The Best Accessories in Kingdom Hearts (KH 1.5 ReMIX)

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Like any good RPG, Kingdom Hearts has countless accessories to help you buff your stats and give that extra push throughout your adventure.

Whether it be more HP, added strength, stronger defense, or various other bonuses, accessories are the tipping point between surviving and struggling.

And here’s our ranking for the best of the best when it comes to these stylish items in Kingdom Hearts 1.

Just a small note: some synthesis recipes differ between the original and 1.5 version. If you’re having troubles crafting an item, this might be the reason. Listed below are the KH 1.5 recipes.


10. Angel Bangle

Wonderland Save Point World in KH 1.5 HD

Starting off our jewelry shopping spree is a holy little bracelet.

Do you constantly find yourself at the sharp end of a Heartless’ claw and needing to respawn?

Well give yourself a little extra boost with the Angel Bangle.

Not only is the name fun to say, but this little guy also gives you a helpful boost of +6 HP and +2 Defense.

While not seemingly like a whole lot, that tiny bit of extra protection could be the difference between slashing the enemy or being slashed down.

There are better alternatives, but this bracelet should keep you stable until you’re able to craft them.

How to Get: This bangle can be synthesized using 3 Thunder Shards and a Bright Gem.


9. Raven’s Claw

Neverland Anti-Sora Battle in KH 1.5 HD

The greatest enemy in the Kingdom Hearts series is Darkness.

The stuff is everywhere, whether it’s in the form of Heartless, in other people’s hearts, or just straight up a floating formless specter.

If you want to be a guardian of the light, then you’ll want to get some defense against these dark forces.

The Raven’ Claw has your back.

Plucked straight from the bird, the Raven’s claw reduces dark based damage on Sora by 20%.

Given that a majority of enemies attacks are darkness based, save for some elemental enemies, it’s clear how beneficial this item is.

But wait, that’s not all!

On top of this 20% damage reduction, the claw also gives a +2 increase to Sora’s strength and defense! Talk about a great deal, who wouldn’t want a claw on their side?

(Please note that no birds were harmed in the making of this item… I think…)

How to Get: You can claim this claw after defeating Anti-Sora in Neverland.


8. EXP Ring (KH1.5/Final Mix Only)

100 Acre Wood Final Cutscene in KH 1.5 HD

There are quite a few EXP centered accessories in the game.

However, the EXP ring is (personally) the best out of the bunch.

This ring gives Sora a 20% increase in EXP gained. If you’re lacking in strength for the next boss and need to grind some levels, then this is a must have.

The first 2 other EXP accessories give the same benefit as the ring, but at the cost of either no added bonus, or even -2 strength and defense.

The cons are too great against the pros for those items.

The only upgrade you can get would be the EXP Necklace – however, you can only get that after defeating the hidden Mysterious Man boss near the end of the game.

But this ring is obtained at a point in the game where it’s still useful and easy to get, making it the overall more useful piece. All it takes to get is several pleasant visits to see Winnie the Pooh!

How to Get: Complete the story and seal the Keyhole in The Hundred Acre Woods.


7. Omega Arts

Behemoth Boss Battle in KH 1.5 HD

Are you the kind of Kingdom Hearts player to make nice, well-rounded builds instead of focusing on magic, strength, tankiness, etc?

Well, the Omega Arts is just what you need to balance yourself out.

Boasting a modest +3 strength, defense, and HP, this handy little trinket is sure to be of use to you, no matter the circumstance.

While it’s nothing too extraordinary, the extra boost of your basic needs will surely guide Sora to be stronger.

Even giving this to Donald or Goofy might be a good idea.

How to Get: Get a hold of this ring by slaying the Behemoth boss.


6. Element Ring

Neverland Battleship Heartless in KH 1.5 HD

Sure, you have defenses against the darkness powers of the Heartless. But alas, darkness isn’t the only thing they’re packing.

Lots of enemies can cast various elemental spells like thunderbolts, fireballs, bursts of ice, and much more.

You’re gonna need a bit more than sunscreen and earmuffs to survive these.

The element ring is the best in its department.

Normally, accessories give you protection against one specific element. But this ring gives you 20% protection against all of them!

That’s not all: if you equip multiple then the effect increases!

This great bonus (on top of the +2 defense it gives) makes for a much needed advantage against the Heartless threat.

Be sure to give at least one of these to everyone; Donald and Goofy aren’t a huge fan of catching on fire.

