Best Arts Loopers in Fate/Grand Order For Each Class

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With the advent of Summer Kama in the JP FGO server, coupled with Space Ishtar’s near arrival to the NA server, the world of arts looping has been shaken to its very core.

Both #アベンジャ (Avenger) and #Sイシュタル (S.Ishtar) were trending on Twitter recently – and it’s clear to see why.

Let’s be real, FGO is 99% farming.

So if you’re going to be spending 99% of your playtime grinding the same few nodes, you may as well make it as efficient as possible.

Skadi satisfied this need during her time at the top of the meta. And Oberon looks to be creating a mini-revolution in Buster looping. But once Caster Artoria rolls around, she’ll allow for much more leniency in regards to your servant’s power requirements.

So let’s take a look at some of the better Arts Loopers for each class in FGO.


10. Anastasia – Caster

FGO Arts Looper Anastasia - Caster Sprite

If you’re looking for high damage output, chances are, you won’t be looking for a Caster to provide it.

In the event that you need to loop on Assassins, a Berserker will almost always produce more favorable results.

Still, if you absolutely must loop with a Caster, Anastasia is probably your best bet!

She has a powerful NP and skills that allow her to boost her damage even further.

However, we would be remiss to talk about Arts Casters without mentioning Cheng Gong.

Cheng Gong will sacrifice a party member after each NP – allowing for some quick switches to your backline supports to provide additional buffs.

Or, he allows for you to finally sacrifice that fourteenth Stheno that spooked you…


9. Shuten Doji – Assassin

FGO Shuten Doji - Assassin Sprite

You have two choices when it comes to looping with Arts Assassins.

You either loop with Shuten, or you don’t loop at all.

Even if you decide to loop with Shuten, she has a one-hit Arts NP.

For those unaware of how looping works: it requires an NP with multiple hits to refund at least 50% charge.

Looping with Shuten will require far more effort than it’s worth. And so, similarly to Anastasia, we recommend just sticking with a good old-fashioned Berserker beat stick.


8. Jeanne D’Arc – Archer

FGO Jeanne D'Arc - Archer Sprite

Jeanne stands at the very top of all Arts Archers.

She has an incredibly powerful NP and can loop on almost all opposing classes.

In fact, Jeanne is so good that when attached with certain CEs, she doesn’t even require two Castorias to loop!

One can be replaced with a Bond CE Tamamo!

Jeanne is not only a great Arts Looper, but her Archer form also sees her as a swimsuit-wearing dolphin trainer.

If you’ve ever wanted to embrace your inner spender and drop a literal whale onto your enemies, Jeanne has got you covered.


7. Summer Meltryllis – Lancer

FGO Summer Meltryllis - Lancer Sprite

Summer Melt is another swimsuit servant that comes to us dressed as an adorable penguin.

Don’t let the cute costume fool you, though.

Summer Melt comes packed with a kit that allows her to loop on any class without issue.

While other Lancers do exist that can loop just as well as Summer Melt, they struggle to farm nodes that give the lowest overall refund (that being Berserkers).


6. Jason – Saber

FGO Jason - Saber Sprite

Unfortunately, there aren’t many alternatives to Jason when it comes to Arts Saber looping.

Powerful SSR Sabers, like Ryougi Shiki, have instant death on their NPs – and so are not eligible for refunds.

That being said, Jason can… Arts loop… kind of.

He requires a little more setup than simply dropping him into a party with two Castorias.

Yet, if Jason is your greatest husbando, he’s grailed to 100, fully Gold Fou’d, and the rep character of your support list, you can make him loop with a little hard work.


5. Da Vinci Lily – Rider

FGO Da Vinci Lily - Rider Sprite

The undisputed queen of Arts Rider looping is Da Vinci Lily.

Not only this, but Da Vinci Lily is an incredibly powerful servant outside of looping as well.

Da Vinci Lily is also a fan favorite servant due to the huge role she plays in the FGO main storyline.

When it came to Skadi, her NP was relatively useless. It offered no damage bonuses and simply gave the party an immune to Death, an evade, and other useless buffs for three-turn farming.

Castorias NP, however, gives a further damage boost to the team. Da Vinci Lily actually allows for your supporting Castorias to NP on the final wave.

This means that, for nodes with incredibly high health final fights, Da Vinci has no problem ensuring a full no-brain clear!


4. Katsushika Hokusai – Foreigner

FGO Katsushika Hokusai - Foreigner Sprite

Hokusai has never really been utilized for her looping skill – but it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Each hit of Hokusai’s NP stacks an Arts down debuff onto the enemy, allowing for further uses of her NP to deal even more damage.

Hokusai struggles when it comes to farming Berserkers, and she isn’t recommend over some of her other Extra Class peers.

However, with a little elbow grease, she can get the job done.


3. Sessyoin Kiara – Moon Cancer/Alter Ego

FGO Sessyoin Kiara - Moon Cancer/Alter Ego Sprite

This may be breaking the rules. But both Kiara’s original Alter Ego form and her mermaid Summer Moon Cancer form are the best Arts loopers for their respective classes.

While there really isn’t any benefit to using a Moon Cancer or an Alter Ego over a Berserker, for example, the fact that Kiara is so adept at looping in all of her incarnations is pretty funny!

One alternative for Kiara could be Jinako, but she requires too much effort for very little reward.

That isn’t to say that looping with Kiara is going to be an easy ride, though.

She’ll require some supportive CEs to help with her NP gain.

But once you’re all set up, she can Arts loop with the best of them.


2. Summer Musashi Miyamoto – Berserker

FGO Summer Musashi Miyamoto - Berserker Sprite

Remember when we mentioned before that we wanted to streamline the farming process?

Well, Musashi is exactly what you’re looking for.

Musashi possesses a unique skill that doubles the hit count of all her Arts – with the caveat that her damage is reduced.

However, when receiving buffs from two Castorias, this damage reduction is negligible at best.

While a certain space-girl has Musashi beat when it comes to accessibility, Musashi has her beat on absolute brainless farming.

A tall order.

But should you be able to acquire at least NP4 of Summer Musashi, grail her to 100, and max her Gold Fous, she requires the least amount of button presses for any Arts looper.

And technically, it should be possible to set up three or four drinking birds to periodically tap your phone screen – so you can get on with your day without having to even play the game!


1. Space Ishtar – Avenger

FGO Space Ishtar - Avenger Sprite

You all knew this was going to top the list.

Space Ishtar is the undisputed queen of farming in general.

Possessing the incredibly unique skill to change her NP type, Space Ishtar slots into any farming comp you want to run!

Avengers as a class have always had the most damage (ignoring class advantage boosts of course).

Jalter was the best at single-target Buster nuking, Dantes was the best Quick looper, and now Space Ishtar is ready to showcase her power.

While Space Ishtar has been at the top for a long time, we’re excited to see what exactly Summer Kama could do to potentially kick her off the throne.

However, until that day comes, Space Ishtar is the unrivaled top Arts looper – and a servant that you shouldn’t worry about investing your hard-earned Saint Quartz into.

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