Where To Get Bright Gems in KH2 (And KH2.5)

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Bright Gems in Kingdom Hearts 2/2.5 have a chance to drop from Aerial Knockers in The Pride Lands, Magnum Loaders in Space Paranoids, and Surveillance Robots(Watchers) in Radiant Gardens/Port Royal/Space Paranoids.

But these gems have different uses depending which game you’re playing.

They’re mostly used to synthesize the Draw Rings and the Lucky Ring in KH2.5. But in the original KH2, these gems are used as an EXP boost modifier for synthesis.

These are also one of the most annoying items to farm.

But there’s two great farming locations:

In Pride Lands in the Jungle and Wasteland areas, you’ll find plenty of Aerial Knockers to defeat. Or you can go to Space Paranoids and go back & forth between the Solar Sailer room and the hallway outside. Here you’ll find a good amount of Magnum Loaders & Watchers to fight for drops.


Where To Get Bright Gems

Bright Gems can be dropped by quite a few Heartless from different worlds. So there’s a lot of places you can go to farm these.

But here’s the 3 heartless to focus on:

Aerial Knocker: These are the floaty heartless with boxing gloves on. Rough and tumble and ready to rumble, these boxers are always good to throw fists.

They have a 4% chance of dropped a Bright Gem, and can be found lurking throughout the Pride Lands in a few areas (mostly near/outside the Jungle save point).

Entering Jungle area in Pride Lands / KH 2.5 HD

In the Post game you can find quite a few in the Jungle area. That’s probably the best spot to farm these guys.

Magnum Loader: These are the one-wheeled heartless rolling around like they own the place. You’ll notice they come in many different colors, often driving like madmen all throughout Radiant Garden and Space Paranoids.

And if you manage to catch up to them & take them out, you have a 4% chance of a drop.

Note that the different colored Magnum Loaders all have the same drop rate for Bright Gems.

Red Magnum Loader Enemies in Space Paranoids / KH 2.5 HD

In post-game, your best chance to find these guys would be in the Dataspace and the Solar Sailer Simulation room. Head to Space Paranoids and land at the I/O Tower, then just head around taking out as many of these guys as you can.

Surveillance Robot: Ever feel like your being watched? That’s probably because a floating Surveillance Robot heartless is spying on you almost everywhere you go.

You’ll find these guys in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, Space Paranoids, and strangely, also in Port Royal.

You can dismantle them for a 3% Bright Gem drop chance, which is a bit lower than the other choices. But whether you’re farming 4% or 3% drops, getting Bright Gems is gonna be a lot of work.

Post-game locations for farming Surveillance Robots include the Restoration Site in Hollow Bastion, the Corridors, or the I/O Tower Hallway or Simulation Hangar in Space Paranoids.


Bright Gem Farming in KH2/KH2.5

The best way to farm these is probably to run through Space Paranoids taking out enemies, since there’s 2 different heartless that’ll drop Bright Gems in this world. And those heartless appear in multiple locations.

But if you’re not at the endgame yet and if you like fighting in Pride Lands as Lion Sora, you can hit the Forest & Wasteland areas (both are connected) to farm Aerial Knockers, and there’s plenty to go around.

Radiant Garden is another option – but the two locations above are probably your best bet for getting drops quicker.

Aerial Knockers in Jungle in Pride Lands World / KH 2.5 HD

Bright Gem Uses in KH2/KH2.5

Bright Gems are primarily used for crafting the Draw Rings and Lucky Ring, but only in KH2.5.

In the original KH2, they’re used as modifier items. So if you use them while crafting a recipe of the same rank in KH2, they’ll double the EXP given to the Moogle.

The Draw Ring is crafted from x1 Manifest Illusion, x3 Remembrance Shards, x3 Bright Gems, x5 Bright Stones, and x9 Bright Shards.

The Lucky Ring is the modified version of the Draw Ring, crafted with the same recipe and an added x1 Serenity Crystal from a LV3 Moogle.

Collecting all Bright Materials in KH2 will reward you with a Defense Boost.

Aerial Knockers in Wasteland in Pride Lands World / KH 2.5 HD

Are These Worth Farming?

Although Bright Gems are only used in two recipes in KH2.5, both of the recipes give you items that are extremely helpful in many situations.

The Draw Ring lets you gather in nearby orbs instead of running to collect them, and the Lucky Ring gives you quite the drop rate boost while gathering other synthesis items and drops.

In fact, getting multiple Lucky Rings equipped will help you while farming other items too.

It’s up to you to decide if you want these rings, and how many you want. But I would highly recommend at the very least getting one of each ring for Sora.

It takes x3 Bright Gems for each recipe, so farming them would be ideal up to that point.

If you’re playing the original KH2, then farming would also benefit you, since the EXP boost you get from using these in recipes will level up your Moogle quickly & get you access to many more recipes earlier on.

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