How Do You Farm Serenity Gems in KH2.5?

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The best way to farm Serenity Gems is by fighting Mad Bumpers in the Cave of Remembrance: Depths.

The Cave of Remembrance entrance is located in Radiant Garden’s Postern area. It’s straight ahead of the save point.

But you’ll be really grinding for these, because the base drop rate of Serenity Gems is 4%. Although the Lucky Lucky ability helps a lot when farming, so don’t forget to equip that if possible.

You’ll need 17 Serenity Gems in total to make one of everything that requires them.


Efficient Farming

The Entrance to the Cave of Remembrance / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
The Entrance to the Cave of Remembrance

Much like all the other Serenity items, the Gems have an exceptionally low drop rate.

Without help from Lucky abilities, you’re looking at a 4% chance of one dropping. It’s a chance so low that even with a bunch of Lucky help, you’re not going to get above a 25% drop rate.

Setting up a farming route is easy:

Enter the Depths, clear it out, and then leave to the save point to reset.

Note: the Cave of Remembrance is tough. If you’re low-level, expect a good fight. This area is best saved until you’re level 50+ and have better equipment.

Fighting Mad Bumpers can also be tricky.

They become invincible when they start peeling out, so either stay in the air until they stop, or start spamming Reflect spells to both protect yourself as well as damage them.


Serenity Gem Uses

Upgrading using a Serenity Gem / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
Upgrading using a Serenity Gem

Just like the other Serenity Items, the Gems are used to upgrade recipe results.

For example, adding a Serenity Gem when making an Elixir turns it into a Megalixir. Or a Petite Ribbon turns into a Ribbon – which is a great upgrade & well worth the farm.

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