Best Minecraft Elf Skins For Elven Characters (Guys + Girls)

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Between the resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons, and the widespread acclaim of huge series like the Lord of the Rings, there has never been a better time for the fantasy genre.

With fantasy’s popularity at an all-time high, you may be looking to dive into your own fantastic realms of epic trials and grande adventure inside Minecraft.

And there’s no better way to go after that journey than with the most fantasy of all fantasy skins: the elf.

The long-eared staples of the genre are as fun as fantasy races come. And lucky for you, they’ve managed to weasel their way into the world of Minecraft.


1. Elven Diamond Princess

Elf with Diamond and Blue Dress / Minecraft Skin

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When you think of elves, chances are you think about their regality, their nobility, their grace.

So it makes sense that this Elven Diamond Princess skin has received so much acclaim.

With matching crystalline blue gown, eyes, and tiara, this skin screams flawless elegance in a way that can only be encapsulated by elven standards.


2. Oran the Traveling Farmer

White-haired farmer male elf / Minecraft Skin

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This white-haired elf is a piece of original content from skin maker cheyko, meaning the skin has an attached backstory: something we always love to see in the realm of fantasy.

The once-wealthy fellow renounced his worldly possessions to live a life of wandering and farming.

Not only does this skin have a cute backstory, but it also looks incredible.

His earthen-toned medieval garb is punctuated by a produce basket which he carries on his back.

So go forth into your server with elven hospitality as a wanderer, breaking bread or cooked porkchop with stranger and friend alike.


3. Tavern Elf

Black Hair Tavern Elf / Minecraft Skin

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Skin creator Frogaust presents this detailed monument of a fantasy skin.

Draped in the attire of a medieval tavern maid, this skin has so much detailing, from the exquisite layers to the old-timey dyed clothing…

It would fit seamlessly into any Renaissance fair on its own.

Or you know, your next Minecraft survival world. Either works!


4. Legolas

Legolas Character / Minecraft Skin

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When it comes to the worlds of fantasy, it’s near impossible to find an elf more iconic and renowned than Legolas.

Between the books, the movies, and Orlando Bloom, Legolas has one of the most recognizable figures in the LOTR.

This skin by creator a blue car manages to capture it perfectly.

From the flowing blonde hair and stark eyebrows, down to the earthen green leathers, this Legolas skin is instantly recognizable.


5. Elven Alchemist

Tall Male Elf Alchemist / Minecraft Skin

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It’s always fun when creators like Rakqoi get creative with their skin concepts like this Elven Alchemist.

A tinkerer at heart, the Elven Alchemist experiments with different concoctions to develop potions of various effects – hoping one day to master his craft.

Beyond the skin’s backstory though, it just looks great, blending medieval fantasy with a Victorian adventurer’s garb.

So what are you waiting for?

Nab this skin, fire up your brewing stand, and get your favorite potions bubbling away!


6. Elven Priestess

Elf Priestess with Brunette Hair / Minecraft Skin

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The mystical nature of elves distinguishes them from other fantasy races.

That supernatural air that surrounds them is hard to describe, but is captured flawlessly in SerenityOnyx’s Elven Priestess skin.

Adorned in the garb of an ancient Greek oracle or something similar, this skin exudes mysticism and class, while highlighting the pointy-eared nature of the elf.

There’s just something so fitting about the nature of this design. Give it a try and see what you think.


7. Elf Warrior

Male Elf Warrior with Brown Hair / Minecraft Skin

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While elves are known for their lithe nature and dignified demeanors, this does not mean they’re weak on the battlefield.

Far from it! And this warrior skin by creator Waffle Penguin captures all of the classic elven aesthetics, but focuses them into battle-ready armor.

The iconic greens and golds mingle with dazzling white chainmail to form this customized elven suit of armor (all tied to the skin, of course).

When your skin has both form and function like this one, you’re sure to have some good fortune on the battlefield.


8. Female High Elf

Female High Elf Character / Minecraft Skin

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While most of these skins play into the color palettes and ideas of a grounded medieval fantasy, this skin by Katiesc cranks up the fantasy as high as possible.

Because this female high elf wears robes similar to those of Ancient Greece or Rome.

However, the ethereal blues of the design make this elf look mystical, almost like a goddess.

It makes sense for a skin that cranks up the fantasy elements, its ears are also the largest and pointiest, extending well beyond her head.

But in all seriousness, this skin radiates coolness and magic. I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend this high elf to be as high as they come.


9. Santa’s Elf (Female)

Blonde Female Elf with Santa Hat / Minecraft Skin

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I’ve been touting the praises of fantasy elves for so long that I’ve nearly forgotten the more holiday-oriented elves of the world.

Thankfully, creator Felinka didn’t forget about them.

And their Santa’s Elf skin design contains all the holiday cheer these Minecraft pixels can muster.

The skin’s colors, the Santa hat, the candy cane on her back, everything is so loaded with Christmas cheer… it’s bound to get you aching for the holiday spirit.


10. Mystical Messenger

Detailed Mystical Messenger Elf / Minecraft Skin

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Skin maker Wildflowers brings us this highly-detailed male elf design.

While the Mystical Messenger utilizes an unusual color palette of middling blues and warm purples leaning into reds, the skin has a remarkable uniqueness to it.

It somehow perfectly represents a medieval messenger – but also rides the line between that, and something more futuristic.

Regardless of the skin’s supposed time period, the real marvel is the amount of detail somehow forced into this design.

The scarf, the buckle, and the parcel bag on the back all look remarkable, and they work together to create a skin that’s completely unique.

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