Sims 4 Romance Poses For Lovey-Dovey Moments

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They say love is blind, and that may be true in some cases.

But in The Sims, no part of a Sim’s romance is generally unexpected.

You know exactly what you want from them and how to make it happen.

Even if a relationship comes about naturally, to fully appreciate it, you as the player will have to take over the reins here and there.

Otherwise those pesky Sims with wills of their own will mess things up. Flirting with the maid, going along advances from their spouse’s sister… yes, I’m speaking from experience.

Mayhem can ensue if you don’t keep an eye on them!

One of the easiest ways to do that, while also taking a moment to enjoy your dearest Sims, is to use poses.

They can do everything. From putting your Sims in scenes you’d never imagine, to giving you true legacy heirlooms to look back on.

There are tons of pose packs that focus especially on the most joyous time of your Sim’s lives, when they’re madly in love.

And here’s our list of some of the best ones.


1. Sweet Couple Poses

Sweet Couple Poses for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

These are exactly as they say on the tin, sweet!

Sickeningly, beautifully so.

They’re also simple, as love can often be.

You Sims can be in any of these three poses, and the two of them will stand subtly intertwined. The Sim at the back will have their arms wrapped around the Sim in front – who may or may not be covering their hands with their own, depending on the pose.

And the best part of all is that you can use these for nearly any situation you have in mind.

Engagement photos, a simple picture to hang above the fireplace, and anything else where you may need to get your Sims together in one frame.

It’s all made easy with this little set.


2. Romeo & Juliet Romantic Pose

Romeo & Juliet Romantic Pose Set / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

It’s a little crazy to think that Romeo and Juliet were two fictional lovers centuries ago, and here we are all this time later still taking inspiration from them.

That’s the true love everyone chases, even Sims.

Hopefully their end will be better than Romeo and Juliet’s.

There must be something in between that and the typical player-forced Sim death, honestly…

We’ll just assume this pose took inspiration from their passionate romance only. And in that case, that intense love is certainly felt here.

This single pose is modeled after one of the popular scenes that play out between Romeo and Juliet that you’ve probably seen before, featuring the male Sim (aka Romeo) half sitting on a railing to kiss the other Sim – er, Juliet.

You get the idea.

Switch those names with your Sim’s as it suits you and make the story your own.


3. Swing Poses

Swinging Couple Poses / TS4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

When the lovey-dovey feels are at their height between two people, they tend to be unable to keep their hands off of each other.

No situation is inappropriate for expressing love…

Well, that’s definitely not true. But that’s how it can feel!

Sims especially have very little tact when it comes to these matters, which is again where it comes in handy to be able to impose your will over them.

See, we as people know our mother’s birthday party is not the time to get hot and heavy with your girlfriend of three days, in front of the family no less… but Sims just clearly don’t know about boundaries.

And yep, this is another situation taken from my own legacy adventures.

Those frisky little devils.

But there are plenty of situations that are fine for couples to have a moment together which aren’t possible in this game outside of poses.

These custom poses from Ratboysims incorporate the swing from Seasons, and the results are quite lovely.

Your Sims can sit on the swings and hold hands in the middle, kiss against the frame, stare longingly into one another’s eyes, and more.

I don’t know about you, but this sure wasn’t something I envisioned when I saw that swing.

But that’s why I’m not the one making poses!


4. Couple Poses

Romantic Couple Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

There are 5 poses here, and the Sims are touching in every single one.

So I’d say this definitely fits the bill if you’re seeking lovey-dovey poses.

You’ll find great variety here too, with some each pose being vastly different from the others.

One is a seated position on a sofa, where your Sim’s will appear to be dozing, hand in hand, while the female Sim rests her head on the other’s shoulder.

Two of the other poses are standing positions, where the female Sim will be piggy backing or being held up by the male Sim.

And in the others, your Sims will be on the ground, either sitting or lying. All of them certainly are captivating!


5. Spring Fever Pose Pack

Spring Fever Romance Pose Pack / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Weather is known to have a huge impact on people’s psyches, whether they want to admit it or not.

Hah, you see that? Weather and whether? The English language is so brilliant – you can’t have sentences that poetic in Simlish.

Ahem, anyway… if you have Seasons, then you especially know what a special time Spring is for couples.

There’s Love Day, of course, plus they can finally go out in the world again after a winter of being cooped up in the house.

Romance is in the air. And pollen. But mostly romance.

These 10 poses will allow you to make the most of Spring with a whole range of situations.

In some, they’re on the ground. You can position them on the nice green grass for romantic time in the sun.

But there are some other fun poses as well, including one Sim carrying the other, and silly moments where one Sim is sitting on her beau’s knees.


6. Darling, I Love You Pose Pack

Darling, I Love You Pose Pack / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

“Love language” is a thing because there are so many ways to express your fondness for somebody.

There are plenty of non-physical ways, but that isn’t often the route romance takes in the heat of the moment.

That’s exactly where these poses will capture your Sims in their own little world with some subtle, romantic moments.

Some will have your Sims sharing delicate kisses on the nose or lips. And in another they’re embracing, peaceful and happy.

There are just two more to this pack – but they’re quite fun.

The female Sim will be held up by her guy, either around his back or up front, where they’ll be gazing at each other all longingly.


7. Romantic Hugs

Romantic Hugs Poses for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Hugs are definitely part of that love language I was just talking about. And they can take many forms.

There’s a reason why “hug” is in the Friendly category of interactions, while “embrace” is romantic.

Context certainly means a lot. And there’s no doubt that the two Sims in these poses have some deep feelings for one another.

With this set of four poses, you’ll have some nice intimate moments to enjoy.

In each one, the Sims have their arms wrapped around each other. And there’s a lot of personality here.

