10 Best Mods To Alter The Nether in Minecraft

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The Nether is an interesting dimension.

Some find it terrifying while others wish they had more of a challenge.

These mods are a mixed bag of difficulty, but they’ve all got one thing in common: they make the Nether more interesting.

For your next Nether trip, pack your bags with extra room for some of these custom mods & features.


10. Soul Soil Farmland

Soul Soil Farmland / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.16

Sometimes, you’re not in the mood to eat raw pork chops or rotten flesh.

Sometimes, you just want some carrots.

Soul Soil Farmland lets you grow carrots (and other crops) in the Nether using a hoe and some soul sand. And instead of water, you’ll be using lava.

I relate to your crops. I like hot beverages too.


9. Vulcanite

Vulcanite / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.12-1.17

There isn’t much to mine in the Nether.

There’s the extremely common quartz and the extremely rare ancient debris.

If you want to spice up Nether mining, this is a great mod to try. It adds a new material called “vulcanite,” which can be used to craft tools and armor.

These tools and armor have special abilities. If you’re wearing vulcanite armor, lava solidifies over you. You’ll still burn but it’s less deadly.

You can basically walk on lava. You’re like the Jesus of the underworld.


8. SuperJedi224’s Nether Dungeons

SuperJedi224’s Nether Dungeons / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.12

There are dungeons in the overworld.

Why shouldn’t they be in the Nether too?

This mod adds Nether dungeons where you’ll fight spiders, blazes, skeletons, and wither skeletons. Not just that – you’ll fight them in quite enclosed spaces too.

If you’re not claustrophobic, I guarantee you’ll feel like you are when you’re in a small room filled with wither skeletons!


7. Comfortable Nether

Comfortable Nether / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.16

The Nether is an unpleasant place.

The room temperature is too hot, it often feels kind of cramped, and it’s hard to sleep. Partly because of the shrieking ghasts and partly because, you know, your bed will explode.

Comfortable Nether is a mod that’s meant to make the dimension more liveable.

It doesn’t actually address any of the issues I talked about (I was just airing out my frustrations), but it does address some other issues.

The Nether now has more things to eat, such as wart roots. Yum.

There are also items to make your time in the Nether a little less hellish.

For example, strider milk, which you get from milking striders. This revolutionary milk can be used to extinguish any mob, including players. Guess firefighters should carry buckets of milk with them!

Not everything is pleasant though.

There are some new mobs, such as the insatiable hostile mob, which is a giant head that wants to eat you. It drops some pretty useful blubber though, so there’s that.


6. Amplified Nether

Amplified Nether / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.18

If navigating the Nether isn’t tricky enough for you , try an amplified version of it.

The dimension becomes 256 degrees tall, which allows some headway for massive Nether mountains.

And this mod also changes the way Nether biomes work. They now separate vertically as well as horizontally. So if you’re at the top of the Nether, the biome might change as you descend.


5. Ad Infernos

Ad Infernos / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.7-1.11

Ad Infernos makes the Nether more fun in several different ways.

It adds new monsters to the Nether. There’s even one that’s invisible! I can’t know what it looks like but I imagine it to be some sort of speedy, toxic snail since it leaves a poisonous purple trail on the ground.

There are also new armor sets so you can protect yourself from the new monsters! For example, there’s glowstone armor. It’s great because:

  1. It gives you night vision, and
  2. It reduces the chances of you getting hit by a car at night

Ad Infernos adds several new structures to the game, such as little piggy houses, which they keep their life savings in. How nice of them to have so much wealth for you to steal!

Once you’ve conquered the Nether and killed all its bosses, you can go to the Abyss. This dimension is the Nether’s dark side.

I mean that literally. It’s quite dark there.


4. The Creeping Nether

The Creeping Nether / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.11-1.12

The Creeping Nether alters the Nether by altering the Overworld.

It does this by allowing the Nether to leak into the Overworld. When you build a portal, the overworld starts to turn into the Nether. Overworld blocks become Nether blocks, things are ablaze, mobs transform into other mobs.

And worst of all?

Cows explode and sheep burst into flames.

Look Nether, I get that you might be mad at us players for constantly taking your quartz but come on. Did you really have to make the cows explode?


3. YUNG’s Better Portals

YUNG’s Better Portals / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.16

Let’s face it – nether portals are lame.

I mean, sure, making an obsidian rectangle was cool at first. At this point though, I’ve made so many that I’m starting to lose it.

YUNG’s Better Portals takes these obsidian rectangles out and replaces them with dimensional rifts, which can be found deep underground. These act as one way portals into the nether.

To be teleported out, you’ll have to find a monolith. This structure contains a block that takes you back to the overworld. The block is mineable, so you can put it near your dimension rift’s exit point.

You can get a two way portal going like this, but it’ll take more effort than making a rectangle.

This isn’t preschool, this is the hell dimension.


2. NetherEx

NetherEx / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.12, 1.14-1.15

NetherEx reworks the nether in some fun ways.

It adds new mobs, new biomes, new structures, and new items.

My favorite additions are the wights and the ruthless sands biome.

Wights are interesting monsters to fight. When they attack you, you’re frozen for up to 15 seconds. It’s like playing on a laggy computer.

The ruthless sands is what would happen if hell had a hell. The area is corrupt and filled with dangers at every corner. This includes environmental threats as well as monsters.

I can’t even imagine what terrible sin you would have to commit to end up here. Actually, I do know. It’s greed.

You see, while this biome is dangerous, it also holds great treasures.

What do you think – is it worth the risk?


1. Better Nether

Better Nether / Minecraft Mod

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Supported Versions: 1.16-1.18

Install this to make every aspect of the nether more interesting.

It adds new mobs, materials, biomes, structures, and more!

Love city life? How about the Nether city life?

That’s a thing in this mod. The Nether cities are beautiful.

And when you’re bored of the beauty and want to shed some blood, go fight a flying pig!

I promise you they’re scarier than they sound.

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