Top 20 Best GreedFall Mods Of All Time (Free To Download)

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Greedfall may not be the most innovative role-playing game, but it is definitely among the most unique when it comes to setting.

I mean, how many games you know that are set in a 17th century-styled fantasy world?

Despite the smaller tight-knit community, there’s still an active Greedfall modding community that formed shortly after the game’s release. And there’s a whole lot of mods out there worth exploring. Where do you even start?

With this list, of course. So get ready to colonize the island in a more effective way than ever before!


20. No Mana Cost

No Mana Cost GreedFall mod

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Mana powers those extraordinary abilities we like to use so much… but then why do our characters consume it for regular ring attacks in Greedfall?

The answer to this question may never come. But at least we can put an end to this baffling situation with the No Mana Cost mod, which removes all mana costs for regular ring attacks.

But this leaves it the same for skills.

Not a huge change, but one that’s sure to make combat way more fun.


19. Quick Loot

Quick Loot GreedFall mod screenshot

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I love loot as much as the next guy.

But I really hate it when a game’s interface makes it so cumbersome to get and organize loot.

Quick Loot is a simple mod that makes it so that you’ll always loot items from chests and enemies, without the interface popping up to stop the flow of the game.

Unless you’re looting quest-related items: then you really want to be notified of them, trust me.


18. Fight Like Your Life Depends On It

Fight Like Your Life Depends On It GreedFall mod

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If you think you’ve mastered GreedFall’s combat, you probably never played it with a certain mod installed.

Fight Like Your Life Depends On It basically creates a proper hard mode to the game.

This brings a ton of AI improvements, alongside the typical stat tweaks. With this mod installed, enemies will now parry and counter more often, heal more often, and approach you in a much more strategic way. And even get access to player exclusive skills.

My how the turntables…


17. Play As Anyone

Play As Anyone mod for GreedFall

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Play As Anyone levels up one of the few things that cannot be leveled up in GreedFall: character creation.

This amazing mod adds over 400 different characters to the character creator, as well as a lot of new hair and beard styles that let you truly create any character you want.

How’s that for immersion?


16. Precious Metals

Precious Metals GreedFall game mod

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If there’s something truly evil in the world, it has to be RNG powered mechanics.

Do developers really expect me to try over and over when I have a 0.5% chance of getting the items I need?

While this Precious Metals mod will not be able to save the world from these annoying evils, it definitely makes life easier in GreedFall.

The mod increases loot amounts for gold, ammo, ore, obsidian, rubies, and potions.

Because there’s nothing more precious in the world than your own health. In-game included.


15. Remove Brown Filter

Remove Brown Filter GreedFall mod

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No one seems to like those weird image filters that devs use to alter a game’s atmosphere. But they still seem to get mixed into each and every game.

Remove Brown Filter completely removes the ugly filter that makes GreedFall look somewhat dingy, and it even lets you change how you want the new unfiltered game to look by changing a few parameters.

Just don’t overdo it: you may end up with something worse in the end.


14. Easy Increase Reputation

Easy Increase Reputation mod for GreedFall

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Reputation is everything in the world of GreedFall.

And the quicker you gain it, the easier it’ll be for you to interact with different factions. More profitable, even.

The Easy Increase Reputation mod tweaks reputation mechanics so that it takes fewer points to improve the relationship rank of team members and factions.

Just make sure you have a good idea of what to do with all this nice goodwill: you do not want to see all this goodwill wasted.


13. Sheathe

Sheathe GreedFall mod screenshot

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Sheath your weapons now, or suffer the consequences!

The consequences of having your character not look as great, I suppose…

Sheathe makes both weapons visible while sheathed on your character. The mod also comes with the option of making your ring visible while sheathed, with new visual effects that have you looking quite menacing. Even before you start any battle.


12. Companion Battle Chatter Silencer

Companion Battle Chatter Silencer GreedFall mod

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Please, everyone. A minute of silence for our brothers who have lost their voices.

Companion Battle Chatter Silencer finally makes your companions shut up during battles, replacing their battle cries with a silent file and removing lipsync completely.

This way it doesn’t look like they’re just flapping their mouths at nothing.

Their voices may be annoying, but you definitely do not want them to look stupid while fighting a vicious boss!


11. Better Legendary Items

Better Legendary Items mod for GreedFall

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Legendary items need to be amazing, right?

More than amazing, even.

