Top 10 Best NP Animations in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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In a world of gacha games that allow you to speed up gameplay, auto-run quests, and turn off skill animations to streamline the farming process, FGO stands (perhaps a little too) proud in rejecting these modern advancements.

NP animations are long.

Some of them take up a hefty length of time. And if you’re only interested in farming, they can get kind of annoying.

So to combat this, FGO decided that instead of allowing players to skip over them, they needed to be so incredibly entertaining that people would never get tired of watching them!

And here, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best NP animations in the game.


10. King Hassan (Assassin)

Fate/Grand Order King Hassan (Assassin) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Let’s kick things off with King Hassan and his (potentially) one-shotting NP.

As King Hassan slowly makes his way towards the opponent he vanishes before reappearing in a flash.

Then, as he slowly drops his sword, so too does he drop the aggravating “miss” text prompt onto your screen.

Despite “Death” as a debuff being incredibly hard to land, King Hassan’s NP itself is hauntingly beautiful to see play out.

The darkened undertones at the stat, juxtaposed by the bright lights and flocking birds at the end really do complement each other well.


9. Kama (Assassin)

Fate/Grand Order Kama (Assassin) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Kama has two distinct NP animations depending on which form you leave her in.

Should you choose to use Kama’s first or second ascension, the NP animation is rather lackluster.

Several copies of herself slowly encircle the target before unleashing a torrent of damage.

However, Kama’s third animation really makes up for any misgivings you may have had about her. As several shockwaves crash into the opponent dealing heavy single-target damage, the victim is eventually dropped into Kama’s arm as nothing more than a speck.


8. Beni-Enma (Saber)

Fate/Grand Order Beni-Enma (Saber) Noble Phantasm screenshot

NPs, at the end of the day, are vessels through which our servants can deal crazy amounts of damage (or support).

Yet in all of this war and violence, isn’t there an NP that’s a little more… fun?

Well look no further than everyone’s favorite birb: Beni-Enma!

After slowly sheathing her sword, Beni-Enma unleashes an array of bird spirits from a mystical box, at a pleasant gathering with some of her other bird compatriots.

Now if that isn’t wholesome, we don’t know what is!


7. Yagyu (Saber)

Fate/Grand Order Yagyu (Saber) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Yagyu’s NP isn’t as flashy as the others on this list perhaps.

It’s also in no way an original concept, and arguably, it’s a little cliché.

However, a cliché is a cliché for a reason.

And sometimes the monochrome samurai slowly sheathing his sword as the enemy explodes behind him just works!

Yagyu’s NP is one of the few more subtle animations in FGO – and is perfectly suited to the aging veteran himself.


6. Asagami Fujino (Archer)

Fate/Grand Order Asagami Fujino (Archer) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Fujino, unfortunately, is a limited collaboration unit with very limited availability.

For a while, she was considered to be the rarest servant in the entire game, having received only one rate up since her initial release!

Luckily, she’ll be coming back to NA sometime shortly (as of this writing) so be sure to save you Saint Quartz for her amazing NP animation.

Fujino’s NP animation starts relatively tame.

We see Fujino experiencing some form of inner torment before quickly shifting to an entire bridge being split in two!

As one of the few NP animations set in a real-world location, Fujino’s NP is so breathtaking to see play out that we recommend everyone picking up at least one copy!


5. Space Ishtar (Avenger)

Fate/Grand Order Space Ishtar (Avenger) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Space Ishtar’s NP sees you journeying with her through the cosmos.

We quickly shoot past the stars before arriving at the large goddess, Astarte.

Then after charging up her fingertips, Space Ishtar unleashes a massive laser beam dealing AOE damage to all opponents.

Not only does Space Ishtar have (arguably) the best NP in the game when it comes to farming, but it doesn’t look to shabby either.

Very helpful if you’re going to be watching it on repeat when looping. If we have to listen to “Enfer Château d’If” ONE MORE TIME!


4. Katsushika Hokusai (Foreigner)

Fate/Grand Order Katsushika Hokusai (Foreigner) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Hokusai’s NP takes great inspiration from her real-world inspiration.

As she rushes her opponent, wielding a mighty paintbrush, Hokusai delivers several swift strikes to deal AOE damage to her opponent.

What makes the NP animation particularly interesting is that, with each stroke of her brush, Hokusai paints The Great Wave off Kanagawa (originally painted by Hokusai himself).

This NP animation is wonderfully stylized and pays respect to the character’s roots.


3. Summer Musashi Miyamoto (Berserker)

Fate/Grand Order Summer Musashi Miyamoto (Berserker) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Musashi is a relatively newer servant, and one that has received the special two NP animations treatment from Delight Works.

Musashi’s NP in her final ascension is great.

As she swings her blades to the sky creating a torrent of waves, before bursting through them to deal disgusting damage… it’s great, sure.

However, what pushes Musashi’s NP to the next level is one particular jetski voice line delivered entirely in English.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you:

“Let’s go, KENGOU BATTOU! Oh, yeah~! Sexy~! My name is, Musashi Miyamoto!”


2. Bradamante (Lancer)

Fate/Grand Order Bradamante (Lancer) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Bradamante had to make an appearance on this list at some time or another. But if it offends you, consider this entry as an honorable mention instead.

Bradamante is a lancer who… *sigh*.

She has really great AOE NP damage that allows her to…*sigh*.

Look, we all know why Bradamante is on this list – and it isn’t because of the dazzlingly unique NP animation that she possesses!

For those not in the know, do yourself a favor and skip ahead.

For those who do know, however, let us be the first to congratulate inquisitive & cultured fans such as yourselves.


1. Jason (Saber)

Fate/Grand Order Jason (Saber) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Who would have thought that a One-Star servant would top the list?

Jason’s NP is just too hilarious to not place here!

Being paired up with the other Argonauts during his NP animation, Jason struggles to avoid the magical blasts from Medea, the arrows from Atalante, and the hulking sword from Heracles!

Watching Jason pussyfoot around these attacks that are supposedly being aimed at the enemy is incredibly entertaining. And it shows that not all NPs have to be strictly serious.

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