Best Minecraft Astronaut Skins: The Ultimate List

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Space has long been thought to be the final frontier. The last great expanse for humanity to explore and settle.

While the vast and unknown expanse of space fascinates us all, one of the coolest parts of spacefaring has to be the spacesuit.

As children, everyone says that they want to be an astronaut.

But only a select number will reach those heights that few people have reached before.

And yet, you don’t need to spend a lifetime of training to experience the sheer awesomeness of a spacesuit.

All you need to do is to boot up Minecraft and snag one of these awesome skins.


1. Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong Astronaut Suit / Minecraft Skin

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It’s only fitting to start this list with one of the first men to step foot on the moon.

This Neil Armstrong skin doesn’t show the man himself – but rather the spacesuit which took the famous “small step.”

The stark greys and blues that hue the images of the first moonwalk stretch over the design. It’s nostalgic, well-made, and downright iconic.

If you’re aiming to hit the bar for astronaut skins, this is where you start.


2. Space Bear

Space Bear in Astronaut Suit / Minecraft Skin

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Now that we’ve paid homage to the first person to do it, here’s a hard left into this space bear.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a bear in space.

With this skin, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

From the neck down, it’s a sophisticated highly-trained astronaut with years of training and technical expertise under their belt.

From the neck up, a bear.

What more could you ask for?


3. Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)

Isaac Clarke from Dead Space / Minecraft Skin

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Dead Space’s hard horror affect isn’t for everybody. And it’s a far cry from Minecraft’s jovial and peaceful tones.

But everybody can appreciate an amazing skin.

With this one, you can take the rust-colored engineer suit straight off the USG Ishimura and into your next Hardcore playthrough.

Skin creator Leostereo blends oranges, blacks, and fluorescent contrasting blues to recreate the unmistakable hero of one of the best survival horror games of all time.

Whether you’re a fan of the game series, the weapon-wielding engineer himself, or have plain never heard of Isaac Clarke, I think everyone can agree:

Isaac Clarke’s suit is awesome.


4. Futuristic Astronaut

Futuristic Astronaut Design / Minecraft Skin

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If you were to take the Neil Armstrong spacesuit and send it 300 years into the future, this would be the result.

Taking inspiration from the dark tones that washed the original spacesuit on the moon, this skin slims down the design and adds layers of shaded black.

The result is a distinctive astronaut aesthetic that will have you sprint jumping across the badlands as if you were on Mars.


5. Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story / Minecraft Skin

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All of your childhood dreams of blasting off to infinity and beyond can now come true.

Buzz Lightyear is arguably as iconic as spacefarers come.

Even if he is just a toy from an animated movie.

Clad in classic green, purple, and white, and armed with a smile so dashing you could see it for miles, this skin gives you the chance to be every kid’s dream toy.


6. Slimestronaut

Slime in Astronaut Suit / Minecraft Skin

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While the base of this skin is a replica of Armstrong’s iconic spacesuit, it has one decisive difference:

Inside the suit’s clear glass helmet, there’s a slime.

Even though they usually spawn in specific chunks deep underground, would anyone actually be surprised if slimes were from outer space?

These green gooey mobs come in square shapes. But this one managed to squeeze itself into a spacesuit, just for your entertainment.

I can guarantee that between the veritable glass texture and the slime-astronaut, you’ll be sure to get some remarks on this skin.


7. Space Racer

Space Racer Character / Minecraft Skin

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For those looking for a skin with some edge, creator ThatGuyJake designed this custom space racer that might fit the bill.

Somewhere between a Stormtrooper and a Pod Racer, the Space Racer’s sleek textured design screams space-age futuristic.

I can’t tell what it is… but something about taking a primarily white spacesuit and adding orange and blue highlights makes this skin flat-out cinematic.

Give the skin a download and try to tell me you don’t feel like your next Ender Dragon fight shouldn’t have a John Williams score behind it.

I’ll bet you can’t.


8. Lost

Lost Purple Astronaut Design / Minecraft Skin

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This skin by twiig was a finalist in a Deep Space Skin contest, and it’s easy to see why.

