Fairy Tail Minecraft Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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Every year, dozens of anime and manga get released, but only a few manage to hook a worldwide audience.

Fairy Tail is one of the lucky few series to achieve global popularity thanks to its diverse cast of characters and magical setting.

The story follows the adventures of Fairy Tail guild members as they complete missions and face off against other malevolent guilds together.

Conjure wizards, mages, and dragons into Minecraft – all thanks to these awesome Fairy Tail skins.


1. Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel Skin For Minecraft

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We’re kicking off this list with none other than the series’ protagonist: Natsu Dragneel.

Natsu has a rare kind of power called Dragon Slayer Magic bestowed upon him by the Fire Dragon King, Igneel.

With that kind of firepower, Natsu delivered some of the most badass moments and fight scenes in the whole series.

Transform into a mighty Dragon Slayer with this skin by iMINERu, which also comes with thicker-than-steel plot armor.


2. Zeref

Zeref Minecraft Skin

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Every anime/manga series needs a complex antagonist, and that’s the role Zeref was given to play.

Zeref is the Voldemort of the Fairy Tail universe as he was also considered the most evil mage in history.

But behind this malicious title is a tragic backstory that would have you do a double-take on judging villains too early.

Get The Black Wizard in your own backyard, all thanks to designer peachypotato.


3. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia Skin For Minecraft

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Every shounen MC needs a squad of tough and reliable teammates, and Lucy just so happens to be one of them.

She’s a Celestial Spirit Mage who holds ten of the twelve Gold Keys, each housing a powerful Celestial Spirit based on the astrological signs.

There are more powerful mages than Lucy. But I got to hand it to her for being able to summon the strongest spirit: the Celestial Spirit King.

This design consists of a sleeveless blue top, white mini skirt, and brown skirt.


4. Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster Minecraft Skin

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Fairy Tail’s resident ice mage is part of Team Natsu and is known for his distinct habit of stripping.

While his topless tendencies offer some comic relief, this doesn’t downplay his strength as a mage.

Bare your character to the elements by copying Gray’s half-naked ensemble.


5. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet Skin For Minecraft

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To be regarded as an S-Class mage in the most powerful guild in the Kingdom of Fiore is something you’d naturally want to brag about.

Knowing Erza Scarlet, though, she’d rather show what she got by fighting enemies head-on.

Nicknamed “Titania,” Erza is famed for her mastery over Requip.

This enables her to use over 100 different armors, each having their own abilities that fit any kind of battle.

Pair that with her renown as a top-tier swordsman, and her enemies don’t stand a chance.

Don one of Erza’s many armors, the Heart Kreuz Armor, courtesy of skin creator Kirigiri.


6. Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell Minecraft Skin

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At only twelve years old, Wendy Marvell was able to fully utilize her Sky Dragon Slayer Magic.

This magic type turns Wendy into a great support mage as her abilities include healing others and boosting their natural parameters.

Her enchantments have given Fairy Tail mages massive advantages over their enemies, making Wendy a crucial member of the guild.


7. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane Strauss Skin For Minecraft

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When I first saw Mirajane in the series, I didn’t expect her to be an S-Class mage of Fairy Tail.

How was the guild bartender one of the strongest mages in Fiore?

It seems Mirajane was able to control Demons and even take the form of one via Take Over.

For someone so angelic-looking, her Satan Soul forms can cause great destruction to her surroundings and unfortunate opponents.


8. Mavis Vermillion

Mavis Vermillion Minecraft Skin

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Most of the story’s plot twists involved revelations around Zeref, including how he was in love with Mavis Vermillion, the first Guild Master of Fairy Tail.

Their love story almost beats Romeo and Juliet: cursed by a god to live forever while uncontrollably killing everything they touch.

Mavis would then be accidentally killed by Zeref, resulting in her body being encased in Lacrima and transforming into the most powerful weapon of Fairy Tail: Fairy Heart.

And now you can become the object of desire of every mage by turning into Mavis Vermillion (in Minecraft).


9. Irene Belserion

Irene Belserion Skin For Minecraft

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Irene Belserion came late into the series, but her impact literally changed the world.

To start, she managed to reorganize the geography of Fiore, fend off Acnologia, and was revealed to be the mother of Erza.

To add to her shocking accomplishments, she was also the progenitor of Dragon Slayer Magic four hundred years before the start of the series.

It makes my head spin just thinking about how OP Irene is – what else do you think she could achieve?


10. Acnologia

Acnologia Minecraft Skin

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Acnologia is the most powerful being in the whole Fairy Tail universe – even Zeref can’t defeat him without Fairy Heart.

He was virtually indestructible and was defeated only because the plot demanded it to end the series.

God Serena, Igneel, and a whole freaking island couldn’t survive this apocalyptic antagonist.

In all that I’ve watched and read, Acnologia may even be one of the strongest villains across all of anime and manga.

This skin is destruction personified, brought to you by Acnologia184r.

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