Best Sims 4 Video Game Mods & CC (All Free)

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Video games have slowly turned into a culture mainstay throughout the 2010’s.

Some of you may have grown up as Nintendo fanboys or a PC loyalist.

Regardless, anyone who considers themselves a gamer loves the idea of kicking back and putting in countless hours glued to a screen.

This list can help build the true gaming cave you’ve always wanted… well, in The Sims, anyways.

Time to put on halt on slaying dragons or throwing virtual touchdowns as we breakdown this epic gaming CC list.


10. Optic Gaming Jersey

Optic Pro Gaming Jersey decor - Sims 4

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If you were hardcore gamer in the late 2000’s, you would know Optic was one of the top clans in gaming at the time.

They were especially known for Call of Duty and Counter Strike, and reinvented the gaming scene on YouTube, alongside their rival clan FaZe.

Here we see an awesome virtual replica of the team’s eSports jerseys from 2017.

It features the classic lime green and black team colors, and of course the famous Optic logo.

Any fan might want to dust off their intervention and snag this jersey.


9. Razer Gaming PC

Razer Gaming PC Mod for Sims 4

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PC gaming has always been a big part of the gaming industry.

However, it recently regained its popularity with the rise of battle royale titles such as Fortnite and PUBG.

We see SimGamer88 encapsulate the average PC gamer with popular gaming PC brand, Razer.

It features the name and an extraordinary rainbow-colored logo on the backside, giving it more swag than the other weird Sims computers in-game.


8. Hardcore Gamer Trait

Hardcore Gamer Trait - Sims 4 Mod

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This is a very unique thing for any of my lists, and it’s a Sim trait.

DreadMermaid introduces the hardcore gamer trait, which grants positive moodlets from gaming. Along with faster video game skill development.

I think it’s cool to have this trait to build a gamer Sim since it expands on the career by including a trait that promotes the idea of a gamer “positively”.

Time to get livestreaming!


7. PC Game Clutter

PC Game Clutter - Sims 4 CC Pack

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What’s gaming without the games?

Thanks to kardofe, we have access to this awesome PC game clutter pack. It features around 20 games total, so this set would go great next to your gaming desk, or even as shelf clutter in your TV room.

Some notable titles are Gears of War, Halo, and The Sims 3!

What level of inception would it be to have your Sim playing its predecessor on PC?

The coin would definitely still be spinning, in my opinion.


6. Sony PS4 Console

Sony PS4 Console CC for The Sims 4

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Sony fanboys, we’re at your stop.

As someone who grew up on the PlayStation side of the fence, this item is a definite for my Sims household.

Sim4fun includes both the standing and resting version of the console, and even includes the blue LED to show it’s turned on.

It also features the box it comes in, which is a nice touch to an already realistic piece.

P.S. for you Xbox fans, I couldn’t find a good enough version of the One, so I promise there wasn’t bias here!


5. Pokémon Sphere Chair

Pokémon Sphere Chair CC for The Sims 4

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One of the more outlandish items on this list comes from top creator Nynaevedesign.

This comes from every kid’s favorite game growing up, Pokémon!

If you had a hard enough time picking your starter, this sweet chair comes in two swatches of Red and Blue (what are the chances).

Shaped like a Poke ball, this is the perfect chair for any kid’s room. Or for grown adults who love Pokémon (no judgement here!)

Professor Oak would be proud if he was a part of The Sims universe. And he would definitely want you to catch this piece.


4. Nintendo Switch Set

Nintendo Switch CC Set for The Sims 4

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Creator littledica bring us a great take on the real-life Nintendo Switch.

The set comes with the dock, controllers, and portable playability.

But the best part of this set?

The Switch is fully functional so your Sim can actually play. What more could you really ask for?

The perfect gaming console CC for a growing young family.


3. Arcade Machines

Arcade Machines Modded in The Sims 4

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Gaming as a whole has come a long way. But before multiplayer or even handheld platformers, we had the almighty arcade games.

Simadream absolutely nails the idea of vintage gaming with this plethora of functional arcade machines.

This set includes 5 base game machines, 2 for City Living users, and an additional 2 for anyone that wants multiplayer with another Sim.

You can play Blic Bloc, Sims Forever, and Density Effect, among some others.

This is perfect for any gaming cave. Or even better, for someone who wants to open up a local arcade in their Sims town. I smell a small business idea!


2. Super Mario Costumes

Super Mario Costumes for The Sims 4

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There’s no way I could make this gaming list without having at least one item for the video game king himself, Mario.

Annett Herler does an awesome job making these fully-fledged costumes featuring Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach.

If you ever wanted to run through Mushroom Kingdom, this is a good starting place for potentially creating a Mario universe within The Sims 4.

Don’t forget to keep some 1-ups handy!


1. DX Racer Gaming Chair

DX Racer Gaming Chair - Sims 4 CC

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Topping our list are these stunning gaming chairs by TheJellyBelly94.

Every gamer’s setup is incomplete without a gaming chair. And these in particular are masterfully crafted.

The realism and brand are on par, along with featuring 8 unique swatches with my personal favorite being the ultraviolet color scheme.

Nothing is more a part of gaming than sitting for countless hours grinding away.

And there’s no better way to do that, than comfortably.

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