Sims 4 CC For a Home Cinema & Movie Theater

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Movie theaters might be one of the most beloved places in the world.

So of course, one of the biggest marks of success is actually bringing the movie theater into your own home.

Even if you used it once a month, wouldn’t it be amazing to have theater-quality movie screenings, seating, and snacks nearby, ready and waiting for whenever you want them?

Of course it would. At its core, a home cinema really signifies that you’re a lot of fun, so it’s a great thing to bring to our Sim’s houses as well.

And even if you (and your Sims) aren’t huge movie fans, this is an epic room idea for mansions! Every time I’ve attempted to build a house with more than about 6 rooms, I start running out of things to dedicate them to.

Now I can see this is something I’ve been overlooking all this time.

And while the Movie Hangout stuff pack is great, we could always use a little more.

CC creators have made it possible for us to deck out our TS4 home theater in any way we want, whether it’s recreating the typical ‘movies’ look, or going with a more laid back ‘entertainment center’ type of thing.


1. Movie Theater Seats & Clutter

Theater Seats and Movie Clutter - TS4 CC

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If you’re gonna shoot for that classic look, you’re gonna want these seats.

Cushy red chairs with a cupholder are a staple of the cinema experience.

It’s sort of a stereotype that movie theater seats are really uncomfortable. But my experience has been quite the opposite. They’re pretty comfy.

If the movie isn’t that engrossing, it wouldn’t even be that hard to nap in one.

I certainly wouldn’t mind bringing them to my home. And our Sims seem to find everything but cheap beds comfortable if their moodlets are any indication.

These seats also come with soda and popcorn deco items, and the seats have slots to set them on, which is a nice touch.


2. Outdoor Movie Screen & Sound Equipment

Outdoor Movie Screen CC - Sims 4

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Here we have a bit of a different take on the home theater experience: your Sims can now watch movies outside!

All you really need is a giant screen and some speakers, and those are provided here.

The rest of the experience is up to you, and I think that’s the funnest part.

Do you want to maintain the classic look by using seats from above? Or just go for the patio chairs we already have in-game?

Are you gonna use some outdoor lights or let your Sims own the night?

You’ll have to decide whether you want to place some rugs or if you’re cool with watching a movie on the grass, too.

I’m pretty sure the only thing that can top having a cinema within your house, is having one in the backyard.

Ah, to be a Sim watching a movie with friends on a warm summer night. And unlike real life, you can manipulate the weather to cooperate.


3. Popcorn Box

Popcorn Box Object CC - The Sims 4

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Popcorn will be a recurring theme here, as it should be.

I can seldom remember a time I’ve watched a movie without the crunch-crunch-crunch of people eating popcorn in my ears, or the smell of butter in the air.

These boxes will be a perfect sideline item in your Sim’s home cinema. They’re those old school rectangular boxes, with Simlish options and smiling popcorn on the front.

How inviting.

It’s like the popcorn is happy for you to eat it.


4. Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate Boxes for movies - Sims 4 CC

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Chocolate is second only to popcorn as the best movie snack.

I don’t have statistics or sources to back this up, but you know it’s true.

This candy from SIMcredible! brings the best of poppable chocolates to your Sims. These M&M’s and Willy Wonka sweets will be perfect alongside the popcorn and sodas!

It’s a shame there isn’t more candy for our Sims to actually eat. They’re being so deprived.


5. Cinema Posters

Cinema Posters - Sims 4 CC

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Anyone who has a home cinema has to really love movies.

Put that love on display with these posters of some of the classics.

I’m pretty sure these are the actual promo images for those movies, which is awesome. Some of the most famous and widely loved movies are here, including Jaws, The Godfather, Jurassic Park, and The Silence of the Lambs.

This CC creator clearly has good taste, and now you can show that your Sims do too.


6. Simlish Film Posters

Famous Film Posters - Sims 4 CC

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Here we have some more options for showing your Sim’s passion for film, this time with posters that are all in Simlish.

From the language to the design, to the ‘actors’ in the images – it’s a Sim fest.

These are seriously incredible.

I’m not positive how these were created, but if it was half as difficult as I imagine it is, this Simmer should get an award or something. You can tell with a single glance which movie each poster is portraying, and the Sims are insanely close to the real-life actors.

There’s quite the variety here to choose from, too.

You can either stick with the classics like Gone With the Wind and Casablanca, or pick some modern legends in the making such as The Martian or The Hunger Games.


7. Disney Movie DVDs

Disney Movie DVDs - Sims 4 CC

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A lot of people already consider DVDs a thing of the past.

They’ve basically been overtaken by digital entertainment, especially in the age of minimalism and de-cluttering.

Well I think DVDs are still the best.

I want my favorite movies on my shelf, to look at and always be ready for use. In The Sims, DVDs are a good deco item to promote the same idea.

Best of all, these are Disney DVDs!

So many of these movies are cherished by so many people. Seriously, the mere sight of the Dumbo one made my heart clench.

With these discs lined up on your Sim’s shelves, it’ll be like displaying what a great selection they have for their cinema.


8. Popcorn

Popcorn Deco CC for The Sims 4

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At last we’ve reached the peak of popcorn deco: a big ‘ol bucket overflowing with buttery goodness.

This is the size everyone wants to get at the movies, even though you know you couldn’t eat the whole thing.

For your Sims, it’s all about the aesthetic.

And that’s one of the best things about this game: that popcorn can be basically considered a statue.

Whether your Sim’s watching movies in their home, the cinema, or their backyard, they can have their popcorn nearby.


9. Home Theater System

Home Theater System CC - TS4

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This is a more low-key way to go about having a home theater, with less focus on a big screen and snacks and more focus on the sound.

Your audio experience is just as important as the visuals when you watch a movie, right?

That’s often most of the fun.

The way someone says something, or the music falling or crescendoing, or the wall-shaking explosions or thunder.

Of course, entertainment is never that intense for our Sims. But you can at least give the illusion in their home theater with this CC set.


10. Celestia Wall Television

Celestia Wall Television For Home Theater - Sims 4 CC

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Nothing else matters if your Sims don’t have a screen to watch movies on!

You’ll probably want to use a different TV than the one in their living room or bedroom, because a home theater just won’t be as special if they already have the same screen elsewhere in the house.

And this television CC from ArtVitalex is a fun, sleek new mesh for a wall television that will be perfect for those stay-in cinema days.

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