20 Anime That Harry Potter Fans Will Like

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Based on the box office alone, it’s pretty obvious that the Harry Potter series is one of the most successful fictional series of all time.

And it might even be one of the most well-renowned movie franchises ever.

As a fan of both the books and the movies, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the franchise that made my childhood get the recognition it deserves.

And that’s why I organized this list of anime titles you’re likely to enjoy if you’re a big Harry Potter fan.


20. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Chivalry of a Failed Knight anime screenshot

Here we have a high-fantasy title like Harry Potter, albeit with both magic and swords.

It has all the action, drama, and romance you could ever want from titles similar to this – and it has a fairly decent school-related subplot going for it as well.

Although unlike in Harry Potter, the main character isn’t recognized as the archetypal “Chosen One” at first because of his low ranking in the academy.

Notice that I emphasized the words “at first”.

The protagonist, after all, is anything but an underdog and is actually the strongest student in the school.



19. Wise Man’s Grandchild

Wise Man's Grandchild anime screenshot

Wise Man’s Grandchild is another great high-fantasy series that Harry Potter fans would like because of its intensive focus on magic.

Right from the start, we’re introduced to a world that values magic and people who can control it better than others.

And unlike Harry with the Dursleys, Shin hit the jackpot in the parent lottery.

Shin was then raised to become an overpowered wizard/warrior by two very capable and loving parents — one of whom is Merlin, the strongest wizard in the kingdom.

Another thing about this title is that it also fits in the ever-popular Isekai genre, so it might catch your fancy if you like this genre as well.


18. Baka and Test

Baka and Test anime

I’m not gonna lie: Baka and Test was a bit of a weird yet admittedly fun ride when I first watched it.

It’s a comedy/school life anime series with some fantasy elements thrown into the mix, although it’s not as pronounced as it is in most of the titles on this list.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Baka and Test are any less entertaining than the other shows.

For one, I can attest to its masterful use of over-the-top humor that’s somewhat amplified by it being set in a classic school environment.

There’s just nothing quite like watching a bunch of high school teenagers messing around while trying to climb up the school hierarchy.

It’s like a fever dream, really.

Just like the rest of the show, but in a good way!


17. Jobless Reincarnation

Jobless Reincarnation anime screenshot

Jobless Reincarnation is another title that falls under the famous Isekai category.

And much like most of its predecessors and successors, it features a stereotypical overpowered MC so strong that he can absolutely destroy adults at a young age.

Then again, Rudeus (the protagonist) and the show itself have some unique charms that make them stand out above all the rest.

Namely, the series overall has a decent plot, and some pretty solid animation sequences.

Also, Jobless Reincarnation is one of those shows that isn’t afraid to sprinkle some Spice Melange (a.k.a. fanservice) every now and then.


16. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor anime

That’s a pretty bold title, no?

The author’s interesting choice for a title aside, the Akashic Records is certainly a good watch for Harry Potter fans – or just magic/high fantasy fans in general.

It features a magic system-heavy story with the usual academic theme.

Interestingly enough, the story provides us with a different perspective — this time featuring a professor as the main protagonist rather than the usual student MC.


15. The Misfit of the Demon King Academy

The Misfit of the Demon King Academy anime

As far as high-fantasy anime titles go, The Misfit of the Demon King Academy is pretty high up there.

After all, it’s not every day that you see characters who can casually destroy worlds and reincarnate after thousands of years.

Regardless, this series is a pretty great watch – even if you know that the main character is never in any real danger.

Similar to shows like One Punch Man, the series focuses on how other characters react to the main character and his deeds, rather than the usual vice versa.

And while it is true that this “Untouchable MC” development is a bit uncommon, this show and a few others are proof that it can work if handled correctly.


14. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic screenshot

So far, Magi is the only series on this list that doesn’t heavily feature a school life trope.

But keep in mind that it is not the weakest title here.

Far from it, actually.

It may be lacking one main element that made me enjoy Harry Potter more back then as a growing teen, but it certainly makes up for that with its heavy reliance on magical elements.

After all, almost every single one of the main cast knows how to use magic and cast a spell or two.

Instead of a wand, we see a lot of the characters cast various spells (mostly elemental) with the help of Metal Vessels — powerful artifacts that amplify its user’s magic.


13. Izetta: The Last Witch

Izetta: The Last Witch anime screenshot

Next up, we have a series with a slightly different overall theme compared to most of the aforementioned titles.

Of course, the entertaining magical elements we see in Harry Potter are still here, along with the representation of growth in youthful characters.

The only catch is that, in this series, they’re mixed in with themes such as modern warfare and politics.

This slightly bizarre combination did work for the most part, in my opinion, as it made for a “different” watch as far as fantasy stories go.

Basically it’s like Call of Duty but with a witch (Princess Izetta) as the main character, who uses her powers to save as many people as she can.


12. Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Negima! Magister Negi Magi anime

From the get-go, it’s obvious this series has a lot in common with Akashic Records of a Bastard Magic Instructor.

It has a story that revolves around a wise professor MC (despite being incredibly young) with a ton of romance elements tossed into the mix.

And while it’s not necessarily “unique” in that regard, it does have the distinction of being among the first anime series that features a “magical academy” story element.

All in all, this is a classic title that has withstood the test of time – and still holds its own plot-wise and animation-wise even to this day.

Also, this is one anime I would definitely recommend if you’re a fan of good ‘ol magical duels.

Seriously, there are a lot of ’em in here!


11. The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero anime screenshot

Some say that the romance aspect in the Harry Potter movies isn’t as prominent as some fans might’ve liked… but it’s still well-portrayed in my opinion.

