The Best Rings in Kingdom Hearts 3 (And How To Get Them)

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Equipment is vital in Kingdom Hearts games.

They’re more than just some bling to show off to your friends and enemies; they can be game changers.

Better stats, more AP, and even new abilities!

There are quite a handful of accessories in Kingdom Hearts 3, but here we’ll be focusing on rings and checking out which rings are truly the best of the best.


10. Ability Ring+

Lucid shard farming for Ability Ring+ in KH3

Starting off our jewelry store tour is the plus version of the Ability Ring.

This seemingly basic ring can be gotten fairly early on, despite its pretty impressive stats.

Although it looks to be made of copper and only says “small boost of AP” this ring gives you a whole +10 AP!

(Oh and +1 strength)

For being an early game item that you can get in your first world, the AP increase will be life changing. Especially for allowing you to equip all of the new fancy skills that KH3 introduces.

How to Get: After you collect 2 different synthesis materials, you can create this little guy with 2 Mythril Shards and 6 Lucid Shards.


9. Force Ring

Force Ring location in Kingdom Hearts 3

Wear this ring to tap into you’re the magic hiding within and let it burst forth towards the enemy!

With a nice stat increase of +4 magic and +6 AP, the Force Ring is sure to be a magic wielders best friend.

As an added bonus, you’ll get the Full MP Burst ability too.

This handy skill increases your magic attacks by 50% when your MP is full!

Not only that, but the ability can stack with more rings.

Even though Donald doesn’t have fingers, it might be a good idea to bling that duck out.

How to Get: You can find the Force Ring in a chest somewhere in Arendelle. If you want more it can also be a reward for defeating Heartless aboard a Heartless Ship.


8. Orichalcum Ring

Pulsing Crystal farm for Orichalcum Ring in KH3

Jumping from magic power to raw physical strength, we have the Orichalcum Ring next.

This is one ring you’ll want to bring along to the gym.

Granting you +6 strength and +10 AP, Sora’s bound to be completely buff in no time.

And coming equipped with Cure Converter, you’ll be able to fill situation command gauges by simply casting cure. As if Cure wasn’t already super helpful!

Don’t forget about your fellow teammates either, as some extra power and muscles can greatly benefit them.

If I haven’t sold you already, this ring comes in a really pretty purple color. And who doesn’t love purple?

How to Get: You can get this ring either by finding 45 types of materials (and crafting it with 1 Orichalcum, 1 Pulsing Crystal, and 3 Pulsing gems) or by photographing 60 lucky emblems.


7. Expert’s Ring

Donald in photograph for Experts Ring / KH3

Here’s yet another easy-to-get early game ring that provides a heaping lot of AP:

The Expert’s Ring.

This is pretty much just a direct upgrade to the Ability Ring+, now granting you +20 AP instead of +10.

AP is always one of the most useful stats to have the most of, so it’s a good idea to have this equipped on at least one of your party members.

And it has a nice color scheme. I’m a sucker for cool colors.

How to Get: Obtain this ring early by simply hunting down and photographing 5 Lucky Emblems.


6. Wisdom Ring

Getting sinister crystal for Wisdom Ring / KH3

Now that’s what I call a stylish wizard!

Once again, who doesn’t love purple?

This amethyst encrusted ring holds a great magical power sure to strengthen any mage. With +5 magic and +10 AP, you’ll be casting spells left and right with the skill of a royal magician.

Relying on pure magical strength can lead to you getting quite the beating. That’s where this ring’s extra ability, Wizard’s Ruse, comes in clutch.

When you cast a spell and use up MP, you’ll be given a chance to recover HP!

This can be stacked as well to get up to a 50% chance of healing!

Who needs Donald when you can be your own support?

How to Get: Once 45 different materials are obtained, you can craft this ring with 1 Orichalcum, 1 Sinister Crystal, and 3 Sinister Gems. You can also get one after photographing 50 Lucky Emblems.


5. Draw Ring

Getting materials for draw ring in KH3

Do you always find yourself just out of reach of those sweet, sweet HP orbs?

How about all that money that’s just lying around, ripe for the taking?

