Trashcore Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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You’ve probably seen this absurd trashy trend sweeping the Animal Crossing community. But hey, one man’s trash, right?

The trashcore aesthetic brings that urban city feel to your island, along with a whole lot of clutter.

If you’re looking to go after a trashcore build, then this list of ideas is sure to please.

So gather your most trashy items, your craziest custom designs, plus lots of garbage bins, and let’s get started.


15. Abandoned Gas Station

Old abandoned trashcore gas station in ACNH
Image Source by @kelsie.acnh

No trashcore island is really complete without an abandoned gas station.

To make this, you’ll need to grab some simple panels first. You can then customize them with some custom graffiti, wooden planks, and metal designs.

You can also add a host of bamboo trees, custom stalls, and barrels to tie the whole look together.

Complete the scene with some old gas pumps and seats.


14. Jail Yard

Junky jailhouse design in New Horizons
Image Source by @crossing_horrors

Bring the trashcore style right to your front yard with this quirky design.

Here’s how you can do it:

You’ll need to first grab some jail bars to outline the area.

Next, you can add some custom stone flooring designs to really go with that junkyard theme.

Maybe even grab some broken glass custom designs to customize your simple panels with, and then pop ‘em outside.

Finish by adding some various barrels, a silo, a drum kit, and a trash can (of course) to complete the look.


13. The Junk Yard

Front yard full of junk - ACNH Trashcore IDea
Image Source by @jiwe618

Turn your yard into an absolute trash heap with this design.

You’ll first want to add some simple panels outside your home, and you can customize these with any sort of metal designs.

Be sure to get yourself a custom metal flooring design as well, and lay it down in your yard. You can even grab a metal grate design to match.

Complete the look by adding lots of trash bags, garbage bags, tires, and scattered papers everywhere.


12. SOS Station

ACNH Peninsula SOS Station Design
Image Source by @ethalioncrossing

Try out this SOS station on your island peninsula to take your trashcore theme to the next level.

For this look you’ll need to grab a simple table, along with a laptop and some recording equipment.

And don’t forget to add a chair to the area too.

Then lastly, drop in a lamp with some scattered papers.

This design feels like just the right amount of trash & practicality. So if you want an even balance, try this one for yourself.


11. Redd’s Garbage Dump

Alleyway garbage dump for Redd in ACNH
Image Source by waterinmouth

This garbage pile might remind you of the original dump in the first Animal Crossing game.

Why we’d need it back, I haven’t a clue. But let’s build it anyway.

First, you’ll need to get as many cardboard boxes as you can, along with some trash bags.

Be sure to add lots of scattered papers & add some garbage bins too.

Then add a bike, some old barrels, and maybe some bugs too complete the look.


10. Rundown City Housing

Rundown villager house with trashcore theme - ACNH
Image Source by @starxcrossing

Transform any villager’s home into this trashy rundown neighborhood.

You’ll first need to make sure you have plenty custom metal flooring designs to start. You can also use some of these designs to customize simple panels too.

Then be sure to pop in some zen and straw fencing to tie in with the theme (we want it to feel natural, but run down).

You can also add some stone items, tire toys, statues, and bikes to add an eclectic mix of various items. Just like a dump, right?

Complete the look by adding heaps of cardboard boxes wherever you can.


9. Hazardous Waste Area

Waste disposal area in ACNH
Image Source by @ethalioncrossing

Everyone needs a hazardous waste dump on their island, right?

I mean, I hope not… but if you want one, here’s a great idea to check out.

You’ll need to get your hands on some hazardous waste designs to customize some simple panels with. That’s step one, and probably the toughest.

Then be sure to add some spiky fencing, plenty of rocks, and western style stones.

You can even add some gas masks in there to really pull the look together.

Complete the area by adding lots of scattered papers and trash bags wherever you like.


8. Back Alley

Custom back alley design with trashcore aesthetic
Image Source by @nooAm013

Now this truly mixes an urban theme with a trashcore aesthetic. And I’m here for it.

To make this yourself, you’ll first need to lay down some custom concrete flooring designs to give it that true urban feel.

