Best Halo Skins For Minecraft: The Ultimate List

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The Halo series gets a lot of attention with frequent game releases – and might I say, it’s well-deserved.

As far as video games go, the series is quite old now. So it’s easy to forget that it essentially launched the modern age of gaming from multiplayer live to the popularity of the first-person shooter.

Halo took over the gaming culture in the 2000’s, and I say it deserves even more crossovers with other games.

No one can look at Master Chief and say that isn’t a cool character.

So let’s explore some of the coolest Halo-themed skins that the Minecraft community has managed to create.


1. Master Chief

Master Chief Skin For Minecraft (from Halo 4)

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Obviously, if we’re talking Halo, I’m going to start with Master Chief himself.

This enigmatic Spartan sparked a whole wave of gaming, all while hardly saying a word.

Skin creator AinzOoalGown perfectly captures all of the pristine power the Master Chief Spartan suit has exuded for the past twenty years.

There’s an argument to be made that, within all of gaming, there’s no symbol more iconic than Master Chief’s helmet.

With that kind of prestige, how could anyone not want this skin?


2. Red Spartan

Red Spartan Minecraft Skin

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Just the sight of a Red Spartan like this skin by creator imlynxy sends me way back.

For those in the know, Halo’s insane popularity not only helped create the waves of first-person shooters still around today – but it created cultural monoliths like the RoosterTeeth series Red vs. Blue.

That webseries started way back in 2003.

To put it in perspective, the series now has 18 seasons (and counting) and has made its way onto streaming services like Netflix.


3. Blue Spartan

Blue Spartan Skin For Minecraft

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The success of Halo and Red vs. Blue has shaped plenty of people’s youths, including my own.

If you’re anything like me, then you’re definitely a Blue Spartan guy.

I don’t mean to discredit Red or even throw shade on any of the other characters from the Halo franchise…

But if we’re all being honest, there’s a reason why blue is almost everyone’s favorite color. ‘Tis plainly superior.

One look at this Blue Spartan should show that clear as day.


4. Agent Locke

Agent Locke Minecraft Skin

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The Spartan designs helped skyrocket Halo into the pinnacle of gaming culture. Because, well, they look cool.

However, the bulky armor suits of the original Master Chief and Halo Spartans couldn’t always stand up to time. So Halo Infinite saw characters like Agent Locke with sleek, upgraded, and frankly cooler suits.

I mean it, too.

The streamlined and hyper-futuristic design of Agent Locke is so cool that it looks great even in Minecraft form.

One glance at the suit is all it takes to know this character should be fighting aliens in space.


5. Emile, Spartan 239

Emile, Spartan 239 Skin For Minecraft

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Emile has a special place in my heart from my first Halo game, Halo: Reach.

I won’t delve into any plot-related elements because I think that all of the Halo games honestly deserve to be played through yourself.

But Emile’s design and attitude was so attention-grabbing.

From the bulky rounder suit, to the skull painted over his orange glass dome helmet, Emile looked awesome head-to-toe.

I’m glad he still does in Minecraft.


6. The Didact

The Didact Minecraft Skin

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Oh man, do any of the characters in Halo look as freaky or eye-catching as the Didact?

This Halo 4 character’s design has one of my favorite color palettes: a space gray combined with pale and fluorescent orange.

Mix that color combo with a suit covered in sharp edges and space-age designs, and you’re in for not only a sick side character – but also an amazing Minecraft skin.


7. Orbital Drop Shock Trooper

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Skin For Minecraft

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I adore the look of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.

The ODST combine all the elements of the original Spartans and slim them down into a sleek cool design.

I wish I understood more about how the tricks of the eye worked. Because compared to some of the above skins (like Master Chief) the ODST looks so slight and thin.

All of these skins are the same default Minecraft size, of course. But credit needs to be given to creator Camo7 for making such an impressive design.


8. Environmental Suit

Environmental Suit (Halo) Minecraft Skin

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Maybe it’s from my earliest memories of playing in the snow as a child, or from nostalgia for wintry scenes from movies like the Hoth sequence in Star Wars.

I don’t know where my love for cold environmental skins comes from.

But I will stand fast and shout from the rooftops that winter alts are the best alts.

Take creator zandinavian’s Environmental Suit, for instance.

Despite the fact this skin is over a decade old, the cool white design tailor-made for blending into snow makes it feel as new and refreshing as any other Halo skin.

Take this skin out for a stroll through an ice biome or snowy mountaintop, and that would be a perfect winter’s day.


9. Elite Ultra

Elite Ultra Skin For Minecraft

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No story, no series, and no franchise would be complete without proper antagonists.

Halo’s Spartans set the tone for cool playable characters in modern video games – but they wouldn’t be anywhere without some aliens to be shooting.

Cue the Elites.

The Covenant’s hordes were basically cannon fodder for any Halo player. But the Elite Ultras were large and strong enough to shoot just a little bit of fear into anyone who got snuck up on by one of these.

The beauty of Minecraft is that you can now take that terror and play as one of these aliens for yourself!


10. OG Master Chief

Original Classic Master Chief Minecraft Skin

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Master Chief’s popularity led him through many Halo games – which in turn meant many Halo color palettes.

He’s been bathed in shadows and covered in the blinding rays of light in space.

But my favorite original look of Master Chief is perfectly captured by creator Leostereo here.

This Master Chief skin keeps his design faithful and easy-to-read, but washes him in golden hour light, shining off the metal of his suit.


11. Where’s Master Chief?

Where’s Master Chief? (Where's Waldo) Skin For Minecraft

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The Minecraft community’s creativity never ceases to amaze.

For those familiar with the popular children’s book series “Where’s Waldo” (or Where’s Wally in the UK), you know how difficult it is to find the striped sweater wearing man amidst busy crowds.

Naturally, I see no reason not to put Master Chief in the Wally attire of sweater and jeans to do the same.

Let’s see if your friends can find your Master Chief on your next server.


12. Agent Washington

Agent Washington Minecraft Skin

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Agent Washington is a primary character in the Red vs. Blue series who was introduced in the second saga.

I’ve always liked him, mostly because of the Black Spartan suit with gold trim.

I mean, there’s been plenty of other colors and designs – red, blue, etc. But of course, the black suit is going to look the coolest!


13. Arbiter

Arbiter (Halo 2) Skin For Minecraft

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Oh gosh, if the elites’ freaky appearances weren’t enough, Halo 2’s arbiter might be the thing to do you in.

Basically being an elite that has been granted a special title by the covenant, an Arbiter is one of the mini-boss elites turned big boss.

MC skin creator -Cypher understands the gravity and ferocity of the Arbiter character, and made this skin full of sharp edges and scary features to match.


14. Marine

Halo Marine Minecraft Skin

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The Marines in Halo were always strange to me because, well, you could see their faces.

They wear protective gear like all the other troops, but their gear is smaller, and their faces are visible.

It makes you wonder why the other troops’ faces are covered, but I digress.

This Marine skin by gzisharmless7 doubles as a cool Halo skin, and an all-purpose Marine skin for any type of military or space-age vibe you may be shooting for.


15. Master Chef

Master Chef Skin For Minecraft

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I couldn’t begin to describe how many times this typo has probably been made through the years.

Master Chief has been misnomered as a chef time and time again.

Now he finally gets to live out his culinary dreams in Minecraft.

This skin by creator Dguy is utterly hilarious, and honestly really well done. The chef’s hat and apron are a nice touch of Master Chief’s giant full-body armor.

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