane, X:10 Y:12

All of these Plots come in three sizes – Round, Oblong and Deluxe. Each can respectively hold 4, 6 and 8 seeds.

The size you choose doesn’t matter, but the more slots available, the more seeds you can plant. And that will in turn increase your shot at cross-breeding.

Preparing a Deluxe garden for seeds. Scarecrow included with purchase / FFXIV
Preparing a Deluxe garden for seeds. Scarecrow included with purchase

Once you’ve settled on your plot, you’ll need to obtain some soil and your seeds.

The Soil you’ll specifically want here is Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil. This type specifically enhances the odds that your plants will cross – so it’s the go-to when trying to obtain special seeds.

You can obtain it one of two ways:

  • Level 50 Quarrying – Western Thanalan, X:18 Y:27, 5 AM Eorzean Time.
  • Bertana (Idyllshire, X:6 Y:5) sells this for one Unidentifiable Ore, which you can receive from various Heavensward Beast Tribes.

Once you’ve got your Soil, you’ll need the seeds themselves.


Crossbreeding For The Eggplant Knight

Only two crossbreeds yield Eggplant Knight Seeds.

They are:

1. Krakka Root & Star Anise

  • Krakka Root seeds are purchasable from the same Housing Merchant you got the Gardening Plot from.
  • Star Anise seeds are yet another cross-breed. The easiest to do here is Linseed & Mandrake.
    • Linseed are Harvested from South Shroud – Lower Paths, X:17 Y:29
    • Mandrake Seeds are harvested from Eastern La Noscea, X:27 Y:29

2. Wizard Eggplant & Mandrake

  • Wizard Eggplant Seeds are harvested from North Shroud – Alder Springs, X:23 Y:26
  • Mandrake Seeds are harvested from Eastern La Noscea, X:27 Y:29

Note: when you plant these seeds, make sure that you alternate them where it’s one, then the other, alternating as you plant.

With a bit of luck, these will yield you the Eggplant Knight Seeds.

At that point you can plant your new Eggplant Knight Seeds and wait for your Minion to sprout.

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