20 Best Anime Wolf & Dog Girl Characters

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I’m a cat person. Everyone I’ve ever dated has been a cat person. I love cats.

Like really love cats. But I don’t write just for cat people; some people are dog people and anime is a genre for everyone.

Although catgirls are the most popular animal-human hybrids, dog and wolf girls are still a plenty with floppy ears, cute personalities, and unrivalled loyalty. Who can resist?

So for all you dog people out there, here’s a listing of some amazing dog/wolf girls, ears and all.

20. Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf in Kowai-ke Girls anime

Anime: Monster High: Kowai-ke Girls

Toys lines getting anime adaptations is nothing new.

At some point Monster High became popular in Japan and became a very mediocre skit-based anime.

Clawdeen Wolf largely keeps her characterisation from the original source material.

She’s an energetic teenage werewolf who goes to Monster High. And in the anime they’ve given her an ‘awoo’ verbal tic. Very cute!

19. Elga Kinosaki

Elga Kinosaki in Inumimi anime

Anime: Inumimi

Elga was a dog. I say was because she’s now half-human.

An experiment gone right by her ‘father’, a mad scientist who can do anything.

She and her two other dog sisters Emima and Rino, though now human are just as attached to the only human child in the family Yuichiro which creates quite a lot of trouble for him!

18. Choco Otsuka

Choco Otsuka in Uchitama?! Have you seen my tama? anime

Anime: Uchitama?! Have you seen my tama?

In the late 80s there was a short anime series telling the story of a cute cat Tama and his friends.

It was so popular that it got multiple reruns, translations, and more reruns.

In 2017 someone decided to make all the animals human in a spin off series called ‘Uchitama?! Have You Seen My Tama?’

Slightly more exciting (since everything is human now), this series introduces a much larger cast of characters and more grown up plot elements – the original series was for young children.

Choco Otsuka is a dog that lives in the Seventh Street and is part of the Seventh Street Young Kings, a dog gang that rivals the Third Street Cats.

Though quiet a minor character, Choco is definitely one of the most feisty and cutest.

17. Inukai

Inukai in Flying Witch anime

Anime: Flying Witch

Inukai is a witch with a curse that she can’t get rid of.

After a night of heavy drinking, she stole and ate chocolate made by her friend Akane, since then she’s been dog during the day and human at night. Fun!

16. Bianca

Bianca in Animal Crossing: The Film anime

Anime: Animal Crossing: The Film (Dobutsu no Mori)

I don’t normally include a lot of anime films on my lists.

But animal crossing is all the rage, innit. It’s even gotten political in East Asian spheres, fancy that (seriously, search it up. Banned in China).

Bianca, or Whitney as she’s known in English, is a sophisticated and kind wolf.

She tells others to try and be a bit more poised and is hinted to have once dated the eagle Apollo.

If you’ve played the games, you’d know that this is heavily adapted because the spoiled and snooty Bianca in the games is all gone!

15. Jens

Jens in Cat Planet Cuties anime

Anime: Cat Planet Cuties (Asobi ni iku yo)

Jens is the general of relationships between the alien Dogisian race and Earth’s governments.

Her people and the Catisians, another alien race, hold a bitter rivalry from millennia past.

The Dogisians arrived on Earth before the arrival of Eris, the first Catisian and the main character of the show.

But they’re fearful that they’ll lose control of relations if Earth aligns itself with the Catisians.

Like any good political leader her strategy against the Catisians is simple – hunt down their leader.

This one gets weird but if you can dig it, you’ll really dig it.

14. Yuki

Yuki in Wolf Children anime

Anime: Wolf Children

Yuki and her brother Ame are the children of Hana a human woman and Wolf Man, a werewolf who has the power of transforming between human and wolf forms.

Wolf Children follows Yuki and Ame from childhood to their teenage years.

They learn to fit in with society, form friendships and encounter unique wolf-human problems.

In the end of the film the siblings go separate ways with Yuki deciding to stay human.

13. Polt

Polt in Daily Life With A Monster Girl anime

Anime: Daily Life With A Monster Girl

Polt is a Kobold, a spirit originating from German culture that can transform into anything.

However more often than not, she appears as a human-wolf hybrid.

An avid sportswoman, she runs the Sports Club Kobold, the only gym that caters to all species.

12. Wanda

Wanda in One Piece anime

Anime: One Piece

One Piece is filled with weird an interesting character designs, so it comes as no surprise that we have a sexy dog lady.

Part of the Inurashi Musketeer Squad, Wanda and her team serve Duke Inurashi of Mokomo Dukedome, who is also a dog.

She becomes allies with the Straw Hat Pirates after they save her from the Beast Pirates.

Later on Wanda becomes particularly close to Nami. They even share clothes!

11. Yoko

Yoko in Inukami anime

Anime: Inukami

Keita is a descendent of an Inukami tamer clan. His family’s clan seeks to obliterate evil in the world by teaming up with Inukami, benevolent dog gods and using their powers for good.

Keita, however, is a failure and has no spark with any Inukami that comes his way.

That is until Yoko shows up.

And his joy is short-lived as he quickly realizes that Yoko loves to play tricks on him…and is also madly in love with him!

10. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti in Dog Days anime

Anime: Dog Days

Milihiore is the princess of the Biscotti Republic.

Huh, a republic with a monarchy? Well, anime world is just like that.

She summons Shinku Izumi, a student from Kinokawa International School to become the Republic’s defender – she chose him not because she saw him defeat the Yakuza but just because he’s really good at high jump!

