ACNH Ramen Shops & Stalls For Design Inspo

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New Horizons gives players a world of choice when it comes to personalizing their islands.

And this goes double for stall designs.

Building your own ramen shop is pretty popular at the moment. So if you love ramen as much as I do, you’re in the right place!

I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favorite ramen shop designs for ACNH, organized right here for some much needed inspiration.

Let’s get cooking!


15. Vibrant Stalls

Red and blue ramen stalls in ACNH
Image Source by @kkdaisys

This simple ramen stand will bring some excitement to your island for sure.

You’ll first want to grab yourself some stalls (of course) and you can then customize these with your favorite designs.

You can also add some frying pans and noodle bowls across your stalls to bring the look to life. We’re going for any kind of Asian cuisine here.

Or to really add to the theme, customize a bunch of different stools to line up by your stalls.

Then finish by adding an awesome custom menu board!


14. Easy Ramen Store

Simple ramen stall design in ACNH
Image Source by jedi-bat-ninja

Ever wanted to own your own ramen shop?

I can already hear the noodles calling…

To start this idea, you want to customize any stalls with vibrant custom designs (similar to above).

You can either grab some custom ramen designs online, or even create your own. Once you have those, you can customize some hats to act as your ramen bowls. Pretty nice touch!

Then place these across your stalls, and don’t forget to add some stools along the side for your customers.

Finish the look with your own ramen signpost and some lanterns.


13. Indoor Ramen Shop

Asian-inspired interior for ramen shop in ACNH
Image Source by emmastory

Let’s bring things indoors with one heck of a new business idea.

To make this yourself, you’ll first want to collect a series of desks and tables to add to your store.

You can then grab some hats customized with ramen designs to act as your ramen bowls, and place these along the tables and desks.

Be sure to add in some fish tanks to tie the whole look together. Then finish by throwing on a cute little chef outfit (it’s the perfect touch!)


12. Ramen Cooking Nook

Tiny ramen cooking corner outside - ACNH Idea
Image Source by ReneeLeilani

Every island needs its own little ramen nook, am I right?

Well, maybe not in the dead of winter… but here’s one you could keep running year-round.

To design this, you’ll need to lay your hands on some diner counter tables and lay them out in your chosen area. Any small corner can work.

You can then add some chopping boards, New Year’s noodles, and other kitchen appliances to tie the whole look together.

Complete the area with lots of chairs, and a custom made signpost with a ramen noodle design. Perfect!


11. Ramen On The Deck

Porch with ramen stall - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @nookimchi

Your ramen store doesn’t need to be huge to be awesome.

This small design looks amazing, and would be a perfect addition to any Japanese-styled island.

You’ll first have to grab a custom design for some awesome wooden decking. Then you can add some custom stalls in the mix, styled with Japanese lettering or whatever colors you want.

Be sure to add some custom stools and cardboard boxes too.

Complete this look by adding some lanterns and New Year’s noodles. It is a noodle shop, right?


10. Ramen Blossom

Cherry blossom design for ramen stall - ACNH Idea
Image Source by thatgeekscrossing

When it’s cherry blossom season, you know the ramen is cooking.

For this idea, be sure to first collect a bunch of simple panels. You can then customize them with some screen and wooden panel designs for the walls of your restaurant. Pretty much anything that’ll fit a Japanese design.

Then pop some wooden flooring down to bring the look to life.

You can also add your furniture like a clay oven, some table, chairs, and custom stalls.

Then wrap up with decorations: lots of plants and cherry blossom items.


9. Hidden Ramen Area

Hidden ramen area in ACNH
Image Source by LunarisLux

To keep the riff-raff out, let’s design our own hidden dining area.

It’s pretty easy to create too.

All you need to do is pop down your favorite wooden flooring design, and add a bunch of stalls customized with a Japanese lettering pattern.

If you’re not sure which designs to use, this post recommends the following: MA-2175-9734-2577

You can then add some stools and some New Year’s noodles to your stalls to bring the whole look together.

And be sure to include your own custom menu design on some simple panels!


8. Bamboo Ramen

Bamboo-themed ramen restaurant build in ACNH
Image Source by burymeatseas

Want to match your ramen shop with a bamboo area on your island?

No problem.

You can pop this anywhere, provided you stack up enough furniture!

First you’ll need to lay down your favorite wooden flooring, and be sure to add some custom stalls in there too. Patterns really make the look here.

