10 Best Minecraft Zombie-Themed Mods Worth Trying

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After a long day of work, night has finally come. You get ready to play Minecraft for a few hours before sleep, but as soon as you boot the game, you notice things are different from usual.

Your world is immersed in darkness. You hear lamentations, carried by the cold wind of the night. feel something creeping up from behind. And you finally understand that this night will be unlike any other.

Suddenly you wake up, and with a sigh of relief, you realize this was all a dream. Or was it?

It’s difficult to say, because after you install some of these Minecraft zombie-themed mods, you’ll be playing for hours on end. Are you sure you haven’t joined the hordes of the undead?


10. Simply Zombies

Simply Zombies Minecraft mod screenshot

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You know what’s better than zombies? More zombies, obviously!

Minecraft has no lack of undead, that’s for sure. But that’s nothing compared to the hordes of zombies brought by Simply Zombies, a mod that turns all mobs into zombies… but that’s not all!

It also makes them faster, more powerful, and resistant to sunlight. Oh the horror!


9. Zombie Awareness

Zombie Awareness mod for Minecraft

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Minecraft zombies are not particularly bright. And so they can be taken down pretty easily.

In fact, at times they’re so dumb you may wish they could be more like the undead creatures seen in other games and movies.

Zombie Awareness makes all your wishes come true, making zombies much smarter, faster, and generally more dangerous.

So much so that they’ll follow the scent of your blood, and seek to finish you off. Like I always say: be careful what you wish for.


8. More Zombies

More Zombies Minecraft mod

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Did you know that there are as many zombie types as there are stars in the night sky? No?

Neither did I, before modding.

The More Zombies mod adds four new Overworld zombies as well as a new dimension where an extremely dangerous creature roams.

Your reward for facing and conquering this nightmare?

New potions that will make your war against the undead far more fun and satisfying.


7. ReZombies

ReZombies Minecraft mod screenshot

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If the More Zombies mod isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for more undead, you should consider taking a look at ReZombies.

This mod not only introduces more than ten new zombie types, but also gives them new abilities that make them quite strong, forcing you to approach each encounter carefully and with a proper strategy.

Swinging your sword randomly is not going to help you here.


6. HunterZ

HunterZ mod for Minecraft

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Wake up, survivor: the time has come to fight for your life.

HunterZ is a work in progress mod that introduces some new survival mechanics into Minecraft, a post-apocalyptic world, and tons of zombies and other fearsome creatures that are out for a piece of your virtual flesh.

Don’t want to end up in the belly of a monster?

Pick up your weapon and show them who’s boss around here.


5. The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead Minecraft mod

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Before zombies were cool, there was The Evil Dead.

Now that they’re cool and trendy, the zombies from this classic franchise have come to Minecraft with a bang.

The Evil Dead mod introduces content lifted from the Evil Dead movies by Sam Raimi. Alongside a pretty faithful rendition of Henrietta from Evil Dead 2, the mod also gives us some very iconic items like Ash’s chainsaw hand, and the laughing deer head as a cabin decoration.

So, ready for some undead action?


4. DayZ Minealone

DayZ Minealone Minecraft mod

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He who mines alone, dies alone.

He who crafts alone, dies alone.

He who plays DayZ Minealone may still die alone, but at least he had tons of fun.

This mod is the Minecraft version of the popular DayZ mod for Arma II, meaning that your world will be inundated with hordes of undead. But you also get a lot of items that will help you survive and tons of new vehicles, complete with new textures and their own unique stats.

A zombie apocalypse has never been so exciting.


3. Decimation

Decimation mod for Minecraft

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As far as open-world survival mods go, it really does not get any better than Decimation.

While this mod seemingly only adds open-world and survival gameplay mechanics, alongside the hordes of the undead, Decimation is much more than what it seems like at first glance.

It also includes a lot of new props for maps, new skills to manage, multiplayer features, and tons of loot.

If we’re going up against fierce zombies, I’d at least like to get rich in the process.


2. Rotten Creatures

Rotten Creatures Minecraft mod screenshot

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The new mobs included in Rotten Creatures are truly the stuff of nightmares.

I mean, we have undead pirates here.

Rotten Creatures may not be an extensive modification like a few other entries in this list, but it’s a high-quality add-on that has a lot to offer.

We can find new unique zombie mobs that all come with some unique traits, like the Rotten Eskimo, the Mummy, Dead Beard, and the one mob you do not want to ever face in your life… the fearsome, the untouchable, the particularly rotten Immortal. Stay away, or pay for the consequences.

Note: this one combines pretty well with some other mob mods for the game.


1. Hostile Worlds – Invasions

Hostile Worlds - Invasions Minecraft mod

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Nights will never be the same in your Minecraft world once you install the Hostile Worlds – Invasions mod.

This mod, which plays extremely well with others, can offer an unprecedented level of customization.

This makes it so that your base will be attacked by zombies after three nights, and it will be up to you to repel the assault of the undead by fighting for everything that you hold dear.

But in case you’re too busy, you can use the sacrifice block to give up on some of your life force to make the undead stop their assault.

It’s like bribing them in-game. Just take my blood and go back to the hole you crawled out from!

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