15 Best JoJo Mods & CC For The Sims 4 (All Free)

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For a manga series that began way back in 1987, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has managed to remain relevant and influential in pop culture like few others.

The Sims has been around for a bit less time. But it’s also basically the life simulation title. Everyone loves The Sims – and that includes Jojo fans.

Considering they’re so good on their own, why don’t we mix up some JJBA and TS4?

Here are some of the best Jojo’s-themed CC that the Internet has to offer.


15. Yoshikage Kira Suit

Yoshikage Kira Suit Sims 4 CC

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The main villain in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s fourth part is Yoshikage Kira, a psychopathic serial killer with a slick fashion sense and a deeply disturbed mind.

In other words, it’s a Japanese Hannibal Lecter.

If that sounds like one of your Sims, you’d do good to get them this Yoshikage Kira suit. It’s the perfect outfit for the clinically insane to pass as a regular law-abiding citizen.

You could also create the perfect Kira clone and set him loose on your Sims.


14. Josuke & Okuyasu CC Set

Josuke & Okuyasu CC Set for Sims 4

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Since you’re already getting the villain, don’t miss the chance to introduce protagonist Josuke Higashikata and his enemy-turned-bestie Okuyasu Nijimura to your Sims game.

This doesn’t only include their distinctive outfits, but each character’s hair. It sure wouldn’t have made sense to include Josuke without his treasured pompadour hairstyle.

These items are all very detailed and true to the original material.

They’re also shadowed in a way that makes them fit into TS4 perfectly while also retaining a little bit of the manga look.


13. Jolyne Cujoh Outfit + Tattoo

Jolyne Cujoh Outfit + Tattoo TS4 CC

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Since Part 6 hasn’t seen an animated adaptation yet, many people don’t know the bad-ass female Jojo – Jolyne Cujoh. Now, you get a chance to bring her into your game.

You’ll have to get this one in parts. You can get the top here and the pants here.

It isn’t exactly accurate to the manga, but it’s clean and high-quality.

Ideal for cosplaying Jolyne, but your Sim could technically wear it anywhere if they’re brave enough.


12. Suzi Q CC Set

Suzi Q CC Set Sims 4 CC

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Everybody loves Suzi Q, a ditzy maid working for Lisa Lisa when the events of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency unfold.

She doesn’t get much screentime during Battle Tendency. But after marrying Joseph Joestar, she goes on to appear in Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable.

This CC set includes her maid uniform and her flowery hat (to which the hair is attached for convenience).

It’s one of the best-quality sets out there, bringing content from one of the best Jojo’s seasons.


11. Jotaro CC Set

Jotaro CC Set screenshot

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Jotaro is probably the most recognizable Jojo. He’s in video games like Jump Force, countless memes, and even gets made into mods from time to time.

This CC set includes his hat and hair, shirt and jacket, shoes, and even earrings.

It also features a turtleneck top similar to the one seen in Diamond is Unbreakable.

These all come in several interesting color variations. You can choose colors that make the outfit more closely resemble his Part 4 look, or emulate Josuke and Giorno’s color palettes.

While the outfit’s colors and style are reminiscent of his Stardust Crusaders look, the proportions are more in-line with what you’d see in Golden Wind flashbacks.


10. Polnareff & Avdol CC Set

Polnareff & Avdol CC Set Sims 4 CC

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For a more complete Stardust Crusaders gang, you should also get Polnareff and Avdol.

These two are the “multi-cultural” component of the Stardust Crusaders, given they’re from nations other than Japan. Polnareff’s French origins bleed through his romantic nature and precise movements, while Avdol looks like an Egyptian mystic from miles away.

This set includes both their outfits and hairstyles, so you can correctly port them into your game. No detail was too small to fit – and even Polnareff’s earrings are just like in the original material.


9. Giorno Giovanna Poster

Giorno Giovanna Poster TS4 CC

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When I was younger, I dreamt of decorating my home with bigger & more tasteful versions of the anime posters that plastered my bedroom walls.

Of course, life had other plans – as did my girlfriend back when we were sprucing up the place.

Still, the dream lives within me. And I’ve found a way to scratch the itch by adding this Giorno Giovanna Poster to my Sim’s abode.

It’s Giorno’s face on your wall. It’s perfect.