However, her judgement pays off and using the legendary sword ‘Paladin’ Shinku successfully defends the Republic from the cat-like Galette Lion Dominion.

Milihiore is kind and hardworking, if a little inexperienced for a leader.

But hey she’s only 13!

9. Ashlynn

Ashlynn in Log Horizon anime

Anime: Log Horizon

Ashlynn is a young, energetic girl who got trapped the game Elder Tale along with some 30,000 people.

She woke up in the body of her avatar, a cute dog girl, in the same building as the Marielle and Henrietta who calm Ashlynn down and convince her to join their guild, the Crescent Moon Alliance.

Though not a fighter, Ashlynn plays a supporting role in the guild as an enchanter and helps carry supplies.

Not to mention, I’m sure having a cute dog girl around is sure to boost morale!

8. Shiba Inuko

Shiba Inuko in Shiba Inuko-san anime

Anime: Shiba Inuko-san

Chako is a normal secondary school student and one of her best friends, Shiba Inuko, is also a normal secondary school student.

Polite and well mannered, Shiba is loved by everyone. Chako and her brother think Shiba Inuko looks a bit weird though.

They’re in the right and it’s really a miracle that no one else finds her a bit out of place because Shiba Inuko is a Shiba Inu.

7. Zakuro Fujiwara

Zakuro Fujiwara in Tokyo Mew Mew anime

Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew

This list couldn’t be complete without an entry from Tokyo Mew Mew, the quintessential animal magical girl show!

Zakuro is the only canine in the Tokyo Mew Mew team, a secret group of magical girls whose human DNA has been merged with an endangered species.

Together they fight the Chimera Animas, alien parasites that turn humans into monsters.

One of the most mature in the group, Zakuro is a model and dancer in her human life. Don’t rub her the wrong way when transformed, she isn’t afraid to give you a Grand Battement to the face!

6. Yegrinna

Yegrinna in Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna anime

Anime: Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna

A Korean Manhwa entry (I come clean with these things!), Yegrinna is the dog princess from the Animal Kingdom.

Which is like a parallel universe where animals reign supreme.

Angered by the way humans treat nature, Yegrinna was sent to our universe to punish humanity by turning them into animas.

She shows up as an attractive human female with dog ears in the bedroom of Shik-nam, an attractive high school student who has no interest in relationships – only in studying.

Yegrinna tries to turn Shik-nam into an animal but finds that her magic isn’t strong enough in the human world to do much, so she ends up staying as a lodger.

It’s a sexy alien manga except not a manga and with no aliens!

5. Holo

Holo in Spice and Wolf anime

Anime: Spice and Wolf

Holo says she isn’t a deity.

Well maybe she’s not exactly a god. But she’s definitely the focus of myths, legends and folklore in the town of Pasloe which have worshipped her for hundreds of years. A small village reliant on wheat, the inhabitants have needed something to give sacrifices to for good harvests (or blame for bad ones).

For centuries, Holo appeared to the villagers as a teenage girl teaching them how to tend to the land.

But as society progressed, the villagers needed her less and less.

So she appeared less and less. Now the village has modern technology. Holo is obsolete.

She leaves by stowing away on the cart of Lawrence, a traveling merchant with the goal of going back to Yoitsu, her snowy homeland which she hasn’t seen in hundreds of years. Quite a fun anime filled with some interesting twists and turns, with Holo being a rather unique character.

4. Mashiro Mito

Mashiro Mito in Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity anime

Anime: Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity

Matsushiro Mito isn’t her real name – she’s actually a reincarnation of the goddess Kikuramikami no Hime of the spiritual Tayuti race.

The Tayuti and humans have had a long and strained relationship, worshipped by some and hated by others.

Kikuramikami no Hime, however, wants to fix this relationship and create a peaceful world.

Matsushiro was released by accident from a shrine by Yuri and gradually loses divinity in the human world, taking on the form of a young girl.

She asks Yuri to take care of her, who gives her the name Matushiro. She falls in love and says that she’s his wife even taking on his last name (and all without him saying yes).

3. Blue

Blue in Wolf’s Rain anime

Anime: Wolf’s Rain

According to an old legend, when the world comes to an end, only wolves will be able to find the doorway to Paradise.

However, wolves went extinct from human hunting several hundred years ago.

Or so people believed.

The truth is that the wolves cast spells on themselves to create the illusion of being humans, hiding amongst the population.

Blue never knew she was a wolf.

She grew up as a dog with Sheriff Quent of Kyrios who took her on dog hunts her whole life. One day, she finds out that she’s part wolf and ends up in predicament – does she stay with her master, who she loves dearly? Or protect her kind from people like him?

2. Marie Hudson

Marie Hudson in Sherlock Hounds anime

Anime: Sherlock Hounds

We all know Spirited Away.

Howl’s Moving Castle.


Brilliant works by the anime genius Hayao Miyazaki with unforgettable soundtracks by his long time musical partner Joe Hisaishi.

But do you know what came before Studio Ghibli?

Dog detectives. They made an anime that adapted Sherlock Holmes but everyone was a dog.

Marie Hudson, like in the original Conan Doyle books, is Sherlock’s widowed landlady. A friendly woman who likes to keep the house tidy, she becomes a major character in Episode 4 when she’s taken hostage by Professor Moriaty.

A collaboration between Japanese studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha and Italian Rai1, Sherlock Hounds is an interesting look into early Miyazaki/Hisaishi work.

1. Nina Tucker (Chimera)

Nina Tucker Chimera in Fullmetal Alchemist anime

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Yes, I know.

I’m sorry.

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