Skyrim: Best XP & Level Up Mods For Faster Leveling

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Let’s be honest: we don’t all have as much time to play games as we once did.

When Skyrim first came out, I had hours upon hours to invest into it. And I loved every minute of it.

But times change, and modding really helps keep the gameplay fun in a shorter amount of time.

In this list we’re ranking all the best mods for faster leveling in Skyrim. Whether you wanna run the game super OP, or just want a boost to experience the story again without any problems, there’s bound to be a mod here that can help.


10. Easy Lockpicking

Easy Lockpicking Preview / Skyrim Mod

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The title kind of gives this one away.

But it’s absolutely a staple worth trying out.

This mod basically makes lockpicking easier than before. It won’t be instant or pointless, but easier.

Now you can solve those master locks much faster to get better gear quickly.

There are plenty of doors and chests in Skyrim to plunder – and this mod will help immensely.


9. Potion of Ultimate Leveling

Potion of Ultimate Leveling / Skyrim Mod

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One of the more game-breaking mods on this list is this Potion of Ultimate Leveling.

Basically it immediately adds 85 to every skill.

You’ll still have to craft this potion, but the mod even makes that easier as well!

This is a quick solution to really rank up perks quickly – but with that said, it is not as gradual as some players might prefer.


8. Easy Gold

Easy Gold Skyrim Mod Screenshot

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If money is the extra boost that you’re looking for, then Easy Gold is the obvious choice to install.

You can buy decent gear or supplies much quicker with this mod.

Basically you’ll find a chest with gold at the Whiterun Stables, as well as a powerful and expensive bow.

You can keep this bow or sell it for a decent amount.

It also feels fairly lore-friendly so this one isn’t gonna break the game too much.


7. Instant Mastery – Speed Level

Instant Mastery Speed Level / Skyrim Mod

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This next mod can be a bit more gradual of a skill increase for your character.

You’ll find a new spell called “Instant Mastery”. And when you cast it, it’ll increase the rate of skill-gain from books.

This mod also adds skill books so you can rank up much quicker.

Since a lot of us have already played through Skyrim many times, this mod helps you to rank up to something more enticing than a traditional grind in-game.


6. Shelter for the Weak

Shelter for the Weak / Skyrim Mod

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Sometimes you just need a safe haven nearby in a hurry.

This mod aims to fix that problem, which in-turn makes the game easier & helps you level quicker too.

Basically this adds in various shelters and campsites throughout the world of Skyrim. There’s so many times you could be low on health and really need to rest in a safe spot – so it’s a good thing there are campsites all over!

Some of these rest stops also feature fast travel to get around the world faster as well.

I’ll admit this is a fairly simple mod, but it’s easy to see how it can help you progress in the game.


5. Faster Skill Leveling

Faster Skill Leveling Modpage / Skyrim Mod

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The Faster Skill Leveling mod is a great way to change how quickly you level those skills of yours.

There are four options to adjust the rate, which are x2 as fast, x5, x10, and even a slower half-speed rate of x0.5 if you want a real challenge.

The nice thing about this mod is that it uses perks to change the rate, which then allows the game itself to calculate everything else.


4. Skyrim Uncapper

Skyrim Uncapper Mod Preview

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One of the most powerful mods on this list is the Skyrim Uncapper.

This will unlock the skill level caps of 100 so you can level indefinitely.

Yes you did read that correctly.

And you also get benefits from skills up to level 199.

There are a lot of other options for this mod, including a different skill cap per skill, how fast leveling a skill will level the player, and how many points you get for attributes at each level increase.

This really is diverse in all the options you can pick from, and it definitely makes leveling much quicker than before.

But you can also simply become more powerful immediately if you play with some of the settings.


3. True Master Trainers & Skyrim Unlimited Training

True Master Trainers & Skyrim Unlimited Training (Mod Preview)

Skyrim True Master Trainers Mod

Skyrim Unlimited Training Mod

This next mod is actually a combination of two different mods.

They work very nicely together, and might as well be just a single entry.

True Master Trainers gives you the ability to actually master skills through training. This means you can be trained up to 100 instead of level 90.

Skyrim Unlimited Training pairs perfectly here, since it allows you to train as much as you want without waiting to level up.

The combined power of installing both these mods can make training much more useful.


2. Max All Skills

Max All Skills / Skyrim Mod

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If you want to get skill levels in a more lore-friendly way, then this mod is a great option.

You’ll find a tomb near Riverwood that instantly levels all your skills to 100.

This also has you level up along with the skill increase, which helps the rest of your player statistics in-game.

A story-driven playthrough is a good example of why you might want to use this mod vs the others in this list.

And it’s handy because you can quickly skip the early game and go straight into late-game dungeons.


1. SkyTweak

SkyTweak Skyrim Mod Preview Screenshot

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SkyTweak easily grabs the number one spot on this list.

It provides an in-game menu for adjusting skill levels, perk balancing, and much more.

This is one of the most exhaustive choices in terms of options that you can tinker with, but all without needing to use scripts or console commands at all.

Very newbie-friendly.

The developer went through a lot of effort to make this mod’s UI as easy as possible, and to make sure you can tweak the game to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’ve never used SkyTweak before then give it a shot – it’s a must-try mod.

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