Best Mods For Red Faction: Guerrilla (Ranked)

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Red Faction: Guerrilla was one of the earliest to feature such a crazy level of sheer destruction in a video game.

Anything and everything in the game can be hammered into oblivion. RFG kept players wanting to swing that sledgehammer.

It’s no surprise that the modding community has come up with new ways of destroying things in the game, from stronger explosives to grenade launcher rifles.

That’s not all they’ve been working on, though. There are plenty of mods that improve other aspects of gameplay as well.

Here are some of the best ones I’ve seen so far.


10. VAXIS Faster Vehicle Speeds

Faster Vehicle Speeds mod for RFG

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Getting around the red planet can be quite tedious in RFG.

Traversing through these large empty areas of Mars towards your next objective gets especially tiresome given the slow speed limits most vehicles run on.

Modder VAXIS offers a simple solution, making all vehicles run at faster default speeds.

The mod keeps things realistic though, so don’t expect mach 6.


9. VAXIS Physics MOD

RFG Physics mod preview

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If the game’s destruction physics still don’t feel realistic enough for you, VAXIS has the answer to that.

While it’s fun to be able to hammer out huge chunks of steel and rock with every swing, VAXIS felt that there was some room for improvement to how things fell apart in the game.

This physics mod makes destruction even more realistic, making smaller walls of buildings crumble first, rather than everything just falling apart all at once.

Just keep in mind that the mod trades in the “over the top” destruction visuals to achieve this.



Red Faction Guerilla overhaul modpack

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If you’ve liked what VAXIS has to offer so far, then you might want to just go ahead and download his entire mod library in a single pack.

His FACTION_0VERHAUL pack includes most of his previous mods along with a few new ones as well.

Some features include increasing all explosions to 5x the default intensity and an added cheat menu which you usually only gain access to once you’ve completed the campaign along with every side quest in the game.


7. Reconstructor Unlocker

Reconstructor unlocker mod RFG

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Speaking of unlockable items, completing the game also rewards you with the Reconstructor gun.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Reconstructor is classified as a weapon, but isn’t exactly used to deal damage.

Instead, the gun can be used to repair most objects in the game – including damaged or destroyed structures.

If you’d rather have access to the gun during your initial playthrough, d34th1457’s Reconstructor Unlocker makes that possible.


6. Freeroam

Freeroam Mod for RFG

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Modder Hypercation takes a more interesting approach to unlocking things in RFG.

Instead of simply giving you access to special items and features, his mod will change how you play the game itself.

With Freeroam, you’re given access to all missions and safehouses right from the beginning.

This removes the linear nature of the game, making it possible to explore and take on missions as you please. Perfect for veterans of the title.

The mod tweaks the EDF and upgrade systems as well to ensure that everything works smoothly.


5. Super Super Hammer

Super Super Hammer Mod for RFG

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There are a couple tools that can make mayhem even more fun – starting with SimpleArrows’ Super Super Hammer mod.

As if the sledgehammer wasn’t overpowered enough, this mod increases the hammer’s impact values even further – specifically when striking NPC’s and vehicles.

With the mod installed, a swing of the hammer will cause any NPC’s to ragdoll across space.

Anyone up for a round of golf?


4. Singularity Bombs at Weapons Locker

Singularity Bombs Weapons RFG

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There’s not much to be said about this next mod, as author EzloSpirit already put it best:

“Singularity Bombs are the rarest weapon in RFG, but with the power of modding, we can erase this problem once and for all and create all sorts of destruction by making Singularity Bombs replenishable!”

If chaos is what you’re after, unlimited singularity bombs sound like a fun way to make that chaos, if you ask me.


3. Singularity Rifle

Singularity Rifle Mod for RFG

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If having unlimited singularity bombs still isn’t enough, this next mod should do the trick.

SimpleArrows gives us yet again another insanely overpowered weapon to aid in your mission to destroy Mars: the Singularity Rifle.

It turns your regular old assault rifle into a singularity bomb shooter, so now all you have to do is point and shoot.

Where’s an easy button when you need it?


2. 1st Person Mod

First person mod for RFG

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I personally found this mod to be one of the more interesting ones out there, offering a way to completely change how you experience RFG.

It’s always an interesting concept when the camera perspective is changed, as you’re no longer seeing things as the developers intended.

Which always makes for a good time!

De-AngryBoi’s 1st Person Mod does exactly that, allowing you to play through RFG in the first-person perspective.

Maybe not for everyone, but definitely a fun thing to try out.


1. Ethical Faction

Ethical Faction Mod for RFG

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EthicalLune’s Ethical Faction mod is without a doubt one of the biggest RFG gameplay mods out there.

Simply put, the mod overhauls the game to give you a fresh and more challenging experience.

Ethical Faction features new custom weapons, various rebalances, and improved AI behavior among other enhancements.

While the mod buffs most weapons, EthicalLune keeps things balanced with tougher enemies and increased upgrade prices as well.

He recommends playing on Hard mode, as that should already be challenging enough.

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