Best 5-Star Riders in Fate/Grand Order

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Riders are an odd breed.

What started as simple cavalry members riding across the plains on horseback, has since expanded beyond our wildest imaginations.

From cars to pterodactyls to planets, there’s seemingly nothing these broncobusters can’t tame and ride!

And in this ranking we’ll take a look at some of the best 5-star Riders FGO has to offer.

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5. Sima Yi (Reines)

Sima Yi (Reines) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Reines is the poor man’s answer to not having Waver.

Only, unlike someone such as Hans Christian Anderson (a low rarity FP summon servant), Reines is also a five-star servant, is limited, and will probably never come to your Chaldea!

Reines is mostly a flex servant.

If you have Waver, you really don’t have any need to acquire Reines. She’s a watered-down version of her teacher with select niches that outmatch him in certain events.

With only a 30% NP battery as opposed to Waver’s 50%, Reines shifts her focus to more of a defensive focus.

She still possesses an attack up, but in place of Waver’s third skill, Reines has a targeted invincibility buff instead.

Reines is great for extended fights where the focus is on survival instead of producing big numbers.


4. Ozymandias

Ozymandias Fate/Grand Order sprite

Ozy is a great pickup for anyone in the market for a support Rider.

He can dish out damage as good as the next Rider – but Ozy shines for the utility his skills provide.

He also has a party-wide attack up and a minor self-heal (that has a chance to boost his stats as well).

Where Ozy really shines, however, is with his 20% charge skill, which is great to have on a damage dealer.

Just be warned: should you choose to use Ozy in-game and emerge victorious, it’s best to exit out of the game quickly and reload. Otherwise his laugh will not stop until you do so.


3. Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible Fate/Grand Order sprite

Despite what the name may suggest, the only “terrible” thing about Ivan is his drop rate in the gacha!

Ivan has a great toolkit:

His first skill provides personal NP generation and a full debuff cleanse.

His second skill gains crit stars per turn and buffs his Buster card performance.

And finally, his third skill grants invincibility, reduces the enemy’s attack, and removes all of their buffs.

That third skill of stripping all enemy buffs is incredibly powerful and should not be overlooked.

Place him into your team to help deal with those pesky buffing enemies.


2. Achilles

Achilles Fate/Grand Order sprite

Achilles is your go-to Skadi looper.

When placed into the double Skadi system, Achilles is the best farming Rider in the game (or, at least currently in NA).

Being able to charge his own NP by 30% means that it’s not necessary to use either a max limit broken Kaleidoscope or a Master skill to boost him up from 80% to 100%.

This means Achilles can make full use of attack and NP boosting Master skills to really put a world of hurt on his enemies!

Achilles also provides some useful utility with a self-invincibility buff and a taunt (and when paired together, these result in a free turn).


1. Leonardo Da Vinci Lily

Leonardo Da Vinci Lily Fate/Grand Order sprite

Da Vinci Lily is the best Rider in the game, largely from being the best farming servant in the most meta team composition.

Sure, you can loop with Achilles in the double Skadi system. But seeing as FGO is 99% farming, it makes sense to use the more efficient Castoria system for all your three-turn looping needs.

Thus, Da Vinci Lily slides into the number one spot.

Or should we say, she drifts her humvee into the number one spot!

Da Vinci Lily’s skills also boost her damage as well.

Her third skill increases NP damage of the party by 30% and her second skill increases crit damage for one turn.

Slap these abilities onto a powerhouse like Da Vinci and you can say goodbye to turn four of any node you farm!

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