Top 5 Best 5-Star Lancers in Fate/Grand Order

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Lancers are most known for their poster-child in Cú Chulainn.

Aside from this, Lancers have never really stirred much controversy in the FGO community with releases that never broke the game or introduced a fan-favorite character.

Still, Lancers are just as big a part of FGO as every other class. And when you’re staring down a wave of Archers, you’ll be glad these guys are on your side.

So let’s take a look at some of the best 5-star Lancers in the game.


5. Mélusine

Mélusine Fate/Grand Order sprite

Let’s jump in with a servant who’s powerful enough to be worth mentioning, but due to the long wait that NA players will have before she arrives, she won’t place higher in this ranking.

Fae Lancelot’s skills are pretty strong, all things considered.

Her first skill alone provides an attack up, damage cut, NP battery, and a max HP boost.

But things start getting crazy when we take a look at Fae Lancelot’s NP.

Depending on which form you’re in, Fae Lancelot’s NP can either be a single-target nuke, or an AOE cleave.

We’ve seen multiple NP animations on a servant before – but this is the first time there has ever been a multi-functional NP in FGO.

And with a third skill that allows Fae Lancelot to switch between her ascensions mid-battle, you don’t have to worry about dragging yourself to the Terminal every time you want a change of pace.


4. Enkidu

Enkidu Fate/Grand Order sprite

This was tough, and ultimately, it came down to Enkidu or Karna.

We decided to give it to Enkidu solely for his massive potential for soloing content.

Enkidu’s kit is deceptively simple.

But when his skills are used in conjunction with one another, he can survive for a long time while dishing out heaps of damage.

His NP stun against Divine enemies also provides some useful utility to his skill set.


3. Ereshkigal

Ereshkigal Fate/Grand Order sprite

Everyone’s favorite tsundere of the underworld comes to greet us with this pick.

Ereshkigal won the hearts of fans due to her sheer embarrassment at anything the main character throws at her.

Unlike her troublesome and more confident sister Ishtar, Ereshkigal received less screentime in the Babylonia anime – but still managed to grow her fanbase with her brief appearance!

That said, let’s talk utility.

Ereshkigal’s skills are tailor-made for a supportive role. Her first skill is a self-invincibility buff along with some added effects.

Her second skill is a Buster up and NP battery. Ereshkigal’s NP can do decent damage, but it’s nothing to write home about.

Her third skill, Blessing of Kur, is where she really shines.

Granting party-wide defense up, NP generation up, and max HP up, it’s ironic that the lord of the underworld will be keeping your party alive for so long!


2. Artoria Pendragon

Artoria Pendragon Fate/Grand Order sprite

Artoria Pendragon is a great Buster AOE Lancer.

And her skills are exactly what you’d expect from a servant with such a simple design.

An attack up, a buster up, and a 50% NP battery are all you need to unlock the Lion King’s full potential.

Artoria Lancer is quite a rare servant though, so outside of Guaranteed paid banners, you may struggle to pick her up.

Those who already have her in their Chaldea should be thankful.


1. Scáthach

Scáthach Fate/Grand Order sprite

This was a difficult pick, as the Lancer-class servants are all so varied in their usefulness.

Some are excellent boss killers, while others are AOE farmers.

But somebody had to take the top spot – and the overall quintessential Lancer had to be Shishou.

Scáthach skills are nothing too out of the ordinary. She’s a fairly old servant after all.

An evade, a Quick buff, and an NP that stuns gives her adequate room to spam face cards and generate stars.

Scáthach should also be noted as one of the rarest limited servants of all time with only a select few rate ups outside of Guaranteed SSR banners.

So if you’re lucky enough to stumble across a banner with her feature, be sure to pick her up.

Now we play the waiting game for the bunny costume…

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