15 Best Songs From Monster Hunter: World’s OST

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Since the beginning of the Monster Hunter series, the soundtrack has always been key in crafting the most impressive experience possible.

Who could forget the first time they heard Proof of a Hero in the opening sequence for the first Monster Hunter? Such excitement!

Monster Hunter: World follows the footsteps of its predecessors in its efforts to be the most immersive game in the franchise.

The developers knew that a good song can make or break an area, a mission, or a boss fight, so they made great efforts to weave it into other aspects of the game.

The music in each area generally ties together all of its versions from the very beginning to the most intense fights, creating a seamless hunting experience that does wonders for the game as a whole.

Each song in the game’s soundtrack carries with it the memories of great hunts with friends or wandering souls from the game’s matchmaking system. To celebrate this game series and its composers I’ve put together a handful of the best songs from the MHW original soundtrack.


15. Poogie’s Great Delight (World Version)

The first entry in this list is much more about the memories than it is about the song itself(it is pretty short, after all).

Poogie’s Great Delight plays each time you play the petting mini-game with Poogie the pig, and we all know that’s the only reason we ever come back to Astera.

Poogie, along with this little jingle, have been in the franchise in one way or another since long ago.

And I love that they chose to include this short snippet of love in the OST.


14. Meeting a Friend

This theme plays during the character creation sequence of the game.

In most RPGs the moment you make your character is when the adventure truly starts, when you gain agency in the story. Same for Monster Hunter: World as well.

This song perfectly captures that feeling.

The world and a grand adventure lie before you, hunter.


13. Main Menu Theme

As its name suggests, this is the song that plays when the game lies in wait for you to “Press any button”.

Its slow, calm notes and ambient sounds evoke a feeling of anticipation and excitement for what’s to come, and it will stay for a long time after we’ve abandoned the New World.


12. Quest Failed

For a song that plays when you fail your objectives, this song doesn’t quite make you feel defeated… which is great considering you’ll be hearing this one a lot during your adventure.

After listening to it a couple of times I realized it’s actually a pretty good ambient track!

Great for listening while you do homework or something.


11. Dancer in the Coral Highlands

This amazing song really makes you feel the tension without letting go of the fantasy undertones the soundtrack has carried around the whole area.

I give it bonus points for managing to make a fight against the flying marshmallow Paolumu feel just as intense as hunting Legiana!


10. Torn from the Heavens – Behemoth Theme

This song is not actually in the game’s OST, but I had to make a tiny exception for how special it is.

It’s the theme for the battle against the incredibly powerful Behemoth, a monster imported straight from the Final Fantasy franchise along with this song.

It’s pretty different from the rest of the soundtrack without being of a lower quality by any means.

For sure an epic track for the hardest fight in the game so far.


9. Pride of a Nameless Hunter

This song was first heard in the Elder Dragons trailer for the game, released in January 2018.

After the game’s release most fans were left scratching their heads as to where the song could be heard in-game.

Eventually it was found in the Arena challenge “The Best of the Best” where you’re tasked with slaying Kushala Daora, Teostra and Nergigante, a feat sure to bring pride to any hunter, nameless or not.

Not only is it a great song in and of itself, it also includes a flute version of Proof of a Hero, a fact that’s made it into one of the community’s favorites.


8. Cornerstone of the New World / Astera

This song has to be one of the best hub themes in the franchise so far.

It’s upbeat and motivating, and really evokes the idea of a makeshift settlement full of activity and people tirelessly working, each in their own way, to conquer the challenges the New World has in store for the Research Commission.

I’m quite thankful for the effort put into this song given the amount of time the average hunter will spend on Astera during their travels.


7. Forces of Land and Life

The Elder Dragons are basically nature made flesh.

They represent different aspects of it.

New life, nurturing land, destruction and strife… it’s only logical that the song for big battles in the Elder’s Recess is called Forces of Land and Life.

This song is somewhat different from the rest of the soundtrack, with vibes reminiscent of games like the Souls series.

The composer went out of his way to make the player feel that he was dealing with something almost beyond human understanding, something sublime, and the result is excellent.


6. Proof of a Hero (MHW Version)

Kang’s rendition of the classic Monster Hunter theme is nothing short of epic.

It’s much more nuanced and complex than previous versions, and it successfully carries with it the weight of an entire franchise.

This is the song every veteran monster hunter was expecting to hear the whole game.

Regrettably, what it gains in quality and complexity in MHW it loses in intensity. Not quite reaching the energy that would inspire players to risk life and limb in the name of heroism in previous games.

Although it’s undeniably a great song, this lack of power may be a slight disappointment for many fans.


5. Murmurs from the Land Forbidden

On the other side of the spectrum we have a fan favorite, best known as Odogaron’s battle theme.

It’s an epic and inspiring song that perfectly accompanies the fight from start to finish.

Especially at the beginning, it creates a feeling of expectation as the hunter and the hunted measure each other before jumping into the fray that’ll determine who lives and who dies.

Still, the question remains.

Are you the hunter, or the hunted?


4. Even Elder Dragons Tremble / Nergigante

If we’re talking about fitting themes for epic fights, few match what Nergigante’s battle theme achieves.

It’s an intense song that keeps tensions constantly high. As they should be when facing the Eater of Elders, strife incarnate.

Both the violins and trumpets are flawless and really make it feel like a duel between two hunters taking place.

An amazing and unique theme that really does justice to this dangerous beast.


3. Rulers of the Wildspire: The Chase

Although the whole arrangement for the Wildspire Waste is a fan favorite, The Chase is simply on another level.

You only ever get to hear it for short periods of time which may keep you from noticing how perfectly the drums match your speeding heartbeat when you’re chasing after a Barroth or a Diablos.

But if there’s ever a moment to feel like an actual hunter, it’s with this song playing in the background.


2. Stars at our Backs / Main Theme

The moment right after clearing a game will always be moving.

The credits roll as you sit there taking it all in, reminiscing about your adventure and how you went from a silly kid with a sword and a shield to a true monster hunter capable of bringing down Elder Dragons.

Here the composer did an amazing job at creating a song that encapsulates this feeling and drives home just how epic the quest of the Fifth Fleet and those who came before them to conquer the New World is, leaving everything behind in search of adventure.


1. The Invading Tyrant / Bazelgeuse

Monster Hunter has always been a game about scale. About the struggle of man against forces far beyond his reach.

The theme song for Bazelgeuse is one that really makes you feel this divide.

It’s so epic, it’s hard to put into words.

From the first note it gets your adrenaline pumping.

It’s high paced and ideal for a fight against a powerful being where everything is on the line. Almost regrettable that this isn’t the song for the final boss of the game because it could fit so well.

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