The Best Moneymaking Shops for Profit in OSRS

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There are a variety of shops where you can buy & resell items for a profit, with the best of them all being the Rune Shop in Prifddinas.

But how do you profit exactly?

If a shop sells an item for a lower price than what the item is traded for, you can purchase that item from said shop, and proceed to sell it in the Grand Exchange for (usually quite a lot of) profit.

For example, there are quite a lot of NPCs that sell pineapples for 2 to 5 coins each. If you were to buy and resell that pineapple, you’d be making a profit of about 160gp per fruit!

Today we’ll be focusing on stable items that are actively traded every day by thousands of players.

Despite that, make sure to always check the prices and daily traded volume, as things tend to fluctuate a lot in MMOs.

Note: Sometimes a “weird” item might sell for much more than it should, usually due to scarcity. If you happen to discover such an item, I strongly advise not dumping all your money into buying it, because there is a risk the price could reset and you’d take a massive loss.


Quick Overview of Buying From Shops

Showing the gradual increase in shop price / OSRS
Showing the gradual increase in shop price.

During this guide I’ll mention how many of each item you should buy before hopping to another world to continue the process.

The reason is because every store will gradually increase prices as its stock decreases.

Example: when Auburu’s Rune Shop has its full stock of 250 Death Runes, the price for a single rune is 180 coins. But if you bought 50 of these runes and checked their price again, they’d be selling for over 200 coins each.

So the suggested amounts mentioned below can be thought of as the best prices to maximize profit, though nothing’s stopping you from buying more (or less) depending how much effort you want to put in.


Shop 1: Cosmic Runes in Prifddinas

The Prifddinas rune shop / OSRS
The Prifddinas rune shop

The first (and best) shop we’ll be looking at is Amlodd’s Magical Supplies in the elven city of Prifddinas.

What makes this store so special, is the incredibly large amount of cosmic runes it has in stock (250, which is over ten times that of the next best rune shop).

Cosmic runes are a heavily traded item, and go for about 160 coins each.

This shop sells them at a starting price of 50 per rune, but you can safely buy all of them since the price increase is minimal.

If you get lucky and nobody else is doing this, you can easily make over 2 million gp per hour.

Access to Prifddinas (and the store) requires completion of the grandmaster quest “Song of the Elves”.

Tip: This store is quite contested by other players, so it might be best to avoid it during peak hours.


Shop 2: Bolts of Cloth at the Woodcutting Guild

The Woodcutting guild’s sawmill / OSRS
The Woodcutting guild’s sawmill

Next up we’re taking a trip to the vast continent of Zeah, and more specifically the Hosidius Woodcutting Guild. Inside the guild you can find a couple of shops, one of them being a Sawmill.

This Sawmill functions identical to the one located north-east of Varrock, being able to turn your logs to planks, and having the same construction-related items for sale.

Among these items, the most important one is the Bolt of Cloth.

These bad boys that are used to create beds and curtains, go for about 900 coins on the Grand Exchange. The Sawmill sells them for 650 each, and the price never increases no matter how many you buy.

Tip: there’s a conveniently placed deposit box inside the Axe Shop a little bit to the west, which you can use to bank all of your fabric. Just make sure to use a Stamina Potion if you don’t want to run out of run energy while doing this.

To enter the Woodcutting Guild you’re going to need to have at least 60 Woodcutting, and 75% Hosidius favour.

Extra Tip: The steel nails sold by the same Sawmill can also be bought and sold at the G.E. for a profit.


Shop 3: Rock Thrownhammers from Slayer Masters

Buying rock thrownhammers from a slayer master / OSRS
Buying rock thrownhammers from a slayer master

If you’ve ever been on a Gargoyle slayer task, then you’d know that a Rock Hammer is required to break them and finish them off.

The Rock Thrownhammers are the ranged variation of the normal hammer, and are useful for players ranging the Gargoyles, as they can be used from a distance and behind a safespot.

Unlike the regular rock hammer, the thrownhammers are consumed after a single use, meaning there’s always a market for them. The hammers can be bought from any slayer master, so pick your favorite and start purchasing.

It’s recommended to buy 100 to 150 at a time before hopping worlds and repeating the process.


Shop 4: Mithril Seeds in the Legends Guild

Planting flowers in front of the Legends Guild / OSRS
Planting flowers in front of the Legends Guild

And here we find ourselves inside the prestigious Guild of Legends.

Located on the 2nd floor (3rd floor for any USA readers) is the Legends Guild Shop of Useful Items (no joke, this is the actual name).

Other than being one of the two stores that sells the “Shield right half”, what makes this place interesting is its unique supply of Mithril Seeds.

These magical seeds can be planted almost everywhere to instantly grow a bunch of flowers.

Because the process of planting the flowers moves the player one tile, they’re often used in PvP to counter freezing attacks.

Unfortunately, the store only stocks up to 6 Mithril Seeds at a time. So you’ll have to do quite a lot of world-hopping with this GP farming method.

Note: Completion of the master quest “Legends Quest” is required to access this shop.

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