This lovely piece of wall décor comes in four swatches for different frame colors, so it’ll look fantastic wherever you decide to place it.


8. Various Jotaro Hats

Various Jotaro Hats Sims 4 CC

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A great way to show off your Jojo fandom both in real life and in TS4 are themed hats.

This set of Jotaro hats is based on what the character wears in every one of his incarnations. There’s a black Stardust Crusaders hat, the white one from Diamond is Unbreakable, and also a multi-colored one based on the Stone Ocean manga.

While these hats will look amazing on anyone with a daring fashion sense, you can also use them for cosplay if you pair them with our next entry.


7. Various Jotaro Outfits

Various Jotaro Outfits for Sims 4

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Made by the same user as the CC above, this “Various Jotaro Outfits” set includes everything else you need to dress up as Jotaro from either Stardust Crusaders, Diamond is Unbreakable, or Stone Ocean.

He wore a mostly black Japanese High-school uniform as the main character of Stardust Crusaders, a very similar but white-colored outfit in his mentor role in Diamond is Unbreakable, and a colorful, mostly purple one in Stone Ocean.

These are by no means the most detailed and accurate outfits for Sims 4 CC.

They’re more of an adaptation than a copy, so they look right at home in vanilla TS4.


6. Jojo Lines

Jojo Lines Sims 4 CC

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If you’re trying to turn your game into a sort of Jojoverse simulator – or if you want your Sims to look more “anime-ish” – then you have to try Jojo Lines.

This tattoo pack comes in seven different styles and color palettes to give your Sims the ultimate Jojo makeover by adding lines reminiscent of the way faces are drawn in Jojo’s manga.

Since it works for all ages and genders, it has the potential to change your entire game into the most laid-back, uneventful Jojo’s episode to date.


5. DIO – Shadow Version Set

DIO – Shadow Version Set TS4 CC

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If you like Jojo’s and playing with vampire Sims on TS4, then this DIO CC set is something you need right now.

After all, who could be better to lead your vampire household than the most powerful vampire on the face of the earth – DIO.

This rendition of the dastardly Jojo’s villain is just perfect. It even includes the Joestar birthmark on his back from his Stardust Crusaders incarnation.

If you’re not interested in accuracy, you’ll enjoy the 18 alternative color palettes for the outfit.


4. The World Outfit

The World Outfit Sims 4 CC

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Of course, DIO isn’t complete without his Stand – ZA WARUDO.

The World is one of the most potent Stands ever to appear in Jojo’s. It excels at close-range combat, but that’s ultimately irrelevant considering it can just stop the flow of time and close the distance to beat you up.

This outfit will turn a Sim into The World, so you can take great screenshots of Stand User and Stand side-by-side, or to keep a The World Sim around in your Jojo’s-inspired household.


3. Jotaro Outfit

Jotaro Outfit Sims 4 CC

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We already took a look at a CC set to dress up as Jotaro from Stardust Crusaders.

But this one is likely better in every way.

Its appearance is faithful to the manga, and the model is of extremely high quality. The hat/hair is perfect in this one, and it comes in seven color combinations, whereas the rest of the suit is available in 15.

As expected, these alternative color palettes include a black-and-white one similar to his look in Part 4 and other funky options.


2. Star Platinum Outfit

Star Platinum Outfit Sims 4 CC

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Much like DIO, Jotaro wouldn’t be himself without his Stand – Star Platinum.

Like The World, Star Platinum excels at close-range combat and can move so fast, it’s almost like stopping time. In fact, Star Platinum eventually manages to copy The World’s ability, which ultimately leads to DIO’s defeat near the end of Stardust Crusaders.

This outfit will turn your average Sim into a towering wall of purple muscle. It comes in four different colors and looks strangely at-home in TS4.


1. Bucciarati’s Gang CC Sets

Bucciarati’s Gang CC Sets for Sims 4

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After looking far and wide, I couldn’t get a complete set of Part 3 or Part 4 characters, but Golden Wind is another story.

Thanks to fantastic creator Drosims – responsible for many entries on this list – we get the entire “Bucci” Gang for our TS4 game.

You can now see what Giorno, Trish, Abbacchio, Mista, Fugo, Narancia, and Bucciarati would be like if they didn’t have to spend so much time killing Stand Users.

You can also get some secondary characters like Risotto Nero and Prosciutto from the same designer, if you want to go all the way.

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