Top 5 Best Cask Items For Profit in Stardew Valley

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If there’s any lesson we can take from Stardew Valley, it’s that patience always pays off.

The best crops (and farm animals) often take the most time and effort to get. But they always prove to be worthwhile.

This concept applies to aging different foods using casks, too.

Typically, casks would be used to create wine, beer, cheese, ale, and mead.

And to create these artisan goods you can use hops, fruit of any kind, milk, or other things. Simply toss them into the cask and wait.

It’s also worth noting that reaching that purple star takes a different amount of time for each product. For example, cheese takes 14 days, while wines need 56 days.

When you see that purple star, you’ll know your product is top quality and ready for selling!

And we all want to earn the most for our farms – so let’s check out some of the better cask items to help you bring in the big bucks.


5. Pineapple Wine

Pineapples Growing for Pineapple Wine / Stardew Valley gameplay

Pineapples are already considered excellent crops for turning a profit.

They’re recurring crops, meaning you only need to plant them once. And they can be grown year-round on Ginger Island.

If that’s not enough already, you can take those delicious pineapples and turn them into pineapple wine.

Why would you do that?

Well, to begin with, pineapple wine is worth more than regular pineapples.

The longer you age the wine, the more it’s worth. By the time it reaches purple star status, a single bottle of pineapple wine can be worth a striking 2,520g.

No one’s going to complain about that kind of value!


4. Cheese

Cheese For Casks / Stardew Valley

Likely the easiest item on this list to obtain, cheese is simply made by adding milk or large milk to a cask.

And ideally, you’ll want to let it age for 14 days to reach absolute perfection.

You might wonder if it’s worth it to turn the milk into cheese, rather than selling it right away, but keep in mind that regular milk is worth 125g – while properly-aged cheese sells for 460g.

A little patience with your aged products really goes a long way in this game.


3. Goat Cheese

Goat Cheese in Menu / Stardew Valley screenshot

Much like milk from cows, goat milk only benefits from being aged in a cask.

Standard-sized goat milk will usually sell for 225g, so it’s already more profitable than cow milk.

And when you age goat milk for 14 days, the selling price goes up to a whopping 800g!

With almost twice as much value as regular cheese, goat cheese is sure to give you a reason to own as many goats as possible.

And once you’ve unlocked the deluxe barn, you’ll be able to fill it with those adorable money-making cuties.

Take good care of them, and they’ll do far more than earn their keep.


2. Ancient Fruit Wine

Ancient Fruit Wine for Casks / Stardew Valley

Although finding and obtaining ancient seeds can take some time, it’s well worth making good use of them once you’ve found them.

Forget the pumpkins. Forget the cranberries. Forget the single-season crops.

These little babies grow for a solid three seasons and will make your farm quite wealthy.

Each ancient fruit alone will earn you 550g.

But if you take the time (56 days) to age them to iridium level, each bottle of ancient fruit wine ramps up to a selling price of 4,620g.

That is an insane price!

There couldn’t possibly be anything better, right?

Well let’s see…


1. Starfruit Wine

Starfruit Wine at night / Stardew Valley gameplay

Enter the starfruit.

By the time you’ve located and started filling your farm with ancient fruit, you may have already forgotten that the starfruit existed at all.

Or if you’re new to the game, you may not have even known yet!

Starfruit and starfruit wine mostly make for great ways to get rich in the late game, unless you get lucky and find some on the traveling cart.

Otherwise, the most surefire way to get starfruit seeds is by purchasing them from Sandy in Oasis for 400g each.

After they’ve grown, each Starfruit is worth 750g.

That’s already a pretty magnificent price.

But once you’ve spent 56 days aging them in the cask, each bottle of starfruit wine is worth – you might want to sit down for this – 6,300g!

If you really spend time filling your farm with starfruit, you’ll be immensely wealthy in no time.

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