Top 15 Best Mods For Tekken 7 (All Free To Download)

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The best fights are personal.

And they definitely don’t get more personal than in Tekken 7, with the Mishima family going at one another to solve a decade-long dispute.

Even if you’ve just a passing interesting in the story, Tekken 7 is more than worthy of your time.

Tekken 7 also marked the series’ official debut on PC, finally giving players the chance to unofficially tweak the game to their liking.

Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot that can be changed about the game as of now, since the modding tools are extremely limited for the time.

But the best mods that have been released do their best to make sure the battle between Heihachi and Kazuya offers a fitting conclusion to their personal saga. A real conclusion, hopefully.


15. OrdinaryTekken – Reshade Preset

OrdinaryTekken Reshade Mod

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Warning! Warning!

Only the Kings of the Iron PCs can install this ReShade preset, and live to tell the tale.

The OrdinaryTekken preset uses Marty McFly’s Ambient Obscurance, and other techniques, to improve the image quality of the game. This means realistic shadows, lighting, and more.

The downside is that it can be extremely taxing for your system. Especially if you use the Extreme version.

So don’t blame us if your game starts being unresponsive and your losses multiply.


14. Honmaru – Mishima Dojo Replacement

Honmaru - Mishima Dojo Replacement Mod

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Out with the old, in with the new! Well not quite, but you get the idea!

The Honmaru stage mod replaces the Mishima Dojo stage with the great-looking stage which only appears in the game’s Story Mode.

Better yet, you can even use it online!

Only that your opponent will still be fighting in the Mishima Dojo if they don’t have the mod installed too.


13. Tekken 7 Jukebox Tool + Packs

Tekken 7 Jukebox Tool Mod

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If you’re tired of the same old music, the Tekken 7 Jukebox Tool is the right mod for you.

The Jukebox Tool is an extremely handy tool that makes it easy to swap pretty much all the Tekken 7 music tracks with any music you want.

Importing music does take a little bit of effort, though.

So you could just decide to download one of many music packs released by dedicated fans to enjoy music from pretty much any previous entry in the series.

If this doesn’t make Tekken 7 on PC the definitive Tekken experience ever, I don’t know what does.


12. Tomio Fujisawa Character Select & Battle Icon

Tomio Fujisawa Character Select Mod

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Playing fighting games for hundreds of hours is the only way to get good at them.

But how tiring it becomes to look at the same character selection screen over and over.

The Tomio Fujisawa Character Select mod is a very good way to change up the character selection screen.

It introduces new, beautiful artwork for all returning characters. Some of the artwork has been lifted from the Tekken Tag Tournament series, so the mod lacks a little consistency.

But that’s hardly a problem with Tomio Fujisawa’s amazing art.


11. Mishima Building Daylight & Nighttime

Mishima Building Stage Update Mod

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The Mishima Building is a place where history has been made countless times. And the most epic backdrop for a battle to the death.

After 1000 matches, however, the epicness factor starts wearing down. And every battle turns into just another one.

But if you download this stage mod, well things should feel pretty new!

It changes the stage’s lighting and music to make each and every match one to remember. Even if you lose.


10. Alisa’s Korean Saber Pack

Alisa's Korean Saber Pack for Tekken7

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Alisa Bosconovitch is a robot with a human heart. But she’s far from being merciful.

Even moreso after you’ve installed the Korean Saber Pack.

The Korean Saber Pack gives Alisa three different saber designs that were originally introduced in the Korean localization of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7.

The changes are only aesthetic, for obvious reasons… but if you’re an Alisa main, you’ll love these changes nonetheless.


9. Devil Jin Tekken 5 Skin

Devil Jin Tekken 5 Skin

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Time to make Devil Jin look even more devilish.

This Devil Jin Tekken 5 skin brings back the Tekken 5 appearance of Devil Jin, with paler skin and eyes that look like the molten gold one would expect to find in hell.

This skin will not make him any more powerful than he already is.

But think of how your opponents will shiver at the thought of even having to fight you.


8. No Infinity

No Infinity Mod for Tekken 7

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Practice Mode is the most important mode for all those who take Tekken 7 seriously.

So any tweak is extremely appreciated, no matter how small.

No Infinity Mod removes the infinity symbol that’s always seen in Practice Mode, resulting in a clearer training environment that’s perfect to improve and optimize your combos, and learn the ultimate juggle.


7. InfiniteUtopia

InfiniteUtopia Mod for Tekken7

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Need a new epic stage? We got you covered!

The InfiniteUtopia stage mod changes the Infinite Azure stage by using features from Precipe of Fate, Geometric Plane, and even elements from SoulCalibur 5’s Elysium.

This creates a surreal but amazing-looking stage that’ll make each and every fight memorable.

A tale of fists and kicks, eternally retold!


6. Geometric Plane Mod

Geometric Plane Mod For Tekken7

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A strange void, filled with geometric shapes.

You have no idea how you got here. But you know that you’ll have to fight your way out!

The Geometric Plane mod makes the stage even more mysterious by bringing in the lighting from the Forgotten Realm stage.

Hard to believe a tweak so simple could go such a long way!


5. Mishima Arena

Mishima Arena Stage Mod

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The Mishima Building looks epic in its own right.

But it’s unthinkable that the powerful Mishima family doesn’t own a real arena. Well in fact, they do own one.

The Mishima Arena is an amazing stage mod that completely overhauls the Mishima Building with an arena that’s packed with screaming people.

And they want nothing more than to see you dominate every match you take part in.

Which you should absolutely do. These people have come from all over the world, and the best thing you can do is give them what they want.


4. Jungle Castle Outpost

Jungle Castle Outpost Mod for Tekken 7

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Remember the late 90s, where every 3D fighting game required a stage set in the wilderness?

Those days are finally back!

The Jungle Castle Outpost is a modded stage that brings the King of the Iron First tournament to… you guessed it, the jungle.

There are two different variants of the stage: a day and a night one. And both are online friendly.

So you’ll be able to set it as the backdrop of your online victories and maybe screenshot them too.

Just avoid getting defeated here: no one will hear your pleas for help!


3. Purple Galaxy Azure 2

Purple Galaxy Azure 2 - Tekken 7 Mod

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There’s nothing more beautiful than a starry night sky. And blood on the floor!

Purple Galaxy Azure 2 is not the most complex stages ever made for Tekken 7.

But it is among the best looking ones.

This downloadable pack includes different versions of the stage that tweak a few elements here and there. But I’d personally go with the mountains version to make things even more epic.


2. Trace Arena

Trace Arena Stage Mod for Tekken 7

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Tired of seeing the same old Arena?

Or maybe the rabid audience and its screams don’t get you pumped up like they used to?

No problem: time to mod the stage.

Trace Arena tweaks the Arena mod by altering some of its elements in a very stylish way.

The stage doesn’t change all that much, to be honest.

But the slightly altered visuals should do for another ten thousand matches or so.


1. Forgotten City

Forgotten City Stage Mod for Tekken 7

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The Forgotten City is the mother of all modded stages ever released for Tekken 7.

Why, you ask?

This modded stage isn’t based on any of the vanilla stages. It’s built from scratch using 3D models, high-quality textures, and amazing lighting.

This creates a unique atmosphere that wouldn’t look amiss in games like NieR!

Too bad 2B can’t make it into Tekken 7 (yet).

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