Sims 4 Toy Story CC For True Pixar Fans

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Love Pixar and Toy Story?

More specifically, love the idea of Toy Story in The Sims 4?

If you said yes, then you’ve got a friend in me.

Alright, bad joke aside – Toy Story is a rightfully beloved franchise. So we’re not at all surprised to find a bunch of CC out there.

And we’ve collected all the best stuff right here: party decor, bedroom sets, and even a functional toy, plus a bit more all in this list.


Toy Story Party

Toy Story Party for Sims 4

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Our first entry isn’t just a CC set, but an already furnished lot for a Toy Story-themed birthday bash.

The Toy Story Party by MiguelCreations is a 30×20 lot with everything you need for an epic birthday celebration:

Balloons, decorated tables and chairs, an area for photos, arcade games, and of course, all the loveable characters from the movie series.

Just note that the lot and CC are separate. So remember to download the items first before putting the lot in your tray files.


First Set Toy Story

First Set Toy Story / TS4 CC

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It’s never too early to start loving Toy Story!

Julimo’s First Set Toy Story CC is a nine-item collection for your toddler-aged Sims to enjoy.

Choose between three toddler beds, three rugs, and three paintings, all of which depict Toy Story faves Slinky, Rex, and Forky.

Just want a single character theme?

Head to this page for individual downloads.


Forky Toy Story 4 (Functional)

Forky Toy Story 4 (Functional) Sims 4 CC

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First introduced in Toy Story 4, the talking spork Forky has quickly become a fan favorite.

So we’re not surprised that LaPetiteBoutique created a functional Forky toy for The Sims 4.

Yep, your child Sims can actually enjoy play time with Forky as they would any other functional toy available in-game.

And all you need is the base game to use it, so no worries about owning other packs.


Bedroom CC – Toy Story

Bedroom CC Set For Toy Story / The Sims 4

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This Toy Story Bedroom Set by VictorMiguel is Toy Story overload in the best way.

This nine-item CC collection is for the toddler Sims who’ve outgrown the First Set bedroom, and need the real deal.

You’ll find a bed, dresser, bookshelf, and even the iconic blue cloud wallpaper seen in Andy’s bedroom.

There’s also wall decals, posters, and much more.


Sims 4: Decorations For Kids Disney Vol. 1

Sims 4: Decorations For Kids Disney / TS4 CC

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While JenniSims’ Disney toy set isn’t Toy Story exclusive, it does feature decorative toys of the most recognizable characters from the series:

Woody, Buzz, and Jessie.

And since you don’t need to actually use every single toy, you can simply buy those and ignore the rest. Or buy the rest if you’re a Disney fan.

And if you are, there’s also Bambi, Pluto, Pinocchio, and Mrs. Incredible of The Incredibles.

Plus there are no requirements for packs listed, so this one appears to be base-game friendly.


Toy Story Andy’s House

Toy Story Andy’s House / Sims 4 CC

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The Davis House is as much of an integral part of the Toy Story movies as the toys themselves.

So we absolutely love FrauEngel’s recreation of the family home.

This custom lot comes in two fully furnished versions: the original Toy Story home as it was when Andy’s a child, and the Toy Story 3 version when Andy is leaving for college.

While there’s some CC featured in the photos, there are alternative no-CC versions available on the gallery and for direct download.


Toy Story Halloween Costumes

Toy Story Halloween Costumes for The Sims 4

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When it comes to his-and-hers Halloween costumes, what’s more romantic than Woody and Bo-Peep?

The answer is nothing, of course.

Which is why Spooky Stuff pack owners will love this Toy Story Halloween costume CC set by Rimings.

This HQ set combines the super cute pairing of Sheriff Woody and his longtime crush, Bo-Peep.

There’s a top, bottom, dress, and hat that have a combined 44 swatches. And they’re all base-game friendly.


Toy Story Collection

Toy Story Collection Pack / Sims 4 CC

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Two costumes not enough?

Let’s introduce you to Danny’sDomain’s Toy Story Collection!

This four-costume set includes a Maxis-Match friendly version of Woody and Bo-Peep, along with Buzz and Jessie.

If you’ve gotten tired of the Star Wars-themed group costumes available in-game, this one’s a great alternative.

Just note that the Get Together expansion pack is required (and Spooky Stuff highly recommended if you love Halloween), but otherwise, you’re good to go.

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