Better Legendary Items buffs all unique weapons and armors, improving all of their stats and even reducing the attribute points needed to equip them. What a handy mod, eh?

Now you can become legendary yourself, with way less effort.


10. Romance Hints

Romance Hints GreedFall mod screenshot

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I truly wish a mod like this could be available for the most difficult game of all: real life.

Romance Hints is a very simple mod that adds icons before each choice in dialogues. This indicates which option to pick if you want to romance a companion.

It may sound superfluous, but it definitely isn’t in GreedFall! As it’s incredibly easy to lock yourself out of a romance path almost by accident. Talk about being grumpy!


9. Minimalist HUD

Minimalist HUD GreedFall mod

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Take all these numbers, gauges, and menus away. I want to have a good look at the scenery.

Minimalist HUD tweaks the game’s main interface so that it only shows a revamped compass. No more cluttering up the screen with info you can always do without.

Great for players who really prefer their minimalism at all costs.


8. Better Compass

Better Compass mod for GreedFall

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So many sidequests, so little time.

Switching from one quest to another in GreedFall will stop feeling so annoying thing with the Better Compass mod.

It not only lets you keep track of inactive quests, but also allows you to switch between them on the fly.

Now you really have no excuse to not 100% the game.


7. Equipment No Requirements

Equipment No Requirements GreedFall mod

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I want it all. And I want it now!

Using the “Equipment No Requirements” mod does feel a bit like cheating. Because it kinda is, I guess?

This removes the stats and skill requirements for all items, effectively breaking the game and making builds a thing of the past.

A bad mod for a first playthrough. But a very good one to keep you engaged long-term.



OMG XP GreedFall mod screenshot

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I hate grinding in RPGs as much as anyone. But maybe things have gone a little too far with the OMG XP mod.

This adds a permanent bonus for obtained experience points, making you earn fifty times the regular amount. And naturally, you’ll level up insanely fast.

If you’re not in the business of breaking games, you can choose a mere x5 multiplayer here instead. Which shouldn’t break the game as hard, but still help you progress much faster.


5. More Talents on Capes

More Talents on Capes GreedFall mod

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Did you know that capes have hearts? And even talents? No?

Oh, well then welcome to Greedfall.

More Talents on Capes does exactly what its name suggests: adds talents to capes.

The mod comes with different options that let you add more talents without breaking the game, or go all out and basically become Superman!

Make sure you un-equip everything else if you go with the balls-to-the-wall option, since identical talents will cancel each other out.


4. Camera Overhaul

Camera Overhaul GreedFall mod

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Hate the camera in GreedFall? You’re not alone.

But no worries, modders are here to help.

Camera Overhaul introduces some extremely effective tweaks that can go a long way to make the experience so much better.

Stuff like increased field of view value, auto-centering disabled, and removing camera bob and camera shake in combat.

Personally, I’m grateful for the last two tweaks. Motion sickness can be a huge problem sometimes. And in this case it really doesn’t add much extra to the game, so why not let me control the camera? Clearly some modders share my vision.


3. No Skill and Talents Points Requirements

No Skill and Talents Points Requirements GreedFall mod

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Have an amazing character in mind, but feeling creatively trapped with the skills and talents systems? Tear these walls down and get building.

Here’s a mod with a hell of a name that’s pretty on the nose: No Skill and Talents Points Requirements is a very simple mod that makes it possible to learn all skills and unlock talents without having to spend points.

And if you think this will break the game, you can use the 1 skill point version instead. That way you can unlock everything for the low price of 1 mere skill point.


2. More Carry Weight Mod

More Carry Weight Mod for GreedFall

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Weight mods are an essential install for RPGs that continue to use the outdated inventory weight limit system.

When did that even get started, anyways?

More Carry Weight increases the weight limit from 500 up to 5000, making it possible to loot pretty much everything you find without having to discard items.

And if you’ve played RPGs that offer unlimited inventories, you know the pain of needing to throw away items. Lots of people just hate that. Myself way more than others!


1. Increase Party Size

Increase Party Size GreedFall mod screenshot

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Let’s get this party bigger, shall we?

The party we’re talking about is obviously not your birthday, but your party of GreedFall adventurers.

Thanks to this mod you’ll be able to increase party size and make all members take part in events and conversations. Or even remove all of them and play the game truly solo. If you’re a maniac looking for a challenge, sure why not?

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