Top 15 Anime Sisters: Our Favorite Characters List

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Even though they tend to be oddly sexual for some reason, there is always something wholesome about sibling dynamics in anime.

The bickering and the fights, as well as the support and the love.

If you have a brother or sister you can probably relate.

For this list I’ll be digging into one half of that equation to look at the best sisters to be found in all of anime. See how many you recognize!

15. Mikasa

Mikasa - Attack on Titan Anime Screenshot

Anime: Attack on Titan

We are starting off with Mikasa, as she is not related by blood to Eren, but they make for the perfect sibling duo!

Although she is barely older than the raging titan boy, she takes her role as the older sister very seriously.

It seems that his safety is the only thing on her mind half of the time.

Unfortunately, we hardly get to see the two bond in the traditional sense. As god knows the world of Attack on Titan is too cruel for such pleasantries.

But the scene where Eren is putting a scarf on Mikasa will forever be the cutest thing to come out of that show.


14. Naomi Tanizaki

Naomi Tanizaki - Bungo Stray Dogs Anime Screenshot

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs

Okay, this might be just a little bit sweet home Alabama but let’s not think about that.

If you look past the tomfoolery she pulls with her brother, she is a really admirable character.

Although she has no ability whatsoever, she never shies away from taking action and helping the agency.

And we have seen the lengths she’s ready to go to in order to protect her friends. And of course her brother. God bless the sadistic medic.

Be it odd or not, her ride or die mentality towards her brother is still admirable as hell!


13. Nunnally vi Britannia

Nunnally vi Britannia - Code Geass Anime Screenshot

Anime: Code Geass

Ah my heart! If people like Nunnally existed in real life, world peace would be a cake walk. Metaphorically.

Being both unable to see and unable to walk, Nunnally still remains so positive and kind.

She has shown such a kind-hearted nature during the show that one must question whether she’s an actual saint.

Unlike Lelouch, she can’t bring herself to be ruthless and seek revenge.

And seeing Lelouch, the powerhouse that he is, crumbling at her smile is just amazing.


12. Rem

Rem - Re: Zero Anime Screenshot

Anime: Re: Zero

The Rem and Ram combo took the community by storm.

There’s just something about twin sisters who can murder you that is oddly irresistible.

Of the two, Rem is the favorite in my opinion. As she gets more character development throughout the series and we get to know her a lot more as a consequence.

She has an inferiority complex towards Ram, stemming from a guilty conscience. She also falls for Subaru after he saves her, lucky duck.

Then again, she did also murder him a couple of times… unlucky duck.

On a side note, how does this man retain even a sliver of his sanity?


11. Olivia

Olivia - Asobi Asobase Anime Screenshot

Anime: Asobi Asobase

Siblings are sometimes the only ones who can accept you for who you truly are.

And Olivia should get a medal for managing to still praise & love her brother to such a degree.

She never seems phased or disgusted when he peeks on “raw high schoolers”. Or you know, spits on the school staff.

It might not seem like much compared to the other girls on this list. But honestly, having a sister that can accept you for who you are completely is wholesome and admirable.


10. Karen Araragi

Karen Araragi - Monogatari Anime Screenshot

Anime: Monogatari series

Being one half of the fire sisters should already give her a place on this list.

I left out Tsukihi because of spoiler reasons, but also because I prefer Karen.

She is such a soldier! Always remaining active and training in the most bizarre ways to stay in shape. And boy she can kick some serious butt, as we’ve seen in her fight against her brother.

She is extremely reliable and has a firm sense of justice, which just makes her such a well-rounded and lovable character! And we don’t talk about that toothbrush scene, ever.


9. Kohaku

Kohaku - Dr. Stone Anime Screenshot

Anime: Dr. Stone

Kohaku is the type of sister you never want to anger, ever.

She is a fast, strong, and experienced fighter, able to take down people twice her size.

And yet she is so kind at heart, taking care of Ruri in whichever way she can. Be it gathering supplies that might help her, or beating up every man in the village.

Honestly if it weren’t for her desire to help her sister, as well as her excellent judgment of character, the anime would have been way shorter and Senku would have been Dr. stoned to death.


8. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail Anime Screenshot

Anime: Fairy Tail

I put Mirajane here, but honestly the entire Strauss sibling trio is so lovable.

What I especially like is the transformation Mirajane went through after “the incident” as well as how Elfman regained control in that moment.

Because to me, that shows how much these three care for each other.

And after that was done Mirajane became such a docile and kind person. Almost like a mother figure to the entire guild.

But she can also go momma bear if anyone dares to touch her siblings or her friends.


7. Saki Hanajima

Saki Hanajima - Fruits Basket Anime Screenshot

Anime: Fruits Basket

Saki and her brother Megumi are more on the side of realistic sibling relationships on this list.

They might not have given their life up for the other in battle, but they are still so supportive of each other. When Megumi was being bullied Saki came to his rescue fast. Like a superhero big sister.

And when Saki is feeling down, Megumi is always there to comfort her and remind her that she is loved.

Even the small detail of Megumi calling her Saki instead of “nee-san” shows that they are of equal footing and basically two peas in a pod.


6. Tōka Takanashi

Tōka Takanashi - Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Anime Screenshot

Anime: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Again, older sisters rule. Okay, Toka might not be the most fun character in the show. As she is more down to earth and realistic that the rest.

But she is still an amazing character.

She isn’t thrilled with Rikka’s delusions but she does play along every-so-often. And ultimately just wants the best for her.

And sometimes, the best means hitting them with a spoon. Just a part of life.


5. Ayumi Otosaka

Ayumi Otosaka - Charlotte Anime Screenshot

Anime: Charlotte

Ayumi is like the embodiment of the anime community.

When she sees her idol Yusa, many a nosebleeds tend to occur. And she shipped Nao and Yuu from day one!

She fit the architype of the cute little sister so perfectly, always lightening the mood and showing of Yuu’s more caring side.

But then SOMEONE had to get all jealous about it! But I digress, back to Ayumi.

Her little troll face when she teases Yuu should be a national treasure. And seeing her get along with Nao and the rest of the cast was just heartwarming.


4. Tamako Kitashirakawa

Tamako Kitashirakawa - Tamako Market Anime Screenshot

Anime: Tamako Market

Honestly, it was a toss up between Tamako and Anko for this spot. I ended up going for Tamako as we do see more of her.

The reason I had a tough time deciding is because these two sisters just compliment each other so well.

They have a somewhat inverted relationship where the older sister, Tamako, usually has her head in the clouds. While Anko seems to be more down to earth.

And you may ask, what’s in those clouds? Mochi, there is mochi everywhere!

I love how they constantly check up on each other and you can see how deep their sibling love really is.


3. Ui Hirasawa

Ui Hirasawa - K-ON Anime Screenshot

Anime: K-ON

There’s a reason why everyone in the Light Music Club wants a sister like Ui. She is an absolute angel!

Basically being a more mature version of her sister Yiu, Ui is talented, hardworking and lovable.

Even though she’s the younger sibling, she is the one that does most of the chores while their parents are off being lovey dovey.

Plus she’s the club’s biggest supporter, always cheering them on with her whole giant moe heart.

I don’t know man, the love Yui and Ui have is just a sight to behold and a goal to strive for.


2. Shiro

Shiro - No Game No Life Anime Screenshot

Anime: No Game, No Life

Sora and Shiro are the iconic sibling duo, able to defeat any foe as long as they are together.

That latter requirement is quite important though. As when away from each other, they both break down and are unable to function properly.

Their level of co-dependency, although a bit worrying, is also adorable.

They complement each other’s personality perfectly and there never seems to be a dull moment with these two.

So Madhouse, I am begging you bring back the ultimate sibling couple as they take over the world!


1. Akari Kawamoto

Akari Kawamoto - March Comes In Like a Lion Screenshot

Anime: March Comes In Like a Lion

Whenever I see the oldest sibling step up to the plate after the parents can no longer take care of the kids, my heart melts a little. And Akira does just that.

Taking care of her two sisters, making their favorite meals to cheer them up, and even helping out Rei when she meets him.

And although she is the guardian, her inner child seeps out from time to time. Like when the three sisters went to a restaurant and could put on as many toppings as they pleased. I just can’t, she is too pure and adorable.

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