Is Fishing Worth Doing? (Genshin Impact)

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Fishing is definitely worth doing – but only until you get The Catch R5.

After that, the value of its other rewards is entirely based on your preference.

To better explain, let’s take a look at every reward and item you gain from fishing. You’ll get most of the rewards naturally, while some take significantly more time than others.

These rewards can be obtained by exchanging fish with the Fishing Associations available per nation.

The current exchangeable rewards are:

  • The Catch
  • Ako’s Sake Vessel (The Catch refinements)
  • Pool of Sapphire Grace (Serenitea Pot furniture)
  • Fishing Rods

Other complimentary things you get from fishing are:

  • Ornamental Fish
  • Fish Meat
  • Toki Alley Tales (V) Pages
  • Namecard and Primogems

The Catch and Ako’s Sake Vessels

The Catch R5 / Genshin Impact
The Catch R5

Ako’s Sake Vessels are used to increase the Refinement Rank of The Catch.

These rewards basically translate to The Catch R5 – the best fishing reward available. At level 90, it has a Base ATK of 510 and a secondary stat of 45.9% Energy Recharge.

But the main highlight is its passive:

  • Increases elemental burst damage by 32%
  • Increases elemental burst CRIT rate by 12%

The Catch R5 is easily among the strongest polearms in the game. It’s as good as a 5-star weapon.

It also works great on most polearm units – namely, Raiden, Xiangling, Rosaria, Zhongli, and Shenhe.

And this is the only fishing reward that has a practical purpose. The Catch R5 is miles ahead of the other exchangeable rewards.

So for most players, this is a good place to stop fishing.


Pool of Sapphire Grace Furniture

(1) Serenitea Pot build with the Pool of Sapphire Grace (2) Inventory description / Genshin Impact
(1) Serenitea Pot build with the Pool of Sapphire Grace (2) Inventory description

Pool of Sapphire Grace is a Serenitea Pot furniture.

It’s essentially a pond where you can raise and showcase your Ornamental Fish.

For players that like using the Serenitea Pot feature, this is a great piece of furniture. It’s one of the prettiest furnishings available for sprucing up your teapot.


Ornamental Fish

Ornamental Fish / Genshin Impact
Ornamental Fish

Ornamental Fish are fishes that you place in the Pool of Sapphire Grace.

You get these special fishes naturally while fishing.

Similar to the Pool of Sapphire Grace reward, the value of these fishes is based on your preference. They’re quite easy to obtain, and they’re another great way of sprucing up your teapot.


Fishing Rods

(1) Windtangler (2) Wishmaker (3) Narukawa Ukai / Genshin Impact
(1) Windtangler (2) Wishmaker (3) Narukawa Ukai

Fishing rods are meant to shorten your fishing time and increase your success rates.

Each nation has a specialized fishing rod that only works in that region.

  • Windtangler is the fishing rod for Mondstadt
  • Wishmaker is for Liyue
  • Narukawa Ukai is for fishing in Inazuma

They do work, but the difference is not significant – especially for small amounts of fishing.

Because of this, the fishing rods themselves aren’t worth it.

Fishy Motive Achievement / Genshin Impact
Fishy Motive Achievement

The only time it’s worth buying is for the achievement called “Fishy Motive”.

This achievement is obtained by buying a fishing rod from the Fishing Association. It also rewards 10 Primogems.

Outside of that, it’s simply not worth fishing just to obtain all these rods.

But, if you have excess fish anyway, you’ll get these fishing rods eventually. They can even help you get that 2,000 fish achievement slightly faster.


Fish Meat

Converting fishes to fish meat / Genshin Impact
Converting fishes to fish meat

Any fish you catch can be converted to normal edible fish. If you need an abundance of fish meat, this works just fine.

But generally, it’s not worth fishing just for fish meat.

There are plenty of other locations where you can catch plain fish meat without ever having to touch a fishing rod.


Toki Alley Tales (V) Pages

Intermission achievement / Genshin Impact
Intermission achievement

Toki Alley Tales (V) Pages are torn pages that you randomly get while fishing in Inazuma.

You’re likely to get at least one of these pages while fishing for The Catch R5 – doing so unlocks the “Intermission” achievement. This rewards 5 Primogems.

Once you collect all 10 pages, they can be used to craft the Toki Alley Tales (V). This is part of the 6-volume Toki Alley Tales Book Collection.

Once you get all 6 volumes, you obtain the “Tales of Monstrous Madness” achievement. This rewards 5 Primogems.

Is the 5 Primogems worth it? Absolutely not.

Collecting all 10 pages takes days or weeks to finish. And collecting the 6 volumes requires a thorough exploration of all the Inazuma islands.


Namecard and Primogems

Namecard and achievement list / Genshin Impact
Namecard and achievement list

Fishing has dedicated achievements and a namecard – these also reward Primogems.

You naturally get most of these achievements while fishing. By the time you get The Catch R5, you’ve already gotten more than half of these achievements.

However, some achievements take more time than others.

Ding Ding Ding! achievement / Genshin Impact
Ding Ding Ding! achievement

The most notable one is the 3rd “Ding Ding Ding!” achievement.

This is obtained by catching 2,000 fish successfully. It rewards 20 Primogems.

Generally, it’s not worth fishing for this achievement. It takes too much time and effort for far too little in return.

But if you have the time and patience, then why not?

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