Although I do see the merit in adding in just a little bit more scenes showing just how the romantic relationships developed for each character.

With that said, what we have here is an anime title that focuses more on the romance side of things, rather than the action or the confrontations.

The Familiar of Zero is both a hilarious and heart-warming show that tells us the story of a “zero-student” who summoned a familiar from another world.

Many more shenanigans unfold after that plot point, and I’d suggest that you watch this one ASAP if you don’t mind less intense slice-of-life stories.


10. Irregular at Magic High School

Irregular at Magic High School anime

Finally leading the top ten, we have Irregular at Magic High School that once again follows the tried and true “magic academy” trope.

Although in this case, this series does it exceedingly well compared to others.

For one, I found its plot more somewhat more coherent and entertaining than most shows featuring similar tropes and story elements have to offer.

The cherry on top is the unique magic system, which meshes well with a sci-fi technological theme that’s prevalent in the story’s setting.

When it comes to shows that have themes much similar to the ones in Harry Potter, you can’t go wrong with Irregular Magic High School.


9. Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Ravens anime screenshot

This anime series about magical familiars, and a modernized magic world which has always been a personal favorite of mine.

In fact, I liked this show so much that I kept waiting for a 2nd Season year after year… only to be more and more disappointed after each one.

Nevertheless, it must be said that it got a lot of things right with its 24-episode runtime.

For one, it’s filled with all the action, drama, romance, and incredible magic battles that a Potterhead could ever hope for.

It’s an easy recommendation from me — with and without my bias!


8. Angel Beats

Angel Beats anime

Speaking of titles I highly recommend, how could I ever leave out one of the very few anime series that made me shed literal tears?

There’s just no other way of saying this, but Angel Beats is just special.

Even among all the best titles in the fantasy/romance/school life genre, this one stands out for me as one of the all-time greats.

Of course, Angel Beats is more than just an emotional rollercoaster ride.

It also features several action and comedy scenes that are bolstered with a remarkable cast of characters.

It’s the perfect storm, if I might add, and is very much deserving of my recommendation (and your watch time).


7. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun screenshot

So this one is a fairly new series compared to most entries in here, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of pure entertainment value.

I have seen a lot of school-life/comedy anime in all my days as a die-hard anime fan.

Some are good.

Some are downright bad.

Others? Not as remarkably bad or good as the rest, which can both be a good thing and a bad thing.

Yet there’s no doubt in my mind that Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is one of the best shows I have ever seen that fits in both the high fantasy and a school-life genre.


6. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia anime

Ever heard of the phrase: “Short and sweet?”

Well this anime is the perfect embodiment of that.

After all, it started with an anime short that later turned into successful two series masterpieces.

Little Witch Academia is one of those adorable and uplifting anime that is just perfect for fans who are looking for a fun and casual viewing experience.

Complete with the classic witch character elements (e.g. wands, broomsticks, pointy hats, etc.) and an outstanding plot, this show is a definite must-watch for any Potterheads out there.


5. Soul Eater

Soul Eater anime screenshot

Conceptually speaking, Soul Eater might just be the most intriguing title on this list.

After all, it’s a pretty solid fantasy title featuring humanoid hybrids who can transform into weapons so they can be wielded to fight against demons.

Now that’s a sentence you don’t hear every day!

It also doubles as an action/school life title that’s chock full of comedic moments, and yes, even drama.

It’s something that I think anyone would enjoy regardless of their preferences in anime, as it does have a little something for everyone.

I’d say it’s a resounding 9.1/10!


4. Sorcery Fight

Sorcery Fight anime

Sorcery Fight is yet another of the more recent titles on this list that holds its own against the classics.

As an avid Shounen anime fan, I can’t help but point out that this is much like Harry Potter when it comes to the motivations and traits of the main characters.

Yuji Itadori and Harry Potter are both archetypal “Chosen One” characters with an extreme burden on their shoulders.

They’re both charismatic, pure of heart, and brave.

What’s more is that they both returned from death and beat insurmountable odds numerous times.

Granted, this show doesn’t delve that deep into the “school life” aspect as much as I would’ve liked. But it’s still present in the story nonetheless.


3. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail anime screenshot

It’s hard to make a case against Fairy Tail for being one of the most amazing shounen titles of all time.

After all, Fairy Tail is one of the very few anime in history that has managed to produce more than 300 episodes throughout its runtime.

It’s an admirable achievement, even for a title that’s under the ever-popular Shounen genre.

Forget magic being just an element of the story — it is the story.

After all, the use of magic in Fairy Tail is about as common as it is in the wizarding world — if not even more.

You’ll surely enjoy this one if you like seeing intense magical battles accompanied by several other themes like comedy and romance in general.


2. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia anime

Nothing echoes “school life” better than My Hero Academia.

I mean, it’s right there on the title!

Sure it might not be about magic or a secret society of wizards hiding right under the noses of muggles.

But it does have most of the same charms that I found in Harry Potter.

As one example, My Hero Academia has the same “feel” as the first few movies and books of the Harry Potter franchise.

To put it simply, it’s a show that is focused on the growth of the youthful main characters. And all of them are aspiring heroes looking to make the world a better place.


1. Black Clover

Black Clover anime

This anime has it all.

The magic, the spells, the youthful relationships, the rising stakes, the powerful evil enemies, and the Hogwarts-esque sorting of the characters at the start — it’s all there.

Plus it has enough action, drama, comedy, and many other themes all rolled into one.

More than you could ever want to keep you glued to the screen for hours on end.

I can go on and on about how great and criminally underrated this series is, but I think it would be better if you saw this one for yourself as soon as possible.

Like, right now if you can!

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