The Best Cowboy-Style Skins For Minecraft

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Who doesn’t love the aesthetics of the Wild West?

From Wild West films to games to real-world history, the West has always captivated us. And there’s no exception even in Minecraft.

If you’ve been tending to your endlessly expanding barn-full of cows and thought to yourself, “I might as well get a skin to match,” you’re in luck.

We’ve collected some awesome Cowboy (and cowgirl) skins, ready & raring to go.


1. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood / Minecraft Skin

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Of the people to have dominated the Western genre, I’d say there’s no bigger name than Clint Eastwood.

There’s no doubting his greatness, from his dozens of cowboy roles, to just how iconic he looks in most of them. He’s an icon.

So it’s no surprise that this Clint Eastwood tribute skin by 2L8 looks so darn good.

Between the poncho, the holsters on his hip, and his lit cigar with a couple tufts of smoke lifting off it, this is the template for gunslinging cowboys everywhere.


2. Dallas Cowboy

Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo Design / Minecraft Skin

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Ask anyone from Texas what they think about cowboys, I can almost guarantee they won’t be talking about the fellas in chaps herding cattle.

Chances are, they’ll be talking about “America’s team,” the blue-and-white wearing Dallas Cowboys.

While this skin has the number of a player who’s no longer with the Cowboys (Tony Romo), it still depicts that iconic uniform in its full grandeur.

From the cleats on his feet to the blue star adorning his helmet, this design will have you asking the nearest dozen people around, “how ‘bout them Cowboys?”


3. Cyborg Cowboy

Cyborg Cowboy Character / Minecraft Skin

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The beauty of a cowboy, in my opinion, is how versatile the idea is.

The aesthetic works so ubiquitously across all areas: from Wild West aesthetics to futuristic worlds.

And this Cyborg Cowboy skin does it all.

You get the blend of futurism and old Americana to create a unique and somehow synchronous look.

It’s almost split down the middle with one half looking like a cattle-rearing ranchhand, and one-half being full Terminator. But this skin nails the sheer coolness that cowboys inspire.


4. Cowboy Garfield

Cowboy Garfield / Minecraft Skin

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Speaking of cool, no one has as much laid-back swagger as the lasagna-loving feline known only as Garfield.

Take that coy smile and slap him in a gallon hat and a poncho, and you’ve got yourself everything that’s great about Minecraft skins.

This one’s hilarious, creative, yet also somehow beautifully executed down to the leather holster on Garfield’s hip.

I can’t give this enough credit.


5. The Cowboy

General Classic Cowboy / Minecraft Skin

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If you’re not looking for gag jokes or pop culture references, but simply want the tried-and-true cattle herding experience, well here’s the skin for you.

Equipped with the prerequisite vest and red bandana, this blocky character spends their days gathering loose pieces of wheat to herd their cows with.

In all seriousness though, this is a classic old-Western cowboy that looks great, and would have you feeling great on horseback in your survival world.


6. Jessie (Toy Story)

Jessie Cowgirl from Toy Story 2 / Minecraft Skin

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When you think of animated cowboys, it’s fair to assume that Woody may come to mind first.

Yet I’d argue that Jessie from Toy Story is the much cooler ranchhand, and certainly the better skin.

In this design she’s dripping in charisma, and has one heck of an outfit to boot.

With this Jessie skin you’ll get amazing cowhide pants, tons of detail on her Western shirt, and her iconic red ponytail going down her back.


7. Zombie Cowboy

Zombie Cowboy Character / Minecraft Skin

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It’s scary enough to see hordes of zombies approaching your base clad in sparkling enchanted gold and mail armor…

So what happens when those zombies have taken your favorite Western garb and decided to fancy themselves up in it?

All before beating down your door to devour your brains, of course.

Well thankfully, you get to be the one dressing up with this zombie crossover skin.

Your new zombie creature not only has colorful deep red sleeves with a blue bandana around its neck, but it’s also a straight-up zombie.

I can’t promise that you’ll blend into the hordes of mobs, or that they won’t attack you.

But I can say you’ll look awfully cool slicing them down, diamond sword in hand.


8. McCree (Overwatch)

McCree from Overwatch / Minecraft Skin

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If you find yourself in the open terrain, walking under the blazing sun in your favorite Wild West town, the last thing you want to hear is the dreaded phrase, “it’s high noon.”

In Overwatch, you’d wanna duck for cover before you meet an early grave.

But in Minecraft, you’re just looking dapper dressed as McCree.

And this has all the fine tunings you’d want from a custom design, including the poncho-turned cape and the bionic arm.

The only thing left for you to do is get into PvP and utter those dreaded words to someone else.


9. Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill Character / Minecraft Skin

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Among the most well-known names in cowboydom is that of Buffalo Bill.

If you’re anything like me, you were more than disappointed when you discovered Buffalo Bill was a person and not, well, a buffalo.

Yet again, the Minecraft gods come to my rescue.

Actually, it’s creator Althestane who’s rescuing us with this literal Buffalo Bill skin.

This has some of the best detailing done on cowboy clothing of any MC skin I’ve seen. And on top of that, inside the clothing, is an actual Buffalo.

It’s pure genius.


10. John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption / Minecraft Skin

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Perhaps being responsible for the rise of cowboys in popular modern media, John Marston from Red Dead Redemption is really a top choice from this list.

Just looking at this skin, you’ll be sure to hear the horns of his theme music playing, with images of snowy mountains and dry desert plains flashing across your eyes.

With a shotgun on his back and black gloves on his hands, this design captures all the troubled outlaw essence of John Marston.

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