Where To Farm Upgrade Stones in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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The best source of Upgrade Stones is the Fire Temple, which gives you several Upgrade Stones per day depending on the highest Tier you can clear.

You can also farm a significant amount of Upgrade Stones from Main Story Quests (which you can clear multiple times via alt characters) and from limited-time Events that come by every now and then.


What Are Upgrade Stones For?

Weapon Upgrade Stone Selection Chest / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Weapon Upgrade Stone Selection Chest

Upgrade Stones are used for upgrading equipment pieces — increasing their tier (★), max level, and total potential stat and CP boosts.

Unlike enhancing, upgrading equipment has a 100% success rate no matter how high the equipment’s tier is. This means you can upgrade a piece of equipment up to 6★ without failing!

Upgrade Equipment Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Upgrade Equipment Page

The following resources are required when upgrading any equipment:

TIP: Unlike enhancement levels, upgrade levels are non-transferable. Make sure to only Upgrade gears that you’re planning on using long-term — preferably all the way to the late game.


Where To Farm Upgrade Stones

Upgrade Stones can be obtained from several different sources in the game, but here are the three best areas you’d want to farm often.


Source #1: Fire Temple (Best Source)

Fire Temple (Tier 6) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Fire Temple (Tier 6)

Clearing the Fire Temple every day is the best and most consistent way to farm Upgrade Stones in the long run.

To proceed to the next tier and farm better rewards in this game mode, you must first clear a stage with 3★ completion.

After doing so, you’ll also be able to Auto-Clear that stage — allowing you to farm materials with one simple click!

Each type of Upgrade Stones you can farm in the Fire Temple has the following daily rotation:

Days Type Of Upgrade Stones Available
Monday Weapon Upgrade Stones (Rainbow)
Tuesday Armor Upgrade Stones
Wednesday Accessory Upgrade Stones
Thursday Weapon Upgrade Stones (Rainbow)
Friday Armor Upgrade Stones
Saturday Accessory Upgrade Stones
Sunday Upgrade Stone Selector Chest (All Types)

TIP: I recommend making the clearing or Auto-clearing Fire Temple stages a part of your Daily Routine. Daily Entries for the Fire Temple don’t accumulate, so never forget it!

I also don’t recommend spending Diamonds to buy entries, as you will eventually farm plenty of Upgrade Stones to go around with a little bit of patience and consistency.


Source #2: Main Story Quests

Yomi Village (Main Story Quest Rewards) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Yomi Village (Main Story Quest Rewards)

In the early game, Main Story Quests will give your main character plenty of Upgrade Stones to upgrade a few of your equipment to around 5★ or 6★.

Although, what makes this source fantastic is that you can use your alt characters to claim the Upgrade Stones set as quest rewards multiple times. Level all four of your alt characters up to Level 40 and you’ll have a ton of materials to upgrade several of your main character’s equipment to 6★!

TIP: I recommend clearing all the Main Story Quests up to the Yomi Forest with your alt characters if you just want to farm Upgrade Stones.

From there, you can stop once you reach Level 33 or continue leveling that alt character to 40 or even 60. It’s your call!


Source #3: Events

7-Day Check-In Event / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
7-Day Check-In Event

Events in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds will never disappoint, as they often give players plenty of chances to earn F2P Upgrade Stones.

Upgrade Stones can be obtained in almost every kind of Event — whether it be Check-In Events, Episode Events, Anniversary Events, Episode Passes, and Minigame Events.

TIP: The best way to keep track of Events is by joining the game’s Discord Server and turning the notifications on for the “Announcements” and the “Events” channel. It’s hella convenient!

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