The Best 3-Star Riders in Fate/Grand Order

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There are a fair few 3-Star Riders in FGO.

And in this ranking we’ll be taking a look at some of the best of them!

Riders aren’t necessarily known for outputting crazy amount of damage. But we’ll be looking at how each Servant performs in their respective roles.

So let’s get started!


5. Boudica

Boudica Fate/Grand Order sprite

Boudica has gotten a lot of love over the years due to her design and motherly/big sister personality.

She’s slightly more niche than we’d like to see, having an entire skill dedicated to dealing more damage to Roman enemies.

Still, due to her Arts buffs and useful NP, she earns a spot on this list.


4. Alexander

Alexander Fate/Grand Order sprite

Alex is a great farmer for low health farming nodes, such as the Daily QP quests you can complete for additional resources.

He can buff his Quick card effectiveness with two skills, and loop his NP against innocent Casters.

Luckily, every enemy in the QP farming node is a Caster – making Alex’s job that much easier!

Definitely consider investing in Iskander’s younger self for a budget way to help out with your farming.


3. Red Hare

Red Hare Fate/Grand Order sprite

Fans of Fate/Grand Carnival will likely already hold a special place in their hearts for Red Hare, due to the strange obsession Gudako has for him.

Red Hare is a comic-relief character, but one who can still provide decent utility on the battlefield.

In FGO he aims to buff his Quick effectiveness and critical damage to deal out heavy hits with his face cards and AOE NP.


2. Ushiwakamaru

Ushiwakamaru Fate/Grand Order sprite

What is there to say about Ushi?

She’s one of the most popular 3-Star Servants of all time, if not one of the most popular Servants in general!

Ushi played a vital role in the Babylonia storyline – but it was the moments in between the constant battles where fans fell in love with her cuter ditzy side.

She helped out Ritsuka a lot during the Babylonia storyline. And her supportive kit reflects her desire to help people.

Ushi’s first skill second skills buff the party’s NP generation rate and their attack.

However she’s just as able to deal out heavy damage with her NP!


1. Medusa

Medusa Fate/Grand Order sprite

When people think of Riders, Medusa is likely one of the first Servants that’ll spring to mind.

Medusa played a… limited role in Fate/Stay Night. But she has since blossomed into a fan favorite character, thanks to her more light-hearted appearances in Fate franchise spinoffs such as Fate/Grand Carnival.

But this isn’t to say that Medusa is just a pretty face!

She can petrify (stun) an enemy using her first skill.

She can also buff her attack, NP generation rate, and charge her NP by 20% using her other skills.

All of these come together for Medusa’s powerful AOE Quick NP that, when overcharged, also increases the party’s critical star generation rate for three turns.

Medusa is certainly a great character in FGO – and a great character in Fate in general!

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