Top 6 Most Fun Junglers in League of Legends

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Let’s be real: the jungle role can be traumatizing.

Your allies don’t appreciate you. Cute animals try to murder you.

And the enemy team are determined to steal everything you set your heart on.

It’s honestly not a surprise that jungle is currently the least played role in the game.

But to all you fellow masochists (ahem, jungle mains) out there, don’t give up yet.

There is a way to reclaim your love for the role:

Simply play as one of these fun junglers that are bound to leave you laughing, smiling, and fulfilled – no matter how much your allies flame you, and no matter if you win or lose your games.


6. Master Yi

Master Yi LoL gameplay screenshot
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Right. This is a pretty controversial opinion.

What could be so “fun” about a champion that literally just smashes his keyboard, and manages to get a pentakill?

Well, that’s exactly what makes him so fun!

You can carry games without having to dedicate blood, sweat, and tears to mastering his kit.

Plus you’ll definitely tilt the enemy team and force them to experience what junglers have to suffer through daily.

After all, there’s nothing more tilt-inducing, more harrowing, and more insufferable than a fed Master Yi.

“such an unskilled champ,” the enemy ADC whispers, as they go 0/10.

“completely broken ff,” the mid laner cries, as they die yet again to your blade.


5. Viego

Viego Jungler LoL
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Viego might have brought ruination to the whole of Runeterra, but I guarantee he’ll never ruin your fun.

In fact, the only thing he’ll be ruining is your opponent’s healthbar.

Jokes aside, Viego is an exceptionally flexible and versatile jungler. He has phenomenal sustain, high mobility, and a lengthy stun.

Viego can even camouflage himself, allowing you to toy with your foes as you please.

But what makes him truly worthy of this spot?

Well, the fact that he can literally transform into his opponents and use their abilities against them. A total power move.


4. Shaco

Shaco LoL gameplay
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Sure, Master Yi will let you dish out the pain, but Shaco will let you dish out trauma that makes your enemies never want to touch LoL again.

Considering he’s an evil jester, it’s no surprise that his kit is the epitome of sadistic fun.

You can torment your enemies with illusions, fear-inducing jack in the boxes, and healthbar-destroying damage.

Shaco can also pull off ganks insanely easy during the early game, thanks to his stealth and CC.

So yep, you can camp the enemy ADC and make them regret thinking they actually had a gamechanging role in the current meta.


3. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix Jungler LoL
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Kha’Zix, the Voidreaver, has everything you could ever want in an assassin: burst damage, stealth, CC, high mobility, and a slipperiness that makes him uncatchable.

He even has great camp clear, and his leap allows you to dip in and out of fights in mere seconds.

The most fun part of his kit, though?

That’s got to be his ultimate.

Every time Kha’Zix uses his ult, it evolves an ability of your choice, giving you entirely new ways to slaughter your enemies.


2. Ekko

Ekko LoL gameplay screenshot
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Next up is Ekko, the boy who shattered time.

Just like in Arcane, Ekko’s kit is all about outplaying the enemy with mobility; he can dive at the enemy, chunk their healthbar and “nope” out before they even have time to register his presence.

Plus, his Phase Dive ability allows him to dodge skillshots effortlessly, and he can hinder the enemies’ engages with his CC.

The ultimate is also downright hilarious – every time the enemy team wastes their flashy combos, ults, mana and damage on him, he can simply rewind time and regain all his health back.

The aftermath (and the flame in the chat) is pure comedy, and pure satisfaction.

Ekko is truly a fun jungler that’ll win you over no matter how long it takes (he’ll even spend an eternity trying to win you over if he has to!)


1. Lee Sin

Lee Sin LoL gameplay
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Nothing screams “fun” like a monk smashin’ and kickin’ his foes to smithereens with some kung fu moves.

Lee excels at virtually everything:

Hefty damage and sustain that keeps him alive throughout the game? Yep.

Phenomenal ganking potential during early game? Yep.

Gamechanging CC and the ability to disengage safely? You already know the answer!

He’s even compatible with tons of different playstyles, whether tanky or bruiser.

Plus, Lee Sin’s R is constantly evolving – players are always discovering new ways to utilize it, with the current faves being the iconic inSec kick and flash kick.

Now, Lee Sin isn’t an easy champion to pick up.

In fact, he has one of the highest skill caps in the game (if not the highest).

But to be honest, this really only adds to his value: you’ll never get bored of him since you’ll be learning new things each game.

Truly, Lee Sin isn’t just the god of kung fu and flying kicks. He’s also the god of fun too.

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