How to Get: You can get this ring by either purchasing it from the Moogle shop for 4800 munny, or by testing your luck with a 2% drop chance from Battleship Heartless.


5. Master Earring

Sora and synthesis moogle in KH 1.5 HD

We’ve covered defense, strength, and HP, so what else could we be missing?

Why AP, of course, you can’t forget about that!

AP is the driving force for Sora’s abilities. And the more you have, the flashier moves you’ll add to your roster.

It’s time to become a true ability master with the Master Earring.

Providing a hefty boost of +4 AP, you’ll be able to add that ability you’ve been eyeing without needing to grind to the next level.

If you really want to, you can instead grind for more synthesis items to make more rings for more AP, creating a never-ending spiral of grinding. But anyway, that’s beyond the point.

Use the best AP item in the game and treat yourself with the little added bonus of +2 defense, because you’re worth it.

How to Get: 5 Spirit Shards, 3 Spirit Gems, and 1 Fury Stone is what you’ll need to make this powerful little guy.


4. Heartguard

Heartguard item in synthesis menu / KH 1.5 HD

Your Heart is the most precious thing you possess in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

It’s the essence of your being, your soul, your guiding key.

It’s your driving force. And if you lose it or have it fall to darkness, then it’s all over.

Throughout your harrowing journey you’ll run into many dangerous obstacles that threaten the safety of your Heart.

Protect it with the Heart guard.

Not only do you get a hefty +3 HP and +4 defense with this accessory, but it also wards off dark elements by 20%.

Stacked with the element ring, you’ll have all the defense you could ever hope for.

This guard provides the highest defense stat buff in the game so it’s definitely not something you’ll wanna sleep on.

How to Get: Through synthesis, you can get this item using 3 Lucid Gems, 1 Lucid Crystal, and 1 Bright Crystal.


3. Gaia Bangle

Gaia Bangle in synthesis menu / KH 1.5 HD

Sure, defense is great and all, but what if you want to focus on less of a tanky fighting style and more of a rough & rowdy kind of fighting?

If Sora’s going in guns ablazin’ then you’re gonna need some health to back up that spunk.

Through the power of the Gaia, you’ll be healthy and ready for battle with a hearty +9 HP and +3 defense.

The maximum amount of health Sora can level to have is around 110. So that +9 grants him a pretty impressive 10% or so of extra health.

Survive greater hits and narrowly escape certain death, all while looking stylish.

How to Get: Gain the Gaia’s protection by synthesizing this with 5 Lucid Shards, 3 Lucid Gems, and 1 Lightning Stone!


2. Cosmic Arts (KH1.5/Final Mix Only)

Sora entering the synthesis shop in Traverse Town / KH 1.5 HD

Alright, I hear you.

I said the Gaia Bangle was for less tanky playstyles, but still had extra defense rather than anything else. But I get it, you like to finish a fight with as quickly and efficiently as possible – who needs defense?

So, what if I told you there was a different option for all the risk takers out there?

Through the power of the stars above us, I give you the Cosmic Arts!

It still provides the fantastic +9 health as the Gaia Bangle did, but none of the defensive bonuses. Instead, you’ll get +2 MP and +2 AP, perfect for all you magic users and combo masters out there.

And hey, there’s always the option of equipping both items to get that added power and defense if you wanna play it safe and smart.

How to Get: Get your ingredients ready because this little item takes 5 Bright shards, 3 Bright Gems, 1 Bright Crystal, and 3 Mythril stones.


1. Crystal Crown

Sniperwilds in Traverse Town / KH 1.5 HD

Now it’s time for true power.

No king or queen is complete without their crown, so it’s time you’ve obtained yours.

This is the one item that you should always want to have no matter your playstyle. This crown’s got it all, whether you use magic, summons, combos, you name it and it’ll help.

Are you ready to hear what it gives you? I don’t think you are.

For starters it provides +6 HP, +3 AP and +1 MP.

On top of that, you’ll receive +2 strength and +2 defense. But wait, there’s more!

The crown also increase the power of your overall magic and summons! Pretty crazy right?

Now nothing can stand in your way against your battle between the forces of darkness. Feel the might flowing from your crown, and get ready to be the guiding light for everyone.

How to Get: Incredible power for a Crystal Crown comes at the hefty ingredient cost of 5 Ludic Crystals, 1 Power Crystal, 1 Shiny Crystal, 3 Blazing stones, and 3 Frost stones.

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