In some poses it appears they’re whispering sweet nothings to each other, or simply enjoying each other’s company.

These are perfect for you to snap some photos when it’s your Sims wedding, anniversary, date night, or even just for the heck of it.

You’ll have some nice keepsakes to remember them by as their lives go on.


8. When I’m With You Pose Pack Pt. IV

When I’m With You Pose Pack Pt. IV / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

When you’re with that special person, that can feel like the happiest you’ve ever been.

Two lovebirds can always be spotted from a mile away – because their joy is so palpable and contagious.

There’s certainly nothing subtle about the love in this pose pack.

They’re loud, proud, and fun, just as romance should be!

With these 9 poses, your Sims can show how much they mean to each other.

With lots of kisses, hugs, and laughter.

Most of them are upright, placing your Sims in standing positions that can be used inside or out. But there is one that will require a bed. So they can cuddle on it, of course.


9. Bed Stories

Romantic Bed Stories Poses / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Is it even love if you don’t pester each other at the most inopportune times?

Probably not, because someone who’s willing to put their book down for you is the true sign of a keeper!

In this pose set, a Sim is at the base of a bed reading and the other Sim is there, looking over his shoulder.

They then start playing around a little, and the final pose is pretty steamy, with the male Sim sort of pinning his lady to the floor.

All in good fun, of course.

No Sims were hurt in the making or use of these poses.

Most pose packs tell a story through all the poses. But you can always just use a single one, or even mix and match.

That’s what I love about poses: it’s super easy to adapt them to the needs of your own game.


10. RED: A Lovey Dovey Pose Pack

RED: A Lovey Dovey Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here’s a big set of poses created with the specific idea of being a lovey dovey, mushy, super affectionate couple.

I say this fondly, though.

There’s quite a variety here – and I can’t wait to use every single one.

And once you see your Sims in them for yourself, these are guaranteed to be permanent residents of your mod folder!

The amazing thing about these poses is just how many different areas are covered in one pose pack… and I do mean that literally.

There’s a pose including a counter, where one Sim will be sitting on it and the other Sim will be there, creating a rather intense pose where their gazes are locked.

More than one will get your Sims lounging down on the ground chatting.

And even more will see your Sims kissing.

Lots of and lots of kisses here, and they’re precious every time!

Last but not least, there’s also an awesome couch pose as well where one Sim will be resting with their head in the other Sim’s lap.


11. ILY Like The Earth Loves The Moon Pose Pack

Like The Earth Loves The Moon Pose Pack / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

You know a pose pack is bound to be incredible when the creator makes a whole video featuring them.

It’s easy to see what beautiful love any two Sims using these poses have, and how deep it is.

You’ll have 12 to choose from here – and most are quite physical and adorable.

Some of these will take a bit of planning to pull off. But it will be well worth it.

One pose is made specifically for your Sims to look at the moon together. That’s amore.

The rest of these will show just how captivated your Sims are with one another.

There are some poses where the male Sim is lifting the female, he’s putting a necklace on her, they’re simply admiring each other or kissing, and much more.

All together, these equal quite a night for those lucky Sims.


12. My Love Pose Pack

My Love Pose Pack / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Your Sims will truly look like they’re having the time of their lives here.

This pack has some silly poses, some flirty ones, as well as some that will simply have them sit down for a chat.

Isn’t that the trifecta of a great relationship anyway?

Fun, flirting, and talking?

That’s a good summary, at least for Sim relationships.

Some of these are quite unique, like the ones that will make your Sims appear to be chasing each other through the house, or running along hand in hand.

There’s also one where the Sim will have his hands wrapped around the other’s waist, or lifting her up.


13. Romantic Dance

Romantic Dance Poses for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Dancing has been an expression of intimacy for eons.

Even long before public displays of affection were acceptable, a dance while two folks were courting was nothing out of the ordinary at public events.

Well, people are a lot less concerned with keeping everything behind closed doors today.

But there’s still something to be said for a classy slow dance.

Especially since there’s no option for your Sims to actually do that, this way you can admire them in those moments for as long as you please.

There are four poses in this set, perfectly crafted to put your Sims in the typical slow dancing scenario, complete with a spin and a kiss.

It’ll be nice to have these on hand to use whenever the mood is right and the music is on, whether that’s at home or during a wedding.


14. Together With Him

Together With Him Pose Set / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Unless you’ve forced your ideas upon your Sims to the extent that I have, then you may not be aware that gender doesn’t actually matter much with poses.

Many are made for heterosexual couples specifically, or at least the models are.

But most of the time, you can’t tell the difference if a male Sim is in a “female” pose, and vice versa.

Still, it’s nice for there to be no question and have straightforward options available for the same sex Sim couples out there.

This creator made these poses just for two guys, and they’re pretty cute.

Your fellas in love can kiss here, share a moment with their arms wrapped together, and one can even carry the other.

They’re simple and charming – as all the ideal romantic moments are.


15. Sulani Romance Poses

Sulani Romance Poses for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Vacations can be a wonderful time for two lovers to take on the world.

Experiencing new things together is always a fantastic bonding experience.

These poses were made specifically for Sulani, and beautiful shots always come from that world anyway.

But like all poses, how you use these is up to you.

If you’d like to make these work on the dreary beaches of Brindleton Bay or a grassy field in Newcrest, go for it.

What the creator has done here is something that every Sim couple aspires to.

There are a lot of Instagram worthy poses for sure, like them walking hand in hand into the ocean from the woman’s perspective, kissing by a waterfall, hanging out together at the base of a palm tree, and plenty more.

I know the term “goals” gets used a lot and may be going out of fashion, but guys… these poses are goals.

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