Best Witcher 3 Armor Mods For More Protection

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Being a Witcher is by no means an easy task.

While you were taken in as a child and prepared your entire life to fight various types of monsters, that doesn’t mean your raw strength and elevated senses will always be enough.

A large part of being a Witcher is your superior knowledge of the enemy, and most of the time, preparation is key.

Having the right oils, weapons, and even armor play a huge role in how each battle turns out.

With that said, I’m here to help you prepare a bit better. And that’s by taking things beyond vanilla!

Here are some of the best armor mods you can add onto Witcher 3.


20. Alternate Ofir

Alternate Ofir Armor Mod

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Other than getting the best equipment for their stats, collecting all the armor sets in the game is also part of the fun.

Completing the Ofieri armor set also gets you the unlockable “I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool” achievement as an added bonus.

If you’ve already gotten all the pieces, you’ll find that it’s one of the more uncommon-looking armor sets in the game.

Some people didn’t like the blue and gold theme. Which made way for this alternate set from modder Rivianbleidd.

This mod changes the color scheme to a red and beige theme, and comes with black versions of the armor as well. Simple, but noticeable.


19. Griffin Set Redesign

Griffin Set Redesign - Armor Mod

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Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the first armor sets you’re going to come across in your new Witcher 3 playthrough – The Griffin School Witcher Gear.

As a set that you’ll likely complete during the early stages of the game, it doesn’t really do a good job in terms of getting you excited about other armor sets out there.

The armor looks pretty plain. And many have complained that it makes Geralt look quite bloated due to its shape.

Well modder Rustine Holgar96 took it upon himself to fix that, giving the Griffin set a fresh new look.

The set now looks much slimmer on Geralt, instead of making him look like “a giant lightbulb” (as the modder himself put it).


18. Warrior Leather Jacket Mastercrafted

Warrior Leather Jacket Mod for Witcher 3

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In a brand new save of Witcher 3, you usually start off with the Kaer Morhen armor set.

While the Kaer Morhen set is pretty basic compared to mostly everything else you’ll find throughout your game, many people prefer to keep in due to its iconic look.

This becomes more and more difficult as you progress through the game, as the most you can get out of the Kaer Morhen armor is to use it to craft the Warrior’s Leather Jacket set.

While the Warrior’s Leather Jacket set does have improved stats, it’s still hardly a good option towards the end game.

This mod fixes all of that. It allows you to take it all the way to the end – by replacing the Warrior’s Leather Jacket stats with those of the Mastercrafted Wolf Gear.


17. Leveling Kaer Morhen Armor and Warriors Leather Jacket

Leveling Kaer Morhen Armor Mod

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If you’re looking for a more natural way to make the Kaer Morhen set a viable end game option, you might want to consider this mod by Mikenekro.

This updates the game so that both the Kaer Morhen and Warrior’s Leather Jacket sets act like other armor sets, wherein they level up as Geralt’s skills progress.

This basically means the armor sets will improve along with Geralt as you get stronger, making them much more useful long-term.


16. Concept Art Bear Armor

Concept Art Bear Armor Mod

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As with any game, much of the initial concept art for Witcher 3 have seen changes upon release.

This always disappoints some fans, as the hype surrounding the initial announcements of any game is always what they expect to see in the final result.

The same was the case for modder Rustine, as he preferred the 2014 concept art versions of some of the armor sets in the game.

He brings them back with this mod, specifically changing the appearance of the Bear armor to match the original concept art version.


15. Concept Art Cat Armor

Concept Art Cat Armor Mod

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As a continuation to the previous mod entry, Rustine didn’t like the way the cat armor turned out in the final version of the game either.

As a result, he included this variation of the mod to replace the game’s cat armor with textures based on the 2014 concept art as well.

Basic, but still great for aesthetics.


14. Old Quality Witcher Armours

Old Quality Witcher Armours Mod

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Changes from initial concepts to final launch versions has come to be expected in video games.

But making visual changes through post-launch patches just doesn’t always work out.

While patch 1.2 did include a lot of great updates and new content for the game accompanying the Blood and Wine DLC, many fans weren’t pleased by how the patch made the armor sets look shiny and new.

Most preferred the worn dirty look of the armor sets pre-patch… and who else but modder Rustine is back to save the day.

The mod brings back the grittier appearance of all armor sets from before patch 1.2, so Geralt can always wear the scars he’s earned from each battle.


13. Darker and Leathery Wolf Gear

Darker and Leathery Wolf Gear Mod

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In line with keeping things darker and grittier, this is the mod to get if you’re a fan of the Wolf School armor set.

The mod offers two options for the Wolf Gear, allowing you to choose between a darker variant and a completely black set.

Not only does it change the tone of the armor, but an up-close look shows just how good these armor sets look.

The mod adds tons of details, especially to make the leather pieces look textured and much more realistic overall.


12. Lowered Hood Feline and Standard Manticore – Grandmaster Armor Revision

Grandmaster Armor Revision Mod

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This particular mod is actually more of a bonus, as it makes changes to two armor sets instead of just one.

To start off, the mod makes some minor visual changes to the Grandmaster Manticore armor, as modder monochrony didn’t like the chain mail chest piece that came with the upgrade.

The leveled armor now features the same chest piece as the standard version.

But the second armor set included with this mod is the Grandmaster Feline armor.