The skin takes the classic astronaut suit and sends it adrift, floating, forever lost in the cosmos.

The suit is dyed in the majestic hues of nebulas, those clouds of dust in space that give off crazy purples, pinks, and blues.

Beyond that, the bottoms of the skin’s legs have been cropped – giving it a semi-ghost appearance.

While all of the skins in this list are worthy of acclaim, none have the dreamy pop of color that the Lost does.


9. Stevestronaut

Steve in Astronaut Suit / Minecraft Skin

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You’ve spent your time playing Minecraft, whether that be days, months, or years.

And you’ve finally decided to hang up the default Steve for something with some more flavor.

But after spending so much time with the vanilla skin, it may be hard to say goodbye.

Fear not, as you don’t have to leave Steve on the ground.

You can take him with you into the stars.

The best part of this skin (as opposed to some other astronaut skins) is that you get to keep looking at Steve’s handsome, pixelated face.


10. Mindless

Dark Purple Faceless Astronaut / Minecraft Skin

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Skin creator Fishkiss takes the surreal immensity of space and refines it into this astronaut suit design.

The design harnesses all of the deep purples and blacks that comprise the void of space, and soaks this spacesuit in all of them.

And if you look, the skin has only one spot with lighter tones: its glass helmet, dyed purple and reflecting small white blips of stars.

Between the skin’s concept, immaculate layering, and gorgeous deep-space color palette, it couldn’t be left off this list.


11. Netherite Miner Suit

Lapis Netherite Suit Character / Minecraft Skin

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With the 1.16 Nether update, Netherite was added to the game.

It only makes sense for astronaut suits to be made out of such a durable material.

This skin sets the durable material into an orange-lit miner suit that has a veritable breathtaking amount of detailing on it.

While most of these astronaut skins were modeled from real-life examples, I wouldn’t be surprised if a space-age mining suit looked to this skin for inspiration.

On top of this skin being one of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen, the person in the miner suit looks like Lapis from Steven Universe.

And with the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update out, it only makes sense to go digging for some crystal gems.


12. Advanced Crew Escape Suit

Advanced Crew Escape Suit / Minecraft Skin

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We’ve spent long enough looking at cool designs for futuristic suits.

So here’s another skin of the real deal.

The Advanced Crew Escape Suit (also known as ACES or the “pumpkin suit”) is an actual suit you’ve probably seen before.

It’s a suit weighing nearly 100lbs, worn by astronauts during launch and re-entry phases of flight.

While the suit stopped seeing use by NASA in 2011, you can put it on in Minecraft, free of all that weight, and bound across your favorite server.


13. Red Crewmate (Among Us)

Red Crewmate from Among Us / Minecraft Skin

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Between the memes it has spawned and the popular attention it has drawn, it’s no doubt that Among Us is a game that will be remembered for years to come.

You don’t have to be an Imposter to don the Red Crewmate skin.

But I can almost guarantee that friends and strangers alike will comment that you’re sus in your next survival server.

Nevertheless, it’s worth being investigated for this – considering just how good this skin looks.

If red isn’t your color, well we’ve got some fortunate news.

Creator fcrk made an entire Among Us skin line with every color crewmate.

Click above and check the skin description for links to all the other skins, or just browse his submission history to see them all.


14. Classic Astronaut

Classic Astronaut Design / Minecraft Skin

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I feel obligated to throw in this classic skin by creator iMorph.

It skin has amazing detailing and great textures added to the helmet, for one thing.

And between the small buttons on the front of the suit, the subtle helmet reflection, and the flags on either shoulder, this skin has everything you could ask for in an astronaut.

It’s the platonically perfect NASA astronaut.

There’s nothing more to say.


15. Space Explorer

Space Explorer in Blue / Minecraft Skin

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I’m placing this explorer skin by Sumpumpolis into this list for one reason, and one reason only.

It looks fantastic.

It combines all the cool designs of spacesuits we know, and then applies sunset blues and oranges into the design.

The result is a suit with a unique frame and an amazing concept.

Oh, and there’s a jetpack on its back!

With this level of design and detail, you’ll be blasting off to block 256 in no time.

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