How To Get The Pro Cooking License in Rune Factory 5 (Quick Guide)

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The Pro Cooking License can be obtained by speaking with Eliza at Rigbarth Outpost, making a directive, and undertaking a simple test.

After passing with flying colors, you will gain access to more advanced dishes that will aid you on your journey.



In order to take the Pro Cooking License test in the first place, you must have the following:

  • The Simple Cooking License
  • At least 500p spent with Eliza

Once these requirements are fulfilled all you have to do is speak with Eliza, choose the “I’d like to make a directive” option and then “Licenses.”

Finally, you should be able to select “Pro Cooking License” for 500p.


Test Questions & Answers

After completing the requirements above, you will be asked four questions, which you will have to answer correctly in order to earn the Pro Cooking License.

Note: You are able to retake the test as many times as possible. The 500p is only taken from your total SEED points once you pass.

Question Correct Answer
Question #1: What should you add to empty slots to put your own twist on a recipe? Vegetables or other crops.
Question #2: What do you need to put your own twist on a recipe? Edible ingredients.
Question #3: Cooking with high-level ingredients does what? Let’s you create high-level, high quality meals.
Question #4: When you’re making something you’ve never seen and don’t have the recipe for… You need more RP to make it.

Pro Cooking License Uses

Once you’ve aced the test, you will be able to buy another Cooking Table along with the Pot, Oven, and Steamer at Studio Palmo.

These items are used for creating a majority of the cooking recipes within the game.

Below are requirements needed to create them.

Item Gold Material Stone Lumber
Pot 8800G 80 10
Steamer 5600G 80 10
Oven 10,000G 80 10
Steamer at Studio Palmo / Rune Factory 5
Steamer at Studio Palmo (one item that requires the Pro Cooking License)
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