What’s The Best Big Net Fishing Spot? (OSRS)

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Out of the two worthwhile big net fishing spots in the game, the best location for you depends on whether or not you’ve got 68 FIshing.

The two spots are:

  • The Fishing Guild (best one, requires 68 Fishing)
  • West of Land’s End (best spot with zero requirements)

Big Net Fishing is not something a lot of players resort to doing, or even touching at all during their journey for 99 Fishing. That’s because while fishing with a big net, other than mackerel, cod, and bass, you can also catch a variety of “junk” items such as leather boots and gloves.

This effectively ruins any potential experience gains, and the ability to “target” a specific fish without filling your inventory with garbage.

If you ever notice someone fishing with a big net, they’re probably after the rare 1/1000 “Big Bass”, attempting to complete their collection log.


Spot 1: The Fishing Guild

Gazing at the Fishing Guild / OSRS
Gazing at the Fishing Guild.

The Fishing Guild is a location that appears quite often when talking about “best locations to fish something”.

But why is that?

That’s because while inside the premises of the guild, all players receive an invisible +7 boost to their fishing skill, making catching certain fish substantially better.

The bank is also immediately available, so you can store all your fish with ease!

Unfortunately, accessing the Fishing Guild requires 68 Fishing, which is quite far away from the moment you unlock Big Net Fishing.

Tip: You can use a +5 boost such as an Admiral Pie, to enter the guild while only 63 Fishing!


Spot 2: West of Land’s End

Fishing at Land’s End / OSRS
Fishing at Land’s End.

The only other place worth mentioning is the little coast west of the scenic village known as Land’s end.

Unlike the Fishing Guild, this place has absolutely no requirements, and is the closest place to a bank that meets these conditions.

There are a few different routes one can take to reach Land’s End, with the quickest ones being:

  1. Taking the boat from Port Sarim or Port Piscarilius
  2. Teleporting to the Kourend Woodland with Rada’s Blessing and running south
  3. Teleporting to Xeric’s Lookout with a Xeric’s Talisman, and then running south-west

Should you enjoy your time here, you will find a mix of other different spots that you can fish at, after you level a bunch of times.


Big Fishing Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re using a big net, small net, or no-net at all, take a moment to glance over the following tips that are sure to help you become a master angler:

  • The Angler’s Outfit can be worn to increase experience while fishing, with the full outfit providing a flat 2,5% bonus.
  • The Fish Barrel from the boss Tempoross can act as a “second inventory”, since it can be used to store a combined total of 28 additional fish before banking.
  • A temporary +3 boost to Fishing can be achieved by occasionally using the Dragon Harpoon’s special attack.
  • A Rada’s Blessing can be acquired by completing the Kourend and Kebos achievement diary. Having it equipped has a chance of doubling any fish that you catch (ranging from 2% for the easy diary, to 8% for the elite).
Player performing the Dragon Harpoon’s special attack / OSRS
Player performing the Dragon Harpoon’s special attack.
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