How Do You Get The Eden Mount in FFXIV?

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The Eden Mount in FFXIV is acquired as a drop from the Raid “Eden’s Promise Eternity (Savage)”. This is a level 80 Raid from the Shadowbringers Expansion, and the last fight of the tier.

One Eden Crystal will drop per clear of the battle.

Using this item will allow you to summon the Eden Mount.

While the fight itself can now be unsynced at Level 90, it’s still challenging. You’ll want a full party of competent Players in order to complete the Duty.

You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with some of the unskippable mechanics.

Of special note, The Twice Come Ruin mechanic is introduced in this battle. Basically, getting hit twice by any mechanic will cause the Player to die. Which is why you want to take a peek at some diagrams.

With your strategies formed and a bit of work, all that’s left is to win a Loot roll.


Finding Your Way To The Garden Of Eden

Eden scholar Lewrey of Mord Souq / FFXIV
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Firstly you’ll need to have completed the Main Scenario Quest “Shadowbringers” before you can start the Eden series.

If that’s out of the way, seek out the Anxious Crystarium Guard (Crystarium – The Rotunda, X:10 Y:12) to accept “In the Middle of Nowhere”.

Ryne has sensed a massive source of Light in “The Empty”. This is worrisome since the entire Shard barely survived the last Flood of Light.

Traveling with her to the desolate aetherless expanse, you’ll come across the inanimate Eden.

From here you’ll need to sequentially defeat Floors one through four:

  • Eden’s Gate: Resurrection, where you’ll battle Eden Prime. Unlocked through the Quest “Deploy the Core”.
  • Eden’s Gate: Descent, where you’ll battle Voidwalker. Unlocked through the Quest “One Fell Swoop”.
  • Eden’s Gate: Inundation, where you’ll battle The First’s Leviathan. Unlocked through the Quest “Nor Any Drop to Drink”.
  • Eden’s Gate: Sepulcher, where you’ll battle The First’s Titan. Unlocked through the Quest “Super Seismic”.

All Quests are available from ryne in the Empty one after the other.

Once you’ve overcome your foes, you can unlock the Savage versions of the Raids.

Complete the follow-up Quest “The Next Piece of the Puzzle” given by Ryne.

Speaking to Lewrey (Amh Araeng – Mord Souq, X:27 Y:16) will open up the savage counterpart of every Floor.

The aetherically-restored Empty and a decaying, overgrown Eden / FFXIV
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In the same area you just spoke to Lewrey, seek out Yalfort.

He offers the Quest “Away with the Faerie”. This Quest has you do a bit of running around in search of Gaia, the mysterious Voidwalker.

Once completed, Gaia (The Empty, X:6 Y:6) will give you the Quest “Blood and Thunder”.

Simply head into Eden’s Core to begin this series of Quests:

  • Eden’s Verse: Fulmination, where you’ll battle The First’s Ramuh. Unlocked through “Blood and Thunder”.
  • Eden’s Verse: Furor, where you’ll battle The First’s Ifrit, Garuda and their combined form Raktapaksa. Unlocked through the Quest “Into the Firestorm”.
  • Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm, where you’ll battle The Idol of Darkness. Unlocked through “Heart of Darkness”.
  • Eden’s Verse: Refulgence, where you’ll battle Ryne harboring The First’s incarnation of Shiva. Unlocked through the Quest “On Thin Ice”.

Chat with Ryne after completing all four battles to accept and complete “Life Finds a Way”.

With that, you can once again speak to Lewrey to unlock the Savage versions of Eden’s Verse.

In order to unlock the final raids in the series, you’ll need to have completed “Reflections in Crystal”. This is part of the Main Scenario, so up through Patch 5.3.

Once that’s done, Yalfort (Amh Araeng – Mord Souq, X:27 Y:17) will offer the Quest “Worlds Apart”.

Finish that up to grab “Empty Promise” from Yalfort and head to The Empty.

You’ll now unlock the final series of Raids:

  • Eden’s Promise: Umbra, a fight against The Cloud of Darkness. Unlocked through the Quest “Fear of the Dark”.
  • Eden’s Promise: Litany, a battle against The Shadowkeeper. Unlocked through the Quest “Shadows of the Past”.
  • Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis, a battle against The Fatebreaker. Unlocked through the Quest “Voice of the Soul”.
  • Eden’s Promise: Eternity, where you’ll battle the utopian Eden’s Promise. In Savage, there is a second Phase which has you face the Oracle of Darkness.

With these Floors conquered, once again speak to Lewrey after completing “Where I Belong”.

You’re now all set to tackle Savage and go for your Eden Mount!


Why Would You Eden Care?

The Edenmorn Grimoire and a very adorable Carbuncle / FFXIV
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Each of the four Floors of Eden’s Promise drops different loot.

Since you’ll be farming Floor 4 for your Mount, it’s good to know what else can drop where.

Floor 1: Book of Umbra (1 per Clear), Edenmorn Earring, Bracelet, Necklace or Ring Coffer

Floor 2: Book of Litany (1 per Clear), Edenmorn Head, Hand or Foot Coffer, Crypt Dusting, Defragmented Tomestone

Floor 3: Book of Anamorphosis (1 per Clear), Edenmorn Leg Coffer, Edenmorn Head, Hand or Foot Coffer, Crypt Ester, Crypt Twine

Floor 4: Book of Eternity (1 per Clear), Eden’s Promise Card, Edenmorn Weaponry, Edenmorn Chest Coffer, Edenmorn Weapon Coffer, Wind-up Gaia, Eden Crystal (Mount), “The Extreme” Orchestrion Roll

Also worth mentioning that the Books you acquire can be traded for the following items in Eulmore with Yhal Yal (Eulmore – The canopy, X:10 Y:11):

Item Cost
Edenmorn Weaponry 8 Book of Eternity
Edenmorn Headwear 6 Book of Litany
Edenmorn Chest Piece 8 Book of Eternity
Edenmorn Handwear 6 Book of Litany
Edenmorn Legwear 8 Book of Anamorphosis
Edenmorn Footwear 6 Book of Litany
Edenmorn Accessories 4 Book of Umbra

They did add Weapons for both Reaper and Sage to this exchange with Endwalker release. This makes them the strongest option for the Jobs at Level 80.

Best of luck in your hunt for the exclusive Eden Mount.

Did I mention it also shoots lasers? Because it does. Enjoy!

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