Many fans disliked how the Grandmaster Feline armor featured Geralt’s face covered in a hood, so monochrony changed that by adding the option to wear the hood permanently down. Simple, but captivating.


11. Royal Undvik Collection

Royal Undvik Collection Mod

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I’ll go ahead and consider this next mod a bonus as well.

While it does only affect one specific armor set, it gives you a total of 9 different variations for the Royal Undvik armor set.

The options include color variants that better reflect each of the different clans of Skellige, with green highlights for the Tordarroch, blue for Tuirseach, purple for Drummond, and so on.

The mod even includes additional features that allow you to change the appearance of the steel pieces, as well as to completely remove the fur from the armor.


10. Wolven Style Ursine Armor Set

Ursine Armor Set Mod

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Now this takes a different approach from the rest, as it doesn’t specifically focus on improving one specific armor set.

Vasilyevich just couldn’t choose between his two favorites, so instead he decided to make a combination of the two.

This mod takes the best of both worlds, taking the red color scheme of the Wolf set and mixing it with the heavier look of the Ursine armor set.

Vasilyevich even took the time to change all the little details like the pattern and stitching to make the two fit better together.


9. Polar Bear

Polar Bears Armor mod

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If you’re looking for a more unique visual take on the Ursine armor set, this Polar Bear mod by Dragonbird just might do the trick.

While the vanilla version of the Bear armor looks to be inspired by the American Black Bear, this mod takes the opposite approach.

Now this Polar Bear mod gives the Ursine armor a pristine white color scheme, almost giving Geralt a sort of cleric-like look.

It also provides different versions for each level, with the Mastercrafted version replacing the fur coat with a white scarf instead.


8. The Viking and Knight

Viking and Knight Armor Set

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While most modders tend to alter armor sets to make them more visually appealing, other are more creative.

They provide completely new armor options that aren’t included in the game, nor any of the DLC’s. That’s what we’re going for here.

The Viking and Knight mod comes complete with helmets, bears, swords, shields, and even face paint to dress Geralt either as a Viking or a knight with.

Just take a look at the previews to see how cool they look. I’m sure you’re going to end up wanting them for yourself.


7. Vagabond Armor

Vagabond Armor Witcher 3 Mod

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Another unique option is this Vagabond Armor by CraniumJ.

The armor takes Dettlaff’s coat as a base and adds relevant Witcher items to make it much more useful in your journeys.

It has Geralt looking more badass than ever in a trench coat, which was originally worn by a vampire I might add.

The armor, being a completely unique medium item, has 15% sign intensity and adrenaline point gain bonuses, 25% bludgeoning resistance, and 30% slashing resistance among others.


6. Roaming Witcher’s Armor

Roaming Witcher's Armor Preview

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The Roaming Witcher’s Armor mod is a massive set that adds 4 completely new armor types.

The variants include berserker, hunter, spellcaster, and vagabond.

So you’ll be able to choose whatever best fits your playstyle.

Each variant provides buffs towards a specific aspect of combat, with berserker for example giving you increased attack power and critical damage.

What’s even better about this mod is that each of the variants has four tiers!

So you’ll have upgrade options for whichever style you choose.


5. The Butcher of Blaviken Witcher’s Set

Butcher of Blaviken Witcher's Set

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As 4Strings’ Roaming Witcher’s Armor set grew in popularity, he just had to come back to give us more.

Three whole years after the initial mod, he now gives us The Butcher of Blaviken armor set.

This mod is considered to be a sequel to the Roaming Witcher’s Armor mod, improving on almost every aspect to make it run smoother with the rest of the game.

The new mod only comes with one set.

But it’s a complete one that includes armor, trousers, boots, gloves, and both a steel and a silver sword.

Stats of the set have been improved as well, and they can be found somewhere between their superior and mastercrafted counterparts.


4. Snake’s Eyepatch

Snake's Eyepatch Mod

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These next few are just fun armor mods that will probably make for a good laugh!

I just had to include these next two because come on, who doesn’t love Metal Gear Solid?

Well fine, you might not LOVE it, but I’m sure you’re at least familiar with it.

This mod simply allows Geralt to wear Snake’s eyepatch as seen in the Metal Gear games. Just give it a try and you may be surprised at how much Geralt can actually look like Snake.


3. Snake’s Combat Armor

Snake's Combat Armor Mod for Witcher 3

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If you want to take the Metal Gear fandom a notch higher, you can even have a complete set of Snake’s combat armor.

Modder NevilleZhu seems to be a huge Metal Gear fan as he brings us both these mods, that when combined, completely transform Geralt into Snake.

The armor set is a complete replica of the snow camouflage suit worn by Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Funny enough, we even covered a huge list of mods for that game too. Not as many Witcher 3 crossovers in there, though.


2. Deadpool’s Suit

Deadpool's Suit - Witcher 3 Armor Mod

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Now here we have another fun armor set from who else but NevilleZhu (this guy’s prolific).

The mod simply allows you to play the game as Deadpool – appearing exactly as he does with the film.

You might notice that he still wears the Witcher medallion even while dressed as Deadpool, so changing your attire apparently doesn’t make you any less legit.


1. Samurai Armor

Samurai Armor Set for Witcher 3

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Lastly we have this neat armor mod from mekan1987.

I know, Ghost of Tsushima is a completely different game. But let’s just jump on the samurai hype train for a second with this crossover.

Samurai have always been badass.

Geralt…also badass.

Combine the two?

Now we’re getting somewhere.

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