FFXIV: How To Get The Gloria-class Airship Mount

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The Gloria-class Airship is obtained as a reward for the Achievement “You Are What You Eat IV”. This Achievement requires you to win 200 Matches in the PVP Mode The Feast.

More specifically, The Feast is a 4v4 Player versus Player battle. The teams are composed of two DPS, one Tank, and one Healer. Your goal is to defeat the opposing party and collect their medals.

The team with the most medals at the end of the 6-minute round is the winner.

You can also achieve victory by obtaining all opponent medals before the time limit.

There are three types of Matches in The Feast: Ranked, Training, and Team Ranked.

Ranked you can queue for solo, Training you can queue for with one or two players, and Team requires a group of four. Wins in any mode count towards your Mount, so no need to stress.

Custom Matches are also available, but they do not count towards Achievements.

Two Quests are required to participate in The Feast.

The first is “A Pup No Longer” at level 30. It’s given by the following NPCs depending on your Grand Company:

The Immortal Flames:
Swift (Ul’dah – The Steps of Nald, X:8 Y:8)

The Maelstrom:
R’ashaht Rhiki (Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – The Aftcastle, X:13 Y:12)

The Order of the Twin Adders:
Vorsaile Heuloix (New Gridania – The Serpent’s Nest, X:9 Y:11)

All Quests are resolved the same way: by traveling to Wolves’ Den Pier.

You can access it by speaking to the Ferry Skipper (Lower La Noscea – Moraby Drydocks Landing, X:27 Y:36).

The Quest for The Feast is called “A Seat at the Feast” and it’s given by Alys (Mor Dhona, X:22 Y:9).

Simply head back to the Wolves’ Den Pier to finish it up and gain access.

The Feast Team registrars and Wolf Collar exchange of the Pier / FFXIV
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If you’ve got three friends who also happen to want to go for Gloria, you can register a Team.

The board (Wolves’ Den Pier, X:5 Y:6) allows you and up to 7 others to put together (and name) your very own Ranked Feast Team.

Ranked Feast itself goes through Seasons. Each Season offers an exclusive reward depending on your final Rank.

The Tiers are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

The top 100 Players every Season typically get a separate reward. This ranges from exclusive Mounts to a unique set of gear, such as the Shadowcleaver armor.


Making Your Wolf Mark

The Wolf Mark Storm Sergeant Vendors / FFXIV
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During your heated pursuit of the Gloria-class Airship, you’ll accumulate a large amount of Wolf Marks.

Wolf Marks are a special currency only usable in the Wolves’ Den.

They can be used to purchase a wide variety of weapons and gear from all the Expansions.

In addition, you can use them for the following items if none of the glamour catches your eye:

Item Cost (Wolf Marks)
Ballroom Etiquette – Stimulating Soliloquies 15,000
Ballroom Etiquette – Refined Reproaches 15,000
Modern Aesthetics – Fashionably Feathered 18,000
Modern Aesthetics – Styled for Hire 18,000
Minions (Wind-up Cheerleader, Minitek Conveyor, Clockwork Lantern) 15,000
Magitek Sky Armor Identification Key (Mount) 20,000
Furnishings (Chocobo, Banners) 3,000 – 7,500
Orchestrion Rolls (Birds of Prey, Rival Wings, A Fierce Air Forceth, A Fine Air Forbiddeth) 10,000
Faded Orchestrion Rolls (Blood for Blood, Starved) 5,000 – 10,000
Grade 1 – 8 Dark Matter 100
Venture 100

The path to 200 wins in The Feast is long and bloody.

It’s easy to become disheartened when you get on a losing streak. Just keep in mind that at the end of it, you’ll have one of the rarest Mounts in the entire game.

Best of luck!

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