Sora’s Best Abilities in Kingdom Hearts 2 (And 2.5 ReMIX)

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Abilities in Kingdom Hearts are vital to your growth as a player. Starting your journey with some basic hits and slashes, then ending your adventure with flashy and impressive combos, all depend on which abilities you learn and equip.

They’re definitely not something to sleep on.

Of course, which abilities you’d want to use all depends on your play style and build. Your personal favorite ability might not be on this list, as your playstyle and strategy could vary completely from someone else’s.

But hopefully this list will give some insight on several great abilities in KH2, to help you plan out what to do for your build, especially if this is your first time playing.

Just make sure you have enough AP!

Note: Sora obtains different abilities at different levels depending if you choose the sword, staff, or shield in the beginning. Check out this table for a handy guide.

And below I’ll be listing each ability with the levels you’d learn them, organized as numbers like this (1,2,3) ordered based on which item you pick in the beginning (sword, shield, staff).


20. Draw

Draw ability in KH 2.5 HD

Ever see lots of health and MP orbs floating in the distance, so close yet so far away?

Well this skill has your back.

Draw, as the name implies, draws in health, MP, and even Munny for easier collection.

Equipping two of this same ability also increases the distance, making Sora an orb vacuum!

How to get: Draw can be obtained in a variety of ways. You can either level Sora up to lvl (28, 47, 25), equip a draw ring, or use the Follow the Wind keyblade.


19. Scan

Scan enemy HP bar ability / KH2 Screenshot

Scan is one of those abilities that you want ASAP, and will always have equipped.

It allows you to see every enemy’s health bar, which is obviously a big help.

Especially later on when bosses have 10+ health bars. It’s relieving and sometimes satisfying to keep track and watch it drain.

You’ll wonder how you’d ever live without it.

How to get: You get this ability very early on, after defeating Axel for the first time in the sandlot.


18. Sliding Dash

Sliding Dash battle ability screenshot in KH2

Get up close and personal with this attack!

This ability lets you close in and attack a far away target, allowing you to quickly reach enemies without running up to them.

This, like many other abilities coming up in this ranking, will be essential to fighting the tougher bosses.

How to get: Defeating the Heartless in the Village Cave in the Land of Dragons grants you this skill. It also comes auto equipped with Limit Form.


17. Dodge Roll

Dodge Roll preview in KH2 Halloween Town

Being one of many helpful dodge moves, the Dodge Roll is one you’ll use quite often.

It’s also the same one you might remember from KH1.

And it’s the first growth ability on this list, meaning it’s an ability that gets stronger the higher you level up certain drive forms.

If you don’t have time to reflect, a quick roll could be the difference between life and death.

How to get: Leveling Limit form to lvl 3, then upgrading with lvl 5 and 7.


16. Magic Lock-on

Magic Lock-on Thundaga against Xemnas in KH2

Spells can be one of the hardest things to time correctly, deterring a lot of people away from them.

Instead of missing out on some really powerful magic, use Magic Lock-On!

It will automatically lock casted spells to a target, ensuring that they’ll strike.

This way you don’t have to worry about aim, and can quickly cast in the heat of the moment.

How to get: Sora will always get this ability at lvl 12.


15. Jackpot

Jackpot extra drops ability / KH2 HD Screenshot

So you solved the issue of orbs being too far away. But what happens when there just isn’t enough?

Well, you just hit the Jackpot!

Jackpot increases the drop rate of various orbs if you’re in a pinch. It also lets more munny drop if you’re hurting for cash.

Get the whole gang on board with their own Jackpot abilities to increase your luck even more!

How to get: Sora gets Jackpot after leveling up to lvl (73, 36, 44) or by using Wishing Lamp.


14. Vicinity Break

Vicinity Break ability in KH2

Do you find yourself in a pickle anytime you get surrounded by enemies?

Are you getting too overwhelmed and losing focus when there’s too much going on?

Well do I have an attack for you!

Vicinity Break attacks surrounding enemies with a strong spinning slash, clearing the area so you can get back into the fight with breathing room.

How to get: This ability is only available in 2.5 ReMIX, received after defeating the Hostile Program in Space Paranoids.


13. High Jump

High Jump ability in KH2

Not only is High Jump useful in combat, but it also provides extra mobility on the map.

This can help you get to other areas easier – and provides better leverage to initiate aerial combos.

Be on the lookout for chests that might have been seemingly impossible to get before.

A good high jump might be just what you need to get there.

How to get: Leveling Valor Form to lvl 3, then upgrading with lvl 5 and 7.


12. Aerial Dodge

Aerial Dodge ability in KH2

Sure, you can jump higher now. But the long fall back to earth leaves you completely vulnerable for incoming attacks.

Keep the flow of battle going by Aerial Dodging.

It functions as both a double jump and an opportunity to get out of any potential harm.

Equip this to add onto your array of defensive abilities to ensure you survive to see the next fight.

How to get: Leveling Master Form to lvl 3, then upgrading with lvl 5 and 7.


11. Aerial Recovery

Aerial Recovery ability in KH2

To complete the trifecta of in-air movement, we have Aerial Recovery.

Getting knocked around and beaten without a chance to recover is a thing of the past.

