KH 2.5: Where To Get & Farm Lightning Shards

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Lightning Shards are a synthesis ingredient that’s dropped by the Bolt Tower and Rapid Thruster Heartless in both games (KH2 and KH2.5). But the Bolt Tower has a higher chance of a drop at 10% for each one you defeat.

There are also some chests that have lightning shards in them, although these can only be opened once, so they’re not great for farming more.

But for uses in-game, these shards are only used to craft Drive/High Drive Recoveries, and the Thundaga/Thundagun Trinkets.


How To Farm Lightning Shards

Lighting Shards can be dropped by one of the following Heartless:


Bolt Tower

It’s hard to miss these bulky Heartless towering overhead. They’ll have a 10% chance to drop a Shard when you beat them, and they can be found in The Land of Dragons (Imperial Square), Disney Castle, and the Pride Lands (Savannah).

The easiest locations to farm these would probably be in the Imperial Square, since it’s so open and near a save spot. But Disney Castle or Pride Lands can be great choices too.


Rapid Thruster

This speedy little boy has a 4% chance to drop a Lightning Shard. So it’s definitely not as high, but these things can be easier to defeat too.

They can be found swarming in The Land of Dragons (Checkpoint, Village Cave, Ridge, Summit), Port Royal (Seadrift Row, Seadrift Keep), Agrabah (Sandswept Ruins), and the Pride Lands (Peak, Jungle).

Rapid Thrusters in KH 2.5 Pride Lands

Treasure Chests

It’s also worth checking your opened chests in each world too – because a couple out there have some Lightning Shards in them.

Because Lightning Shards can also be found in chests located on the Mountain Trail in the Land of Dragons, and in the Hinterlands in Halloween Town.


Lightning Shard Uses

Since this is a synthesis item, these shards are really just used for synthesizing things.

And here’s what you can make:

Drive Recovery: This item replenishes 1 Drive Gauge outside of combat in KH2, but in KH2.5 it replenishes 3 Drive Gauges. It can be crafted with x3 Mythril Shards, x3 Dark Shards, x1 Frost Shard, and x1 Lightning Shard.

High Drive Recovery: This is the upgrade to the Drive Recovery, now replenishing 3 Drive Gauges outside of combat in KH2, and fully replenishing your entire Drive Gauge in KH2.5. You can synthesize one of these using the same recipe as the Drive Recovery, but with an added Serenity Shard.

Thundaga Trinket: This accessory will provide you with +3 Defense and +20% Thunder Resistance. You can make it with x5 Mythril Shards, x1 Lightning Stone, and x1 Lightning Shard.

Thundagun Trinket: The upgrade to the Thundaga Trinket, now providing 25% resistance to Thunder. It has the same recipe as before, but with a Serenity Shard added into the mix.


Are These Worth Farming?

I wouldn’t recommend farming Lightning Shards unless you desperately need protection against Thunder attacks or Drive Recovery.

The Drive Recovery can be more useful in some circumstances. But since it can only be used outside of combat, it can be tricky to figure out a good time to use it.

I’d say to only farm this shard in preparation for boss fights if you like using Drive Forms.

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