Then you can add some simple panels, and make to customize them with some wooden screen designs.

Wrap the area with some zen fencing, then toss in some New Year’s noodles and a vending machine to complete the look.


7. Yard Ramen

Front yard ramen kitchen in ACNH
Image Source by PanDxss

Imagine waking up to a ramen noodle shop in your yard.

I smell a great April Fools prank already!

To make this idea in ACNH, you’ll need to grab some hedges to section off an area around your home (or any villager’s home).

You can then add some custom stalls in there too, with a bunch of tables and chairs. Dark wood should look best, but go with what you like.

Then complete the design by adding some New Year’s noodles to the tables, and you’re ready to feast.


6. Sit-Down Ramen Shop

Indoor sit-down ramen restaurant design in ACNH
Image Source by @itomoriicrossin

Treat your villagers to the ultimate dining experience with this amazing ramen design.

Who knew a restaurant build could be so fun?

To create this booth-styled design, place some simple panels between tables or desks. You can customize them with a wooden panel design too.

Then add some décor around the room, and complete the seating area with your favorite custom stools.

All you’d need then is a bunch of cooking materials and dishware to build up the authenticity.


5. Lakeside Ramen

Lakeside Ramen stall design in ACNH
Image Source by @KkumaKid

Who doesn’t enjoy a bowl of ramen by the lake?

Well, I’ve never tried… but I bet it’s lovely!

If you’re not sure what to do with your lakeside view, how about this small ramen shop?

To start this off, you’ll need to lay down some wooden flooring and add a custom stall to the area. I love the mountain pattern on this stall, but you could design it to match any theme!

You can then add some tables and chairs, and pop some steamer-baskets on the tabletops to fit in with the theme.

Complete the area by adding some brilliant signage!

That menu looks huge – when’s dinner?


4. Street Market

Street marketplace with ramen stalls in ACNH
Image Source by @iggydeleon

Nobody said building an entire marketplace would be easy.

But this is Animal Crossing – we’re not going for easy, right?

Well to be honest, this design isn’t too hard – as long as you have plenty of stalls, you’re good to go.

But you’ll also need to grab a custom design to be able to create the tarmac road for the middle of your market. Or you could leave this as dirt, totally your call there.

Once you’ve got the stalls, placed make sure you customize them with plenty of bright patterns and styles.

And don’t forget to add a large custom ramen signpost outside. We want our villagers to know what’s going down in Little Tokyo.


3. River Ramen Spot

Asian ramen shop by the river - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @nookimchi

Ah, the sounds of a babbling brook as it runs along a river.

I think your villagers will thank you for this one!

To get started, first lay down some wooden flooring to set the scene. Any custom pattern can work here

You can then add some stalls customized with a red pinstripe pattern, or any kind of Japanese lettering.

Be sure to add lots of New Year’s noodles too, along with some cardboard boxes and plants.

Finish the look by tossing in some bamboo trees over to the side.


2. Colorful Ramen Area

Bright colorful ramen shop exterior - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @marimomush

Let’s brighten up your island with this colorful ramen restaurant design.

Settled just off the side of the road, I can’t help but want to stop in for a bite!

All you need to get started are a bunch of simple panels. You can customize these with some bamboo panel designs, basically mimicking doors to the ramen joint.

Then add some stalls with any Japanese-inspired custom pattern (sky’s the limit here!)

You can also add some hats customized with noodle designs too.

Then complete the look with some zen fencing, some shrubbery, and a custom sign at the entrance.

Note: this design can basically work in every island area, whether rural, suburban, or a densely-packed city area.


1. Big Ramen Restaurant

The ultimate ramen restaurant in ACNH
Image Source by KeepInStyle

This ramen store design is seriously insane, right?

Making this yourself won’t be easy. There’s a ton of little details to go after – but I’ll try to help you get started.

First, you can throw down your favorite wooden flooring. Anything bright is usually better than dark here.

Be sure to add some stalls customized with some designs – in this case it looks like some panda bear faces and rice balls. Very Asian-inspired!

You can then place your ramen bowls along the top of each stall.

And don’t forget to add a bunch of cool pictures all over the walls. You could even design your own to tie in with the aesthetic.

Then finish by adding some fish in a tank, maybe an arcade machine, and a bunch of plants all over the place.

Oh, and make sure to pick up an air conditioner too. It’s gonna get hot in here!

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