It’s annoying to try to gather HP and other orbs while also trying to focus on the fight at hand. So why not have a ring do all the work for you?

Just like a magical Roomba, the Draw Ring will suck in any & all prize orbs around Sora. And I mean any!

With its ability Master Treasure Magnet, it doesn’t matter what distance the orbs are at, you’ll always get them.

This can be the difference between life and death in a tough situation or horde of Heartless.

It also comes with a nice stat bonus of +1 strength, +2 Magic, and +8 AP. As if it wasn’t already useful enough.

How to Get: Completing Photo Mission #10 will allow you to craft this ring using 3 Mythril Shards, 5 Pulsing Shards, 1 Betwixt Stone, and 1 Twilight Stone.


4. Skill Ring+

Skill Ring+ chest location in San Fransokyo / KH3

You’ve traveled pretty far along your journey and have gathered quite a bit of skills.

That old Expert’s Ring isn’t really cutting it anymore for AP. You need more.

And I think it’s time for an upgrade.

Introducing the Skill Ring+!

This handy ring will almost double the AP that comes with your previous Expert’s ring, giving you a whole +36 of new AP.

Topped with a +2 strength and +1 Magic boost, this is sure to help fill any equipment gaps in your repertoire.

How to Get: After gathering 18 different materials, you’ll be able to craft this ring with 2 Mythril Gems and 6 Lucid Gems. You can also find it in a chest in the North District in San Fransokyo.


3. Gourmand’s Ring

Gourmand's Ring from KH3 postcard

Kingdom Hearts 3 came with a new feature for this series – a fun yet absolutely terrifying feature.

Something even more dreadful than some of the super bosses.

That’s right… cooking.

Having to be extremely delicate when cracking eggs otherwise it’s all ruined and you don’t get the excellent bonus, and everything is ruined makes for quite the struggle.

Luckily, there’s a ring that has your back.

The Gourmand’s ring has decent stats, although nothing to spectacular with +1 Strength, +1 Magic, and +8 AP.

This ring’s true power comes from its special abilities.

The first ability is Chef Extraordinaire. This allows for excellent ratings to be achieved much easier when cooking.

No more spilling your whisked bowl or not getting double yolks.

It’s the perfect ability for someone trying to get all excellents for the trophy.

And the other ability here is Harvester, allowing you to gain an extra ingredient whenever you find one. After all, you can’t cook without food to use.

How to Get: The Gourmand’s Ring can be gotten after Le Grand Bistrot gets its first star (which happens after you get 4 excellent rated dishes). You can also test your luck by trying to get the ring from the mailbox using Prize Postcards.


2. Lucky Ring

Lucky Ring from KH3 postcard

Now that I’ve shown you all these fancy and useful rings, your next question is probably “How am I going to get all of the materials for these?”

Well, as I’ve said before, there’s a ring for that!

Put all of your material gathering worries aside with your very own Lucky Ring.

This handy little bell, if you haven’t figured out already, will increase the drop rate of items from enemies.

If you’re struggling to find that one last piece of Mythril then equip one (or even more) of these little guys to up the odds.

How to Get: You’ll have to test your luck first before getting this ring, as the only way to get it is through the Prize Postcard mailbox.


1. Cosmic Ring

Photo of Hercules State for Cosmic Ring / KH3

You’ve traveled far on your journey, encountered lots of foes, and learned many new skills.

Sadly, your old rings aren’t really cutting it in terms of AP boost, so you can’t use all of your newfound abilities – especially against the tougher enemies ahead.

If only there was a ring that had such an incredible amount of AP you’d wonder how you lived without it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the answer to all your problems: The Cosmic Ring!

This calls upon the powers stored within the cosmos to grant you not 40, not 50, not even 60, but +80 extra AP. That’s right, 80 extra AP. The big 8-0!

You’ll never find yourself needing more AP anymore… at least I hope.

Snag this and equip all of those abilities you want, and become the true keyblade master you were always meant to be.

How to Get: After completing Photo Mission #4, you’ll be able to craft with ring with 2 Mythril Crystals, 3 Lucid Gems, 3 Pulsing Gems, and 2 Hungry Gems.

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