Once a swing gets you knocked out in the sky, you can quickly regain your senses with this ability and continue the fight.

This is going to become one of your most used abilities, as you get hit more and more with smaller room for errors.

How to get: Luckily, this useful ability is gotten early on after defeating the dusks at the Station of Serenity.


10. Guard Break

Guard Break KH2 HD Screenshot

Sora’s allowed to guard himself against attacks all he wants.

But once a boss starts to do it, now that’s just unfair.

Smash through their defenses and strike them where it hurts with Guard Break.

This ability functions as a combo attack that pierces through any shields or guard attacks that an enemy puts up, making it a very useful and tanky counter.

How to get: Rein victorious against the 1000 Heartless battle in Hollow Bastion.


9. Slapshot

Slapshot attack ability in KH2

Just because an ability sounds simple, doesn’t mean it’s not extremely useful.

Slapshot is a combo add-on that makes various attacks much faster, and increases the amount of hits too.

If you’re more of an up close and personal kind of player, then this skill is necessary to deal as many blows as you can before dodging attacks.

How to get: You gain this ability after your team up battle with Axel against the Nobodies. It also comes with Limit Form.


8. Combo Master

Combo Master battle screenshot in KH2

Speaking of rapid attacks, Combo Master is the final big upgrade to Sora’s combo chains.

Missing an attack no longer brings your combo to a halt.

If your keyblade slips, Sora will shake it off and continue his flurry of assaults.

This can be very helpful against an enemy that dodges or moves a lot during the fight.

How to get: This ability is your reward for defeating Roxas in the World that Never Was.


7. Retaliating Slash

Retaliating Slash ability from KH2

Is Aerial Recovery not enough to maintain composure after a boss’s 5th combo in a row?

Use Retaliating Slash to give your enemy a swift beating in return.

After getting knocked down, a simple press of square (or whatever the equivalent is on your controller) will regain your balance and begin to counterattack all in one go.

Don’t give the enemy a chance to breathe and let’s show him what’s for.

How to get: Defeat the Dark Thorn boss in Beasts Castle to gain this advantage. It also comes equipped with both Valor and Wisdom Form.


6. Second Chance

Second Chance battle screenshot in KH2

Making a single mistake during a boss fight can mean all the difference.

If you miss a dodge during a huge attack, it could be game over.

Second Chance is here to provide a little extra coverage against massive damage.

After getting struck with a single heavy attack, this skill ensures that you always remain with 1 HP, giving you the chance to survive and heal back up.

How to get: Sora gets second chance after leveling up to lvl (85, 49. 65).


5. Leaf Bracer

Leaf Bracer Curaga protection ability in KH2

Another great emergency ability is Leaf Bracer.

Because nothing sucks more than being one second away from healing, but the boss decides to slice you down the middle.

Using Leaf Bracer gives your healing a big boost – by letting you cast Cure/Cura/Curaga even if you get attacked.

No more will you have to plan the right time to cast cure; use it whenever you need!

How to get: Sora will always get this ability when he levels up to lvl 20.


4. Glide

Glide used in Cavern of Remembrance KH2

Remembering the pixie dust Peter Pan gave him, Sora takes flight!

Both fun to use in combat and on the field, Glide lets you… well, glide!

It can be used to dodge if your enemy uses ground attacks and doesn’t like to go in the air.

This is a growth ability too. So as you level up Final Form, your flight lasts longer.

If you get tired of backtracking through areas, this ability can add a little more speed to get you from point A to point B faster.

How to get: Leveling Final Form to lvl 3, then upgrading with lvl 5 and 7.


3. Once More

Once More ability menu KH2 screenshot

As you progress through the game, the bosses learn that heavy hits aren’t always the best strategy.

Taking a note from Sora, they learn that long and quick combos are where it’s at!

You can’t rely on Second Chance to keep you living through some combos, so it’s time for Once More to shine.

Once More is just like Second Chance, but for surviving combo attacks instead of one hit heavy hit.

Equip both to protect yourself in any situation.

How to get: Get Sora to lvl (47, 25, 28) to gain this advantage in battle.


2. Guard

Guard ability preview from KH2

Yep you read that right. One of the very first abilities you get in Kingdom Hearts 2 is arguably one of the most useful in the game.

You’re going to get nowhere, especially against boss fights, if you don’t learn to time and use your guards correctly.

Some attacks thrown at you can be hard, or even next to impossible to dodge.

So Guard is going to be your right-hand man.

Providing you with invincibility frames, this ability helps you defend yourself while giving you time to think of how to fight and counteract the boss you’re staring down.

This can be a lifesaver if you don’t have the best reflexes and need a moment before getting overwhelmed in a flashy fight.

How to get: You get the Guard Ability as early as defeating the Twilight Thorn on Day 3 of Twilight Town.


1. Counterguard

Counterguard ability screenshot in KH2

As if guard wasn’t helpful enough already, counterguard upgrades it to make it offensive as well!

Counterguard lets you perform a counterattack after a successful guard.

So that mean you no longer have to plan when to let down your defenses.

Instead you can strike back at any moment.

When fights get tight knit and any error can cost you, small bits of damage and counters can go a mile.

How to get: Just like Guard, you can get this ability decently early on after defeating Cerberus.

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