Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Class Grade Guide

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The Class Grade system provides players with account growth items as rewards for reaching certain levels. Here’s a full table of each class grade in the game:

Class Grades Level Requirements
Grade 1 Level 20
Grade 2 Level 40
Grade 3 Level 60
Grade 4 Level 80
Grade 5 Level 100
Grade 6 Level 110
Grade 7 Level 120

How To Get Class Grade Rewards

Class Level Up (Level 75 > Level 76) / NNK:CW”><figcaption class=Class Level Up (Level 75 > Level 76)

The only way you can get account growth items as rewards from the Class Grade system is by leveling up continuously.

You can level up faster by doing certain tasks in NNK:CW, like clearing Main Story Quests or AFK farming mobs when you’re not actively playing.

Energy Drink (Shop) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Energy Drink (Shop)

One important thing I’d recommend you do regularly if you want to level up faster is to farm Energy Drinks.

Consuming Energy Drinks will allow you to gain levels much faster while you’re farming mobs, which also lets you acquire Class Grade rewards more quickly.


What Rewards Can You Get From Your Class Grade?

Class Grade Rewards (Grade 3) / NNK:CW
Class Grade Rewards (Grade 3)

The Class Grade system gives you a variety of rare and highly useful rewards:

  • Additional Combat Power
  • Additional Inventory Slots
  • Diamonds
  • Territe Energy
  • Additional Territe Energy Capacity
  • 3★ Weapon Chests
  • 4★ Weapon Chests
  • Dark Magic Crystals
  • Magic Tomes
  • Skill 3 Upgrades
  • Swift Solution Certificates
  • Dyes
  • Costumes (Elite Knight Outfit)

Most of these rewards are cumulative, which means creating and leveling up multiple alt characters will give you more Class Grade rewards!

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