The 11 Most Fun Support Champions in League of Legends

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Plenty of people play League solely for the climb.

They pick their champions based on how strong they are in the meta, and how easy they are to carry games with.

But if you’re a “filthy casual” like me, the deciding factor probably isn’t how “OP” the champions are.

Rather, it’s how fun their kit and playstyle are.

Luckily you won’t have to spend dozens upon dozens of games figuring out which supports are the “God tier” of fun – I’ve done all the hard work for you.


11. Zilean

Zilean LoL gameplay screenshot
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‘Aight. Zilean isn’t winning any points in the “snazzy abilities” contest, and his animations are fairly clunky.

But this old man still has one trick up his sleeve – besides his glorious, entrancing beard – that makes him pretty fun.

That trick is (cue drumroll)…

His “chronoshift” ability.

Chronoshift literally gives Zilean a second shot at life; if he’s killed when his ult is up, he’ll revive with most of his health back.

So yup, you can make the enemy waste their time, effort, and flashy combos, and then simply press R – a total power move that will almost certainly leave the opponent perma-tilted.

You truly can’t Killean the Zilean.


10. Yuumi

Yuumi Support Champion LoL
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Okay, before you start clacking away on your keyboard to tell me why Yuumi is the most boring support ever – hear me out.

Sure. Yuumi might not have the most exciting kit.

She might not have the ability to pull off flashy outplays like Thresh or Rakan.

But she does have a few things that set her apart from the rest, and things that score her top marks on the fun scale.

She has the ability to turn any champion she wants into her own personal taxi, as well as the power to transform a fed player into an undefeatable battle boss.

Plus there’s just something utterly satisfying about weaving your Q through minions to harass the enemy to half health, all while looking like an adorable feline.

While her playstyle certainly won’t appeal to everyone, in my eyes, Yuumi is puurfect.


9. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank LoL gameplay
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This overly-large hunk of metal is another champ that doesn’t have much going for him (sorry Blitz).

He doesn’t exactly offer flashy gameplay, nor does he have an exciting aesthetic.

But what he does offer?

The most hilarious ability in the game: “rocket grab,” aka, the dreaded hook.

His hook – which has a 1150 range and painfully wide hit box – doesn’t just have the power to catch out enemies.

It also has the power to make them rage quit.

Put simply, if destroying your opponent’s fun is your idea of fun, Blitzcrank is the perfect champion for you.


8. Shaco

Shaco LoL gameplay screenshot
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Or if binge-watching pranks is your guilty pleasure & your definition of fun, Shaco will be right up your alley.

He’s the ultimate trickster.

And his playstyle is all about confusing the opponent into submission.

He can send out decoys of himself, hide in the shadows with invisibility, and shut down his opponents before they even realize where he is.

Basically Pennywise 2.0.


7. Zyra

Zyra Support Champion LoL
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Zyra might not be the most popular champion out there.

But she’s definitely one of the most fun aggressive supports to play in League.

This is thanks to her trusty plants, her harass is phenomenal, and she can even root her enemies (ba dum tss) to allow her ADC to easily land poke too.

To be a true carry on this champion, you also need to be strategic – so if you’re looking for some brain-challenging fun?

Zyra’s a great pick.


6. Vel’Koz

Vel’Koz LoL gameplay
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Vel’Koz is a damage-dealing support with a kit that’s a tsunami of fun.

He has a giant laser beam – ahem, life form disintegration ray – that can chunk his opponents’ health down, and a “tectonic” knock up that feels so satisfying to land.

His Q (plasma fission) also turns the lane into a mechanical mini-game; it takes dedication and mechanical prowess to master this ability, but when you manage to land a sneaky Q through a minion wave?

Totally thrilling.

And let’s be real:

Who wouldn’t want to play as a laser beam-shooting bundle of tentacles that swears death to all those it sees?


5. Senna

Senna Support Champion LoL
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Senna is without a doubt the most fun support for ADC mains, and it’s not hard to imagine why:

She’s the first marksman support, and can effortlessly take on the role of ADC.

But even if you’re not an ADC main, Senna still makes for a fun champion.

Her W ability, which shrouds her and those around her in a black mist, is visually stunning, and makes it easy to collapse on your opponent as well as pull off flashy saves.

Her Q also gives her lots of versatility, since she can use it to heal or deal hefty damage.

Best of all though?

Her ultimate is a giant global missile that can blast her enemies to smithereens.

Pure badassery.


4. Pyke

Pyke. LoL gameplay screenshot
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Clocking in at number 4 is Pyke, the bloodharbor ripper.

Pyke is an assassin type support equipped with hard-hitting damage, CC, stealth, and phenomenal roaming potential.

Put simply, he’s the perfect champion for those who love aggression, jump-scaring the enemy, and proving to their ADC that supports are the #truecarries.

His “death from below” ultimate also allows him to execute low-health enemies, and share the gold with his allies.

So yep, you can steal all your ADC’s kills guilt-free!


3. Rakan

Rakan LoL gameplay
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M’kay. Full disclosure:

I’m a Rakan main, so I might be a lil biased.

But honestly, even if I didn’t play Rakan I would still put him at the no.3 spot.

Rakan, the charmer, is a support literally designed to be as fun as possible.

He dances around his opponents, can dash in and out as he pleases, and he has incredible playmaking potential.

Even his personality is all about being charming and having fun with your opponent.

As Rakan himself says, “Ladies and gentleman, I am here to entertain! Myself, mostly – but you too!

He’s also the flashiest support champion there is.

His base skin is breathtakingly vibrant, and his ability animations are awe-worthy.


2. Bard

Bard Support Champion LoL
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Bard is a chime-collecting ball of adorableness that you just can’t help but love.

Considering his playful looks, it should come as no surprise that his kit is equally playful.

Bard literally allows you to turn the Rift into your own personal playground – as well as defy its rules.

Impenetrable walls?

Nope. He can zoom through them effortlessly thanks to his portal.

Turrets that aggro you whenever you get close?

Again, nope.

His ult lets him freeze them (and anyone on the map for that matter) into a zen-like gold statue.

Unsurprisingly, Bard even boasts great versatility:

He’s an excellent playmaker that can play defensively or aggressively.

Now that said, Bard can be pretty challenging to pick up.

But rest assured that once you’ve got to grips with his kit, this wandering caretaker will provide an endless amount of fun.


1. Thresh

Thresh LoL gameplay screenshot
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Coming out on top is none other than Thresh, the chain warden.

Thresh is without a doubt the most versatile champion in the game, and that’s exactly what makes him so much fun.

I can’t think of a single thing Thresh can’t do.

Engage and disengage safely? Check.

Peel and create picks effortlessly? Check.

Carry teamfights and destroy the souls of his enemies with a neverending amount of CC?

Check, check, and check.

He’s even been bestowed the ultimate power:

The ability to give inting teammates a second chance at life (aka, his lantern).

And with his sinister voice lines, scythe, and chains, it’s impossible not to feel like a badass when playing him.

Like Bard, Thresh is one of the most difficult supports to master.

Once mastered though?

This flayin’ spirit is sure to win over your heart (and soul).

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