The Best Blunderbuss Skins in Sea Of Thieves

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If you’re the type of Pirate that likes to settle their quarrels up close and personal, then you’ll feel right at home with the Blunderbuss.

This weapon is terrifying up close, being the only weapon capable of killing in a single hit.

And since it’s likely the last thing your opponent will see… make sure you’re using a pretty one to send them to the Ferry of the Damned!

Here are the best Blunderbuss skins worth looking for in Sea Of Thieves.


10. Cronch Blunderbuss

Cronch Blunderbuss / Sea of Thieves

To start our list off, we have a skin from the Pirate Emporium.

And I think I’ve just found my favorite use for bananas.

The Cronch Blunderbuss is, well, Banana themed.

And there’s no other Blunderbuss skin like it.

Complete with leaves, a bright yellow barrel, and banana wrapped around the stock, you’ll be giving your opponent their 5 a day all at once with this gem.

The in-game description calls this the ‘banana-buss’. How could you not want it?


9. Kraken Blunderbuss

Kraken Blunderbuss / Sea of Thieves

The Kraken is one tough cookie.

So it’s great to have some weapons based around it.

My only problem with this one is it sure doesn’t look like any Kraken I’ve ever seen!

The Kraken Blunderbuss is another awesome yet unique weapon, with pink and purple stock and a gross eyeball adorning the side.

The sharp spike across the top is actually pretty useful when aiming too.

This blunderbuss looks great for sure – but the last time I checked, the Kraken didn’t have eyes. So I wonder what they killed to put this one together…


8. Grand Admiral Blunderbuss

Grand Admiral Blunderbuss / Sea of Thieves

Sometimes there’s beauty in simplicity.

And when it comes to the weapon that’s known for being clumsy and heavy-handed, you can be an exception to the rule with this.

The Grand Admiral Blunderbuss is clean, tidy, and smart – three things you rarely find on the Sea of Thieves.

It’s ridged across the top, too, making it a little easier to aim.

And even though it looks like it’s probably more at home as a display piece, it can still effortlessly dispatch even the toughest pirates that come your way.


7. Fearless Bone Crusher Blunderbuss

Fearless Bone Crusher Blunderbuss / Sea of Thieves

This bizarre looking gun looks like it came from a Sci-Fi game and they forgot to give it back.

Yet it’s still a fantastic looking skin to chase down.

The Fearless Bone Crusher Blunderbuss seems to be made from the Spine of a sea monster, and they stuck a pair of tusks on for good measure.

Needless to say, it’s one of the scariest looking weapons in the game. And it’ll be even worse for the pirate you point it at!

But the tusks sadly don’t double as a melee weapon, I tried.


6. Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon

Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon / Sea of Thieves

If you want to wield the power of the Ashen lords, well, you’re in luck!

The Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon has a huge fiery dragon wrapped around it – and oh boy does this thing stand out.

You won’t want to bring this weapon to any stealth missions. But if you’re not afraid to be seen and want to bring the power of a dragon into battle, you can’t beat the Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon.

Oh, you also need to collect every Tome of Fire to unlock it. And those are random drops in Ashen Chests – so you may have some digging to do.


5. Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss

Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss / Sea of Thieves

This weapon skin looks more like an ornate cannon than a clumsy blunderbuss.

And those decorations don’t come cheap!

Much like the rest of the set, the Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss costs enough to dent even the richest pirate’s wallet at 2,551,500 Gold.

And you won’t even be offered the chance to get it until you reach the rank of Pirate Legend.

But for your money you get a sleek, tidy black & silver instrument of death, complete with deep red jewels and a menacing red skull across the top.

If you like using the Blunderbuss, this is a long term item to chase.


4. Wild Rose Blunderbuss

Wild Rose Blunderbuss / Sea of Thieves

Most cosmetics in Sea of Thieves leave class and sophistication back at the port.

But if that’s the look you want, this is the weapon for you.

The Wild Rose Blunderbuss is a beautiful weapon layered with gold, a red wrapping, and comes complete with a rose on top.

This is a gun you can theme your pirate and ship around, bring some sophistication to the seas, and show those on that Dark Adventurer ship what for.


3. Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss / Sea of Thieves

Legend speaks of an incredibly rare Megalodon with pale skin and pink fins.

But as it’s so rare, you’ll probably never see it… so here’s a blunderbuss based on it instead!

The Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss is only purchasable from the Pirate Emporium.

It comes complete with sharp harpoons at the front, and what I assume is meant to be flesh from the mythical beast itself on top.

For all anyone knows, that white flesh could have come from anywhere. But you’re a pirate!

Spin a tall tale about how you fought the legend and lived.


2. Frozen Ashes Blunderbuss

Frozen Ashes Blunderbuss / Sea of Thieves

If you’re looking to dispatch some pirates in cold blood, you won’t get any colder than the Frozen Ashes Blunderbuss.

At the time of writing, the Frozen Ashes Blunderbuss is not available to purchase – as it was a reward for reaching Renown Level 15 in Season 2. Hopefully it will make its way to the Weaponsmith’s shop soon!

But either way, it’s a magnificent skin. The Blunderbuss is coated with ice and has a cold glowing barrel.

You’ll be spotted a mile away with this one.

But hey, you can always try and blind your opponent with it up close.


1. Dawn Hunter Blunderbuss

Dawn Hunter Blunderbuss / Sea of Thieves

This is one of the prettiest guns in the game, sporting a coat of dark purple that covers the entire weapon – a bit like Deadly Nightshade.

Don’t be fooled by any pirate carrying this, as they could have drawn a lot of blood to get it.

The Dawn Hunter Blunderbuss is available to purchase only after you’ve got the Grade 4 Plundered Prizes Commendation.

You get this by handing in 480 items from other factions to the Reapers Bones.

If you spot a pirate with this gun, they could have just handed in items they found on the ground. But they could have also slain hundreds of crews and mercilessly sold their plunder for it too.

You won’t know for certain – but that Deadly Nightshade color could be more appropriate than you think!

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