You can then add some jail bars around the outside to add into the theme, along with some custom simple panels.

Be sure to add lots of cardboard boxes, scattered papers, and trash bags, plus any patterns for the flooring grates or cracked concrete.

If you’re looking for pattern ideas you can always try this gallery.


7. Old Repair Shop

Repair shop idea for ACNH
Image Source by @moroutai.crossing

Ah yes, an old abandoned repair shop.

To make this for yourself, you’ll just need a custom brick design to create the flooring for your store. You can then start to fill it with whatever trashy items your heart desires.

And I mean, you can add pretty much anything you like to this place, such as bikes, refrigerators, tires, and old chairs.

Be sure to add some trash bags and cardboard boxes too. Those are a given.

Then finish the look by adding some broken glass and graffiti on customized simple panels.


6. Trash Van Home

Rusted van exterior in ACNH
Image Source by @moroutai.crossing

Take trashcore to the next level with this incredible (yet trashy) van home.

Start this by placing a custom panel to match the van design. We also want some old rusty junk, so that gas pump works great.

You can also drop some dirty items all over the place, such as barrels, a gas can, some tires, and some cardboard boxes.

Wire fencing also looks great in this area.

And if you’re gonna call this place home, you might want to spruce it up a bit!


5. Pawn Shop

Trashcore pawn shop outdoors in ACNH
Image Source by @moroutai.crossing

We can bring a different vibe to our island with this pawn shop trashcore design.

I’d say a good custom brick flooring pattern is essential to create this area.

Once you’ve laid that down, you can then start to add lots of scattered papers and magazines and anything else you like.

You can also customize some simple panels with broken glass and wall panel designs.

Be sure to add some vending machines, a jukebox, and a surfboard to tie in with the theme (which is basically chaotic neutral at this point).

Finish the look by adding heaps of books, and a sofa for your villagers to sit on and enjoy the trashy scenery.


4. Trash Pier

Trashy pier design in ACNH
Image Source by @escape.crossing

Here’s a super simple idea that really feels industrial.

You’ll first need to dig out a huge lake on your island, but be sure to leave a smaller island in the middle.

While digging out your lake, leave a strip of land reaching from the land to your small center island. You can then lay down some custom designs to act like an old metal bridge.

Line the outside of your bridge (and “island”) with customized graffiti simple panels, along with some jail bars to tie in with that industrial theme.

Complete the look with iron fencing, some lighthouses, and plenty of cardboard boxes.


3. Urban City Spot

Urban area in winter - ACNH Trashcore idea
Image Source by Unknown

Even an urban island might have some dirty inner-city areas.

To design this space, you’ll first need to get your hands on lots of simple panels. You can then customize them with broken glass and graffiti designs (I love those broken window patterns!)

Maybe add in the spooky fence and some bamboo seating to tie in with the theme.

Then add a cliff up top with even more simple panels, to look like an old closed-down restaurant.

Be sure to add some stone steps leading up to the clifftop too.

Complete the look by adding a custom stall, and you can pop a TV in there to give the illusion of a billboard. Neat!


2. Electric City

Trashcore city area with utility poles in ACNH
Image Source by @berrybaytiff / @chelleycrosses

Scranton, what? The Electric City!

Channel those run-down city vibes into your island with this crazy design.

To start this out for yourself, you can add lots of simple panels, customized with broken glass patterns, graffiti, and brick designs.

Then to tie in with the theme you can also add some rope fencing and cardboard boxes.

Complete the look by adding some jail bars and diner signs – and plenty of utility poles, of course!


1. Waste Disposal Entrance

Waste disposal area entrance idea for ACNH
Image Source by @escape.crossing

This design truly feels like the entrance to a waste disposal plant.

And if you’re going for a trashcore look, this idea could be a beautiful sight.

You’ll first want to grab any stone custom flooring design to lay down in your chosen area. It could also mimic concrete or pavement too.

You can then add some custom simple panels, lots of barrels, and cardboard boxes everywhere. Just trash the place up.

Then complete the look by adding some lighthouses, a phone booth